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Gossip I Can’t Be Interested In Sex When There’s No Money – Actress Felicia Fred

Discussion in 'Celebrities Gossip' started by D-termined, Aug 12, 2017.

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    Nollywood actress, Felicia Fred, revealed this in a recent chat with Vanguardngr.

    When asked which is important to her: money, love or sex, she said: “To me its money, because when you have love and you don’t have money it fades, it dies, you can’t sustain it. The country is hard, the economy is hard, and everything is money. For sex, it is not important to me because it can’t be my interest where money is.”
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  3. Abasiofiok Bassey

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    Okay continue
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  4. Prezzy

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    Should I say misplaced priorities or what?
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  5. Gemmxy

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    It's her choice.
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    Is it similar or contradictory to yours?
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    Boss i the hail your question o.
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    Anyways it her own potpourri mentality shaS4::
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    What is this one saying :rolleyes: