ICO Hydrominer – The First Security Token Within The European Union.

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    The Crypto world has become one of the major aspects of people’s lives, especially the investors. Cryptocurrencies are without any doubt the future. So, why not have the best technique to use for earning it? Say, for example doing it via Mining?

    That’s where HydroMiner comes in to change the way you look at mining!

    {filename}-Hydrominer – The First Security Token Within The European Union.

    HydroMiner’s aim is to provide investors with the best way possible to participate and profit from Cryptocurrency mining. The name HydroMiner doesn’t believe in half measures, as the HydroMiner team has built over 20 mining facilities, from small in-house mining stations to large farms, mainly in power stations and containers. Almost all of the facilities are air cooled and vary in size and output.

    With past record, it is a proven thing that Hydropower stations are ideals for Crypto mining because energy costs are low and the water can also be used for cooling, which makes mining with Hydropower stations even more profitable. But HydroMiner doesn’t just aim to be affordable; it aims to be environmentally friendly, carbon-neutral and natural. HydroMiner uses green energy drawn from Hydro Power stations in the Alpine region of Europe and not only is Hydropower mining ecologically friendly, but also far more profitable as well. HydroMiner has designed a security token for the investors for various reasons.

    {filename}-Hydrominer – The First Security Token Within The European Union.

    HydroMiner’s H30 token introduces a model where mining profits from the operation go to the company; funds will be distributed for reinvestment and growth, in a tax friendly environment. With cheap energy and an effective cooling solution, the average profitability ranges from 20-30%, based on the past figures. H30 Token will be the FIRST security token within the European Union and is completely secure with full regulatory compliance as H30 relies on a full capital market prospectus under EU financial law.

    HydroMiner is already amongst the top rising names in the industry due to remarkable concept followed by an equally qualified team of experts. It is rated as one of the BEST by the major ICO listing sites like ICO Bench and others. It is also amongst the most discussed ICOs of the year having seen on major news sites such as CNN, Bloomberg, CNBC, Forbes, Cointelegraph and others!

    {filename}-Hydrominer – The First Security Token Within The European Union.

    HydroMiner already performed a successful ICO back in 2017, where HydroMiner raised 7356 Ether during the ICO; participants were able to buy H20 Tokens, which are vouchers for mining time on the mining facilities of HydroMiner that were built with the raised funds.

    The Presale has started from 29th May and is set to run till 31st July at price of $0.07. And will be followed with the main phase in coming months.

    {filename}-Hydrominer – The First Security Token Within The European Union.

    So, now is another opportunity for you to be part of this successful family and change your future!

    Check below in order to know further:

    {filename}-Hydrominer – The First Security Token Within The European Union.

    Official Website:

    - https://www.hydrominer.org

    Contact us:

    - Email: info@hydrominer.org
    - Tel: +43 664 9462269
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