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Tutorial How To Use N50 To Get 5gb: We-chat Bonus With Proof

Discussion in 'Data Plans' started by Jansoncute, Nov 1, 2018.

  1. Jansoncute

    Jansoncute Upcoming

    How To Get MTN WeChat 5GB Data For N50?

    In this Video, I show you how you can use N50 to get 5GB on MTN. Firstly this is for those in Nigeria. For others, Countries check below.

    Can this Bundles power all my APPS?

    Yes. You don't need any VPN or a Tunnel to power it.

    How Long Will This Last?

    Its just for a week. You should know this bundle was given to you as a bonus for subscribing to MTN WE-CHAT. That is what I am using now. You can connect it for PC too!
    Any Question? Drop it below.
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  3. You created a post of "how to DO a particular thing but failed to show how..
  4. Jansoncute

    Jansoncute Upcoming

    No bro! Everything is right there in the video. Kindle busy to reply.