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How To Take Quick Screenshot On Android Easily

Discussion in 'Phones' started by rejoice048, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. rejoice048

    rejoice048 Jackobian

    At times when using your phone, you want to save screenshot of your current screen, maybe to check it latter again or even want to share it out. Now some phones let you and take screenshot of your current phone screen easily, whereas some phones makes it kind of difficult.

    Most recent phones now let you take screenshot via gestures or pulling down your status bar and tap the screenshot button, but sadly in some phones you still have to use your power+volume button or home+power button, if you still use these later method to take screenshot and want a better and easy method, you came to the right place, because today I will show a simpler method to take your screenshot.

    To get started you will have to first download and install assistive touch, you can download it from here>http://https// or you can use other apps like Tpoint because they are very similar.

    •Open the and tap Assistive Touch Enable. If it request for any permission, do grant it.

    • stroll to layout and tap on it. tap the + icon and locate screenshot, then tap it.

    • Now close the app and go to where you would love to take your screenshot and click on the floating button by the side of your screen, a window should come up, you have to tap screenshot.

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    • From here another popup window will come saying Assistive Touch will start capturing everything that's displayed on your screen, thick on don't show again and then tap Start Now.

    • Tap the floating button again then screenshot icon to take another screenshot.

    You could also control your Wifi, Bluetooth, screen resolution, location, phone profile, flashlight and your volume button also with this floating button. To do all this you click on the floating button, then setting which has a gear icon, from there you could control all the features listed above easily.

    This app also let's you control your phone with ease via certain gestures, to get started with these gestures, open the app and stroll down until you locate Gestures, when located tap it and select the gesture you would like to use, let's say you want to use double click for screenshot, you will have to tap on double click and stroll and tap screenshot. For you to use this gesture, go to the screen you would like to use it and double tap the floating button quickly. Remember for other gestures like one click and long press, you have to tap the floating button once and long pressing the floating button too respectively.

    You could also customize the app to your taste, by changing the layout, color, floating ivon, display and so on.

    Certainly this app will let you control so much task on your phone easily, I just mentioned only some of the features you can explore more of it and find more amazing features in the course of using the app. If there is any another feature you will like to use in the app that you can't find or you are finding it difficult using the app, you can let us know about it in the comment box, we could clarify you more even by giving you screenshots of what to do.

    This is all for now, thanks for stopping by to read this, remember to share this post, you don't know who you will as well help.
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