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How To Take Advantage Of The Current Recession

Discussion in 'Make Money Online' started by Kenny, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. Kenny

    Kenny GrandMaster

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    How you react to a situation is more powerful than the situation itself. A lot of negative situations can be salvaged. Better still, they can be turned around
    for ultimate good if only you learn how to react to it. So what shapes our lives is basically no what happens to us, but what we do about those happenings.

    Recession is a fact that Nigerians have come to learn to live with. Many have surrendered in frustration and settled for a low life. Quite a few have delved in to numerous vices, hence the increase in crime rate.

    Like I will always say, every situation favors a group of people. If one can discern the direction of the wind, one may just be able to soar high the eagles. I will point out five ways you can take advantage of the recession. To do this, I will be
    contrasting the usual reaction of people and how you ought to react.

    1. Be less rigid. Instead, be open to new things:

    So many people are still caught up in the way things used to be done. They want everything to be as it has always been. Don’t be one of such or else
    you will soon wrap yourself up in a box, away from the world. Before long, you will be irrelevant. Instead, analyze the trend in your field and look for where it is headed next. You don’t have to be
    comfortable with it. New things rarely bring comfort at first. The most important thing is that it is legal and does not break any of your core values. The
    main idea is: blaze the trail in your field rather than wait for it.

    2. Complain less. Instead, Think more: If there is anything the recession has forced people to do, it is to complain so much without the
    knowledge that they are complaining. Others know they are complaining and tell themselves that it is the best that they can do. That is not true.
    Complaining is a negative energy. It kills rather than help. If you doubt, ask yourself, have you ever had a breakthrough of idea while you were complaining? Of course not! Instead of complaints,
    think! The truth is, very few people think these days. Most people just live solely on instincts (the very thing that make animals inferior to man). You’d be amazed at how you can generate solutions when you channel your efforts to
    thinking up a solution rather than complain.

    3. Worry less about the news. Instead, exploit the news

    News is important to keep us updated. Sadly, many people have become hypertensive because of it. It
    is not the news that is bad; it is what they did with it. If you are not careful, the news can fill you with thoughts of hopelessness and grim about the present and future. The usual reaction of people is to worry about the news. What you should do is to
    exploit the news. Develop the mentality of a hunter in search of opportunities. Read the dailies with the
    intent of finding the next big thing, and you will eventually do.

    4. Cut down on unimportant things. Instead, be productive: There are so many things that people waste time
    on. So many. Some of these activities are universal, while others are peculiar to the individual. For instance, someone spends about five hours or more online chatting daily yet complains of being broke. It is not magic; such a person has to be broke. If you must be online for that long, ensure it
    fetches you money. If not, go offline. Learn a new skill. Start a project. Enrol for classes (professional/leadership or anything related to your field). Just
    do something rather than waste your time. The greatest injustice anyone can do to himself in a recession is to waste his time. Be productive for your own benefit!

    5.Spend less. Instead, earn more:

    The first reaction of most people when recession started was to cut down on their spending. That is a good idea, but not the best. Let me use this example; if you had 100k when recession started and you usually spend 2k per week, but now you
    cut it short to 1k. Hope you know that even with that, your money is still depleting? This is why it will be a much more wiser decision to earn more. This is
    what people rarely do, and that explains why they still complain of lack of money. Right now, you need to find a way that you can earn money. Invest
    in something. Start a venture. Or better still, engage in an online business. It will be to your benefit on the long run.
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    Nice one
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    wow....nice post
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    This info is very juicy n rich .... nice one bro

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