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How To Start A T-shirt Printing Business In Nigeria

Discussion in 'Make Money with Offline Investments' started by foster, Mar 5, 2019.

  1. foster

    foster Jackobian

    When you step out of your home and take a look at young people both male and female you will get to notice that 80-90% of them are wearing a T-shirt. They wear it not necessary because of the weather but the T-shirt is gradually taking over as we get to see celebrities and even workers in different organization (excluding bankers) rock T-shirt which makes it cool.

    The T-shirt business is growing rapidly as billions of dollars are spent in the purchase of T-shirt every year and unlike other business, the T-shirt printing business can be started with little capital and can be done in your home when you get the right equipment.

    Every Nigerian youth, children and even adults rock T-shirt every day which makes it a lucrative business to jump into if you know what you doing.

    For lovers of fashion and those that are willing to go into this business and put in the hard work, in this article I will be showing you ways in which you can use to start your own T-shirt printing business and make money from the comfort of your home.

    What To Consider Before Starting A T-Shirt Printing Business

    1) Identify Your Customers

    This is a crucial aspect you need to consider before starting out. Yes, we know that everybody wears a T-shirt but having to know what people like is key for example some people like wearing a T-shirt with words on it while others like wearing a T-shirt with different designs on them. When you are able to identify your customer’s needs, then you can start planning in that direction.

    2) Location
    Having the right location for your business is also important for the success of that business. For example, if you want to start a T-shirt business and you live in the North, you know that the business will not do well as it would in the South, East, and West. Northerners are known for their Kaftan.

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