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How To Create A Product Review Blog And Make Money In Nigeria

Discussion in 'Blogging | Nigerian Webmasters' started by foster, Nov 8, 2018.

  1. foster

    foster Jackobian

    I know you have heard a lot about how to start a blog and the different niches ranging from technology, sports, fashion, politics etc. that you can start blogging about and how you can make lots of money from it and today I will be sharing with you another blogging method you can also use to make money online and it’s called a product review website/blog.

    A product review blog where full details of a certain product is given with an affiliate link attached to it.

    Most often than not, before a person purchase any item from an E-commerce website they first go online to get more information about the product before making up their mind on what to buy. This is what a product review blog does. Product review websites earn most using affiliate links and you have the potential to make over ₦100,000 on a monthly basis when done right.

    The cool thing about starting a product review blog is that you don’t necessarily have to own the product you review. There are two ways to make money with your product review blog and they include

    Sponsorship: This is when a company contacts you to help them write and post a review of their products to your blog and you get paid for doing that. The only difficulty in getting sponsorship is that your blog would have grown to a certain level with hundreds of thousands of monthly users for you to land a deal. (Don’t let that scare you)

    Affiliate Marketing: You can still make lots of money using affiliate marketing. This involves you signing up to become an affiliate for top eCommerce websites like, , etc. then pick products you want to review and post it on your website with an affiliate link.

    How To Signup: When you visit this eCommerce websites, scroll to the bottom of the page, you will see “Become An Affiliate” click on it and sign up.

    How A Product Review Website Works (Base on Affiliate Marketing)

    Let’s say Samsung just released a new phone and one of the eCommerce websites you signed up for as an affiliate has it on their website, you can write a review of that phone stating it’s features, functionality, durability etc. and then post it on your blog with a custom affiliate link you get so when anyone visits your blog and go through the review and makes a purchase of that phone, you get a commission.

    Tip: When is comes to affiliate marketing, the higher the price of the product the higher your commission would be.

    Like I said earlier, you don’t have to own the product for you to start a review blog, whatever product you choose to write about, you can do a research about it using the product description and what other customers are saying about the product to write your own and post your affiliate link.

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