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How The Catholic Church Reacted To Invasion Of Ckc By Ipob Members

Discussion in 'BIAFRA' started by Prezzy, Nov 8, 2018.

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    Screenshot_2018-11-08-18-21-09.png-How The Catholic Church Reacted To Invasion Of Ckc By Ipob Members

    How come a church that has never wrote a press statements to condemn the killings of innocent people and other Catholic Christians massacred and decimated in cold blooded murder by Fulani herds men including a parish priest
    is now too quick to issue out a press release to condemn peaceful Ipob members who has demonstrated deep courage and resoluteness by refusing to pray for the continuation of such killings and dastardly acts in our land by electing the same killers,

    HOW SAD!

    As we all know that It has always been the tradition of the Universal Church (Roman Catholic Church) to celebrate the feast of "All Saints" in commemoration of the Church triumphants(those who have victory over death and is now in heaven). The feast is an annual ceremony observed once in a year on the 1st of November every year.
    On Thursday the 1st day of November 2018 was yet another moment of the great feast as usual.
    It was gathered that the parishioners of the famous Christ The King Cathedral (C.K.C) ,Aba have come to worship God as well as observing the feast which is obligatory to every Catholic member.
    Among the parishioners who have come that day were members of the Indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) who have also come to pray to God to liberate them from the bondage of one Nigeria.
    It happened that a prayer session was also organised same day geared towards God's intervention and peace in the forth coming Nigerian elections in Biafra land and Nigeria as a whole.
    But this could not go down well with the indigenous people of Biafra (ipob) who desperately wants to be free from the shackles of wickedness in Nigeria,
    The whole atmosphere changed immediately when the priest requested that they parishioners pray for a peaceful and fair "elections" in the whole of Biafra land. Which is practically against the wish of the biafran Masses,

    (How can you force people to continue praying for the continuation of their enslavement in the hands of those who have kept them in bondage for a long time?)

    Note; Biafrans have also come to pray for their liberations from Nigeria bearing Biafra flags as was the case seen in the Synagogue Church of All Nation (SCOAN) where Christian- Biafrans were seen with their flags for God to intervene in their quest for Biafra restoration.

    At this point the Biafrans rebuked outrightly the prayers for more "enslavement " and started shouting "No more election in Biafra land"
    This according to them is the only way they can register their discontentment and anger,

    It got to the point that some couldn't bear anymore the displeasures and the disappointments they felt in such a comment coming from the priest
    Many started leaving from the church premises immediately.

    The chaos lasted for some minutes before the mass started in full.

    Now Just on Sunday, the 4th day of November the authories under the administration of very Rev. Fr Ajaonu had released a press statement condemning the act as well as seeking the protection of the government as well as tasking the oppressors to come and arrest/oppress those seeking for their inalienable rights as humans,
    But the critical question we should be asking is why the rash judgement and sentence?
    Was the ipob members armed or did they destroy any church property That the church is seeking for government protection??
    There has been reports over the years on the killing of Christians including
    priests and lay apostolates of the Catholic Church by Fulani herdsmen and Boko Haram
    Amid these traumatic and tragic moments,
    Has the Catholic Diocese of Aba C.K.C in any way issued any press statement to condemn or address the dastardly acts???
    but they were quick to condemn the indigenous populace which they are part of seeking their inalienable right to self determination.
    How sad!!
    Imagine Such a height of hypocrisy and deception so sad indeed!
    Is it not shameful to the point that this act of the catholic Diocese of Aba in conjunction with that of the south east governors and Ohaneze cohorts has once again proved that the religious and political elites of the Biafran people don't have the interest of their people at heart.
    Apart from protecting their selfish interest,

    The church is supposed to be a beacon of hope to the helpless and the suffering oppressed masses, The olden days church had shown it all through the action of the great prophets who stood in between the gap in combating any authority that contributed in the plague of God's children as seen in the Holy Bible.
    I am a Christian and Catholic by birth up until this moment but I must say that I am highly disappointed with the decision and actions of the Catholic Diocese of Aba,
    It is high time the Christian Churches, especially universal Catholic Church stand and address the injustice against biafrans.

    This is
    C. O. Nwa Biafra writing for Nasarawa State media
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