How Long Should You Tolerate Delays In Crypto Projects?

Discussion in 'Bitcoin Investments | Discussions' started by gbolahan, Jun 22, 2018.

  1. gbolahan

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    Crypto is the first place where i gained some investment experience and still learning

    Being a crypto investors,i have learnt so many things about investment particularly in crypto project. It really require a lot of patient,if you are not patient with some of these ICOs,you may be out so soon because of delays that cause frustration which keep price declining, other common problems are coding,bugs and prolong negotiation.....I dont know,it's only in tech sector that prolong delay is experience or this apply to all sectors in general?...please let me hear your views. @Prezzy @philipj @kessyboy
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  3. Prezzy

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    It's true. The technical aspect of these projects are usually the most difficult to maintain .

    You can easily hear about projects being hacked and bugs being discovered. Some even offer bounty to people in order to entice them to seek for bugs which is good.

    From the investor standpoint, all these are delays that are not welcomed. Even Electroneum had a serious technical issue few weeks ago just after their mobile mining app stopped and so on!

    For me, it's all about following the trend. Some projects are prone to be weak especially when they don't have enough support from the community but others like ETHEREUM even though they may run into big issues will always find their way out.

    All in all, the company can only be as good as the people running it so studying the board in charge and their actions and reactions over a period of time can help you to build trust in projects and you'll become naturally patient when things go wrong

    That's why people will be always buy bitcoin even though it has a 5 years run of different bugs!
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  4. philipj

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    I totally agree with you Prezzy. As such, patient is needed by investors if they want to make the most of their crypto investment