Rant How I Powered My Home With Solar Panels & Inverters Without Nepa

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  1. Prezzy

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    4. Charge Controller

    This is another very powerful component of what am talking about. It's one of the 4 so it's vital. You can't skip it and you also don't wanna cheap Out on this too!

    The charge controller finds it's place between the solar panels and the battery. It helps the battery to be charged with the power coming in from the solar panels.

    So, you've got to get one and I think it's about 17,000 naira for a very good one. I mean, one that can serve you. I don't know the ratings though so, you need @Bizbay again this time! Give him a call and he will be able to help you.
  2. Prezzy

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    4. Inverter!

    That's the chief of them all. If you know about solar panels and energy generation with them even just little, then you most definitely know about inverters.

    Extremely costly. Yeah. There are inverters sold for over 10 million naira on Jumia website but we don't need those.

    What we need is the one that costs around 80,000 naira.
    Now that's quite a lot of money and you can get cheaper ones but this is what you need to last long with solar energy.

    The rating for this Inverter is something am not very familiar with and yet again, oh need to contact @Bizbay for info on this!
  3. Prezzy

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    What the Inverter Does

    Very simple yet important. It converts the DC in your battery to AC. and this AC is what you can use to power your appliances at home.

    Depending on the capacity of your setup, you can power things ranging from Torchlight to televisions. I don't know about refrigerators but bigger and better inverters can surely handle those smoothly!
  4. Prezzy

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    That brings me to the end of the first section of this Rant. I will keep you updated with how the stop is working here and hopefully, it should be up and running before too long!
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  5. Aliyu Muhammad

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    Nice one bro. We are finally close to freedom as per electricity issue. Thanks
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  6. Prezzy

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    Yeah, that close.

    I hope this works
  7. Prezzy

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    I called the man this morning and he was just waking up! Oops, hope this works for real
  8. ham_samm

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    I no get all this money ohh. n I need 1 bad bad
  9. Prezzy

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    chill bro, we are not yet done
    updates coming...
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    ham_samm Active

    feeling d thread already
  11. sango ilorin

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    IAMHESSTEEM Upcoming

    Nice one. You try, highly understandable and highly expensive.
  13. D-termined

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    Sincerely I really love this post.. So innovative.

    With this, if we can setup a solar energy power, we don't need government job.

    This is a self employed job.

    Keep it up bro @Prezzy . I dey enjoy your tutorial well like never before.
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  14. Prezzy

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    Lols I don't understand how solar energy can help you sustain yourself bro.
    Are you considering turning it into business and supplying electricity to people's homes?
  15. D-termined

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    Sure na... Awareness can be created for that.
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  16. Prezzy

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    I like the way you make me think buddy.

    Meanwhile... An update...

    Am currently searing here in Onitsha main market doing nothing other than wait.. Wait... Wait....... Wait............ Waiting........ For the hardware!

    Yeah, am in the park and these drivers are both friendly, playing, jovial and fighting at the same time. Lols.

    I watched them play draft for a while taking my senses back to about 5 years ago when we play draft in secondary school!

    Then, their jokes until I was tired of them both... Still waiting....

    Hopefully, the stuff will arrive in few hours as it's coming from Port Harcourt and has entered Owerri about an hour ago.

    It will enter Anambra state and then hit the busiest market in Nigeria in... Hopefully... FEW minutes!

    While I wait... I type of course!
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  17. Prezzy

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    By the way, am expecting all the components from both Port Harcourt and Owerri.

    I can't fix it so my brother is showing up too.

    According to him, this is what we got...

    300 watts solar panel
    2 * 200A batteries
    1 Charge Controller
    1 Inverter.

    That's much more than I imagined we could get in the short period this whole thing started but then that's it. God has chosen it to happen that way and I pray it will.

    Hopefully, I will be able to update live stuff and some pics, tutorials on how to set it up and all by tomorrow or next.

    Wish us well!
  18. sango ilorin

    sango ilorin GrandMaster

  19. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    Lols, you will bro.

    Hopefully we will be able to set up a small plant that will manufacture those for small set ups too... Speaking of this reminds me of Jackobian school!
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  20. sango ilorin

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    GOOD ONE......
  21. Abasiofiok Bassey

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    true talk bro.
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  23. Prezzy

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    Mhh.. Update loading...
  24. Prezzy

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    Guys remember, this is not a fun post... I mean, although it's fun, I wanna show how the whole stuff was gotten and erected so you can do the same!

    I haven't done it before but when you wanna do yours, your story will be different from mine!
  25. Prezzy

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    The package arrived from Owerri @ precisely ICT park, Owerri. I might have seen some Jackobians there. Lols.

    Inverter home now.jpg-How I Powered My Home With Solar Panels & Inverters Without Nepa
    Two batteries... So different from what I thought they would be!

    And one massive panel.
    Was big but light. And... Sadly, broken!

    But according to the engineer in charge, there's nothing wrong with it! So, am cool
  26. D-termined

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    OK I am still waiting on how to get all this cheaply...
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  27. Prezzy

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    we can't get it cheap unless it is manufactured in nigeria and that is something that we have to do by all means, i mean all legal means!

    sadly, all these things are cheap actually.
    Take for example, when my phone came out in December last year, it was just 46,000 naira.
    I could not buy it then cos of the price and before i knew it, the price is not 50k with abeg.

    Fast forward to now, the phone is over 100,000 naira!

    what happened?

    Nothing, naira crashed and dollar gained so we will continue to suffer until we begin to MANUFACTURE and that's what we are going to do one way or an0other starting from here: Click here to Help Nigerian Students Save Nigeria with Bitcoins!
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  28. Prezzy

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    Alright, the stuff is here with me now, i mean the inverter and the battery and they are powering my PC alongside a ton of other things as you will expect.
    Am just going to start updating you on the actual prices because the ones i updated yesterday were estimates.
    first of all,

    The Inverter = Free! My brother constructed it. yeah, so i call it free.

    The Battery

    155 Volts
    Battery which costs 73,000 naira.
    Two of them will make 146,000 naira

    The Solar Panel

    He got the one of 300 Watts and that costed 80,000 naira

    The Charge Controller

    This goes for 15k

    But then, we aren't using all those right now just in case you are wondering.
    we are only using the Inverter and Battery to power things up.

    So, the total sum of the whole stuff is about 241,000 naira

    That's quite some money and i have to make another series of calculations and research in order to bring this down to about 150,000 naira so a lot more people can afford it!
  29. sango ilorin

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  30. Prezzy

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    Trust me, transportation cost is very high, so you should buy this system from somewhere near your home else you may end up spending more than 15k in transit especially if you are buying it from outside your state.

    So, keep watch guys, my Home is not yet Inverter-wired... if there is any such thing but hopefully, we will finish what we started by tomorrow by wiring the Inverter with all the other components and then i will also finish what i started here by giving you the steps by which you can do the same!

    Hope you enjoy the following episodes of this story just as i enjoy telling them to as many Nigerians as can find it useful!
    It has gotten to the point where i will ask you to share this post, so

    Please share this with your Friends and Enemies too!
    They deserve to be free from what NEPA is doing right now
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