Rant How I Powered My Home With Solar Panels & Inverters Without Nepa

Discussion in 'Latest Technology Updates' started by Prezzy, Dec 4, 2016.

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    ... Happy Sunday... Rice and stew day...
    This is not your regular tutorial my dear. This is more like a story I wanna tell as I do the things I wanna do and hopefully, the story will end as the title of this post suggests!

    It all has to do with Solar panels and solar energy. I have always been fascinated by those. First it was an impossible task and I could look at one for long periods of time wondering how it does it.
    Then, I learn a bit about semi-conductors and some strange metals in secondary school.

    The peak of my interest in solar energy was when a solar powered water pump was installed in our local school!

    It was not big but it could serve the whole community without needing anybody to do anything!

    That's incredible, another impossible thing that happened and I would always look at the panels as the absorb the energy I could not understand...
    The sun is not merciful to us but it's a very good friend of the panel. It will smile when the sun comes around and will chill and wait patiently while his friend is away.

    Alright, enough of the tortoise story... Let's jump in!
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    If you live where I live, you'll hate Nigeria, hate NEPA and value electricity. As I type, there has been no electricity for close to 2 days Not even a notification or SMS flashing from them. The bulbs are cold and almost freezing under the effects of Christmas Harmattan.. If only they could freeze.

    Even though am living in a village in the deep East, the situation is not so different from what we have in other parts of the country! That situation, is one I was uncomfortable with but now, I consider it unbearable. Hence, the drive to try something new.

    I wanna try solar power generation on a scale that's small but big enough to power my android device and PC.
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    AM FOLLOWING. .. ..

  5. Lol all of us follow
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    Am not going to argue that with you but you need to come around here and you'll realize there are places in Nigeria where people don't use any electrical equipments except maybe phones because of NEPA.

    Your fridge or electric cooker is completely useless :(
  7. Authority

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    One community in bayelsa haven't gotten light since 11 months now.....NOT MY COMMUNITY OH!
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    Av done just that.....
  10. Authority

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    Lols, a whole Bayelsa?
    Welcome to Nigeria... We are moving forward slowly.

    Very soon, when they come to collect their bill, we will borrow them cutters so they can cut their wire and go. Nobody needs it anymore...

    Updates rolling in soon.
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    You'll agree with me that We have one thing in abundance in Nigeria, the merciless sun beating down on us from the moment it emerges first thing in the morning till when it decides to get some rest!

    Why not use it to our own advantage? Sounds cool right? That's exactly what am talking about... Am sure you already know that by now though.

    Meanwhile, this thought of Solar power generation is brought to life by the results of another thread I started. The thread was about Bitcoin mining! And you can check it out here = Bitcoins Are Running Away From Nigeria.. With Naira - Help Catch Them!

    In that thread, we wanted to start a mine but we needed to solve the electricity problem at least on a scale large enough to support our Bitcoin mine.

    That's how I got to this! And am happy I did. Let's see how far things have gone with me over here
  13. Prezzy

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    I know little to nothing about Electricity. I love the concept of Electricity just like I like that of Computers but it didn't pick my interest like it did my brother's.
    So, when the thoughts of solar panels started coming up, he was the first person I thought about and I did enquire from him about the cost of what's needed for the set up.

    Luckily, he's into the Solar power business and he was able to give me a reply after some days. We stood to discuss this simply because we can't sit down... We were to anxious. He outlined what we needed to put up a working solar power system in a small house and I can say only one thing, it's costlier than I thought but not too costly considering what you can do with it! Besides, I don't really have other options as the solar energy is the way to go if we must start Mining!

    Materials Needed to set up a Solar generator in your Home as can be found here in Nigeria
    According to him, the only things we will need includes
    1. Battery
    2. Solar panels
    3. Charge Controller
    4. Inverter

    That's all.
    I have been able to learn a little about these things and here I'll explain them in the way I can.

    1. Battery
    - How it works in a Solar Plant

    This is the power storage unit. The solar panel will charge the battery with the help of the Charge controller. It can take a while for the battery to charge up but when it does it can now be used to power the house and other electrical appliances.
    The time for changing can differ just as the duration of the battery after charging can vary too.

    The batteries are of different types and prices too. Here are some of them and their supposed prices.

    100A = 50,000 naira
    200A = 100,000 naira

    They can take the whole day to charge depending on the power of your solar panels and we are getting to that!
    The batteries can store and release charge when it's needed. It does this by feeding Direct Current DC to the Inverter which gives Alternating Current AC via it's outlet. This AC is what our devices use to charge.
  14. Bizbay

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    Well i can say that am fascinated with the way our NEPA guys treat us here in Nigeria therefore helping us to expand our thinking and start initiating new ideas.........
    We have wind,water,excess sunlight,air and we rare still complaining REMEMBER THAT IF YOU ARE NOT PROVOKED, YOU CANT PRODUCE
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    Cool thoughts @Prezzy

    Solar will save us all
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    Happy Sunday JKINS
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    I love the way u r breaking it down

    Solar uhn.....let me see if I can afford any
  19. Authority

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    If I should buy this ehn....I go lock am wella......because bayelsa na condemned criminals full
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    For my side NEPA the give light steady ...thanks too governor Ben dem d build power plant near my crib.....
  21. Prezzy

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    Yeah, Uyo get better light situation. I was there for months last year and I csn testify... Oron, Akaa, they all have good light supply... At least better than what we have here but I don't know about any new generation plant
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    I dey hear una scores bro... But you can't really luck it. It has to be on top of your hours or somewhere outside
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    Lols, we don't know the kind of people it gives yet bro. Let's chill and observe it! Hopefully, it will be something we can easily handle...
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    That's the man I was talking about...
    The engineer who's working am reporting! Hit him up if you need a fix.. He's surely capable of delivering but wait lets get this thing done first before yours...
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    Next update is on the solar Panels! Chill and watch... Don't forget to share this post guys
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    Yes bro
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    Solar on it's own is good, flexible, not time consuming and it's easy to use
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    Yeah... Am back.... NEPA almost dealt with me!
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    Lol... Naso o everywhere
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    2. Solar Panels

    This is the second component of a solar generator for one's home and it's perhaps the most important. It is the very source of the energy you want to power your house with so you can't afford to mess up at this point!
    I mean, you don't wanna cheap out on this one!

    How the Solar panel works
    So, what the panel does is simple. It will capture the energy from sunlight and pass it on to the charge controller. I think it does a little conversion to alternating current too. [ask @Bizbay for more]

    It then passes it on to the charge controller as mentioned above which does the actual charging of the battery you have installed.

    That's it. It collects energy and sends to the battery and stores it there.

    Very lazy thing abi?
    Yet, it will keep it home lit and that's what we want.

    Price of Solar Panels in Nigeria
    Well, you can get them for different prices depending on the power rating of the panel. They are rated in Watts. Physics claims that it means work done per hour but here, who cares, it's all just numbers. Lols.

    So, for the different solar panels, we have something like this.

    100W = 30,000
    200W = 65,000
    300W = 100,000

    Or something similar to that.
    And again, they can be found in different types as classified by the components they are made up of! The mono-stuff[OMG, it's just a clue] is the best option while the poly-stuff ain't so cool.

    So, get one and we will look at the next component of your solar plant!