How I Made 100k In Just 1week With Icashnigeria

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    Hello guys, My name is Eriyamremu Ochuko and am about to reveal to you how i made N100,000 within one week of joining icashNigeria.

    I signed up on icashnigeria on the 9th of January 2016, and ever since then i have been receiving credit alerts like whatsapp messages on my phone.

    iCash is a platform where you can earn a minimum of 80k monthly with just as initial investment of 12,500 without refering anyone.

    But for people that do what i did, that amount can be earned within a week or even in a day.

    Before I go any further, because I understand Nigerians like seeing before they believe here are a few screenshots of my earnings...

    adminn.png-How I Made 100k In Just 1week With Icashnigeria admn.png-How I Made 100k In Just 1week With Icashnigeria WhatsApp Image 2017-01-11 at 9.02.38 PM.jpeg-How I Made 100k In Just 1week With Icashnigeria WhatsApp Image 2017-01-16 at 8.03.35 PM (2).jpeg-How I Made 100k In Just 1week With Icashnigeria Screenshot_2017-01-17-02-31-36.png-How I Made 100k In Just 1week With Icashnigeria adminnn.png-How I Made 100k In Just 1week With Icashnigeria

    (this is my first time using this uplaod feature so i really hope these screenshots displays right)


    iCash Nigeria is a peer to peer donation platform where your donation to become a member of iCash Nigeria grants you access to our membership site.

    iCash Nigeria is simply the Best and the most Transparent fund sharing platform out there!


    Now With just a donation of ₦12,500 you get to join the club/platform, and you can start earning money from new members that will join after you.

    You can even Earn over ₦3 million within the next couple months.


    When you Register, You will be merged to pay person ₦8,000 plus a one-time membership fee of ₦4,500 into icashnigeria account.

    After payment the system guides you on how to submit proof of payments.

    Once you are confirmed, the system automatically merges you on different days with different free members who are just joining the system and they will pay you N8000 each directly into your registered bank account.

    By the time your first 10 downlines is complete you should get about ₦80,000. Which is about 600%
    of your initial investment within a month.

    Now as if this is not enough, you are also given a referral link which has the potential of boosting your earnings without limits. And this is the big secret, this is where you can get to earn really outrageous amounts within a month if you do it right. Because from everyone you refer into the system they will pay the 8k directly to you, now imagine you refering just 50 persons in a month thats a whooping 450k.

    Hey guys, I don't know about you, but for me I think its worth diving in head first.

    Trust me I am a member of allot of other platforms I don't want to mention names, but this is better than any other system out there that I have seen.

    Here, the system will bring to you the people that will pay you also give you someone you will pay to immediately when you join.

    YES! It is that simple! Pay ONE time ₦12,500, and a random persons from the system will pay you ₦80,000. And if you decide to promote your referal link then you can earn even more.

    iCash Nigeria works on a First-Come-First-Served basis, so the earlier you register the better for you.

    To register Now, and be among the very few people having access to this Highly Classified Information.

    Then CLICK the link below and start earning right away.

    feel free to call or chat me up on whatapp on 07035797718 , click to join my WhatsApp Group
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