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How Carpooling Can Reduce Lagos Traffic Congestion

Discussion in 'Blogging | Nigerian Webmasters' started by Gidiryde, Feb 22, 2018.


Do you agree that Carpooling can help with the traffic situation in Lagos?

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  1. Gidiryde

    Gidiryde Rookie!!!

    If you live in Lagos, surely you can relate with complaints about traffic congestion and unreliable commercial transport.

    Apart from the obvious waste of time and cost of daily commute, the traffic situation in Lagos also has its negative impact on the environment, economy and residents’ lifestyle.

    And like most developed cities around the globe, this is one of the pains of living in a metropolitan city – an emerging megacity.

    However, Gidiryde offers a convenient and affordable way to move about in Lagos, thereby making life a lot more fun for Lagosians.

    The online carpooling platform ensures you can share a ride with anyone going the same route as you and make extra cash.

    Can this reduce the traffic congestion in Lagos? Yes, and we will tell you how.

    • Less Cars
    Through ridesharing, the number of cars on the road is significantly reduced because it encourages more occupancy per vehicle.

    So, instead of having four different individuals drive their cars, they all decide to share a ride, imagine the radical effect this would have on the traffic challenge in the city.

    • Durable Roads
    We agree, many traffic jams are also caused by damaged roads in some parts of the city, but have you wondered why our roads get damaged quickly?

    Its simply wear and tear due to overuse! Now, the more people get into ridesharing, the fewer the number of cars on the road. Hence there is less wear and damage to the roads that need to be repaired.

    • Less Breakdown
    You will probably also agree that another major cause of traffic in Lagos is the unexpected emergence bottlenecks created by broken down vehicles on busy roads.

    Machines get tired from overuse and you cannot blame these cars, most of them are bought Tokunbo.

    What you should be doing is to reduce their work rate by embracing ridesharing.

    Must you always drive your own car?
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