Crypto News [hot] Guarium Airdrop/bounty Up To $36000 Recommended

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    GUARIUM will be a B2B and B2C platform connecting producers, wholesalers, online stores and clients. Due to innovative solutions each entrepreneur will be able to use the leverage of thousands of entities operating in the GUARIUM network. The solution has been adapted to both existing stores and the new ones.
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    Login and collect entries by completing social tasks

    The more entries you have the more GUAR token you receive

    It’s very easy to seat on 1001st - 20000th place for $60

    The last day to enter is September 03, 2018 06:59 AM +07

    Don’t forget to login and get your entries everyday

    ICO ongoing with the price 1 GUAR = $=0.43 at this time and will be $1.2 at the last round

    Soft Cap reached

    Collected 34807 ETH

    1st Place Winner
    Grand Prize Winner Contest: 30,000 GUAR Tokens (worth approximately $36 000)

    2nd to 10th Place
    2nd to 10th Place:10 000 GUAR Tokens (worth approximately $12000)

    11th to 100th Place
    11th to 100th Place: 3 000 GUAR Tokens (worth approximately $3600)

    101st to 1000th Place
    101st to 1000th Place: 1000 GUAR Tokens (worth approximately $1200)

    1001st to 20000th Place
    1001st to 20000th Place: 150 GUAR Tokens (worth approximately $180)

    From 20001st Place
    From 20001st Place: 2 000 000 GUAR Tokens to share
    (50 GUAR Tokens max per participant, worth approximately $60)
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