Here Are The Best 10 Bitcoin Wallets Of All Time!

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    Need a multi cryptocurrency wallet? Click Here for Wallets that can store multiple altcoins

    To say best is a fallacy because they are all built with almost the same level of security which can be described as Critical security. People cannot afford to lose their Gold coins and these will providers know that just too well so they make their website and the accounts of their users as secured as it can possibly be.
    Anyway, that's about security which is the most important thing when we are dealing with storing Bitcoins.
    Welcome to the Thread!
    Am going to show you some of the very Best Bitcoin Wallets you can find around. There are so many of them but they are not receiving equal attention. Some are very popular while others are backing them up!

    Looking for Ethereum Wallets? Go here: ETH - Alternative To Mist: Top 5 Ethereum Wallets For Pc And Smartphones

    They also differ in a number of ways and have their own unique features too. We will be basing our discussion and comparison here on

    Availability on several platforms
    Ease of Use

    When I learned about Bitcoin initially,I was excited about it but I didn't allow my excitement to carry me off my feet. I ensured that I did some research on order to find out the very best Bitcoin wallet one can use. I was able to find several reviews but you'll agree with me that experience is the best teacher one can get sometimes so I decided to keep testing them.

    I used several of them. Some of which I didn't even get to fund before I discard them because of their interface. It wasn't long until I had tested about half a dozen of the best Bitcoin wallets. I will now share my own experience with these little banks with you.

    1. My Best Bitcoin Wallet - Xapo

    To create a Xapo wallet, please click => Bitcoin Newbie - How To Open A Bitcoin Wallet On Xapo

    That's it. It's the last I tested and it was suggested to be by a Jackobian @vitriol
    Am happy he did because my experience with this wallet has been good, the best so far.
    I can't take any screenshots from these bitcoin apps else I could've done that.

    I have used Xapo extensively on Android and their app has a wonderful interface. The Homepage of the app presents you with the present exchange rate of Bitcoins against the dollar. This makes it stress-free to know how things are changing in the world of BTC. This feature is especially useful for Bitcoin sellers worldwide.
    Also, the app simplifies the Wallet zone for you and at the same time provides a block wall to the wallet in the form of a pin which is common among Bitcoin wallets. This helps keep people away from your wallet.
    In the wallet zone, you are just one click away from your Bitcoin address for receiving Bitcoins from friends and faucets as the case may be.

    Sending Bitcoins have also been simplified and to the best of my knowledge, there is no transfer fee for performing transactions! Unless of course, there's a hidden one which is very unlikely.
    You can Download Xapo wallet from Google play store and sign up after doing that by launching the app and following the instructions.

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    2. Blockchain

    This is what I consider the most popular Bitcoin wallet you will find around. Blockchain is very popular probably because of the Bitcoin transfer statistics they display publicly on their site's homepage.
    They have an android app that's effective too. With a useful but sometimes annoying Pin wall, the Blockchain app is well secured. You can also make a backup of your wallet just in case you forgot your password.
    Blockchain is cool but I dropped them for two reasons.

    Reasons why I stopped Using Blockchain as my Bitcoin Wallet
    - Their website went down for hours and it was a bad hit
    . I don't blame them for that but I would rather split my BTC into two accounts than hold it in one that can go down.
    - Their transfer rate went to a Scary height.
    They were charging as much as 0.005Btc for transfer and I could not take that.
    Note: the transfer rate rose high only after the website went down.
    Besides this, Blockchain is a very good wallet to keep your BTC safe and makes things easy to manage on your smartphone with their Android app too!
    You can still access their website via and perform your transactions there.
    Nice work by Blockchain admins but their work is not yet done!

    Check: Live - My Money Making Journey With Gethelpworldwide - Follow & Be Rich

    3. BitX

    Another really cool app for managing, transferring and storing Bitcoins. You can sign up at their website or use the mobile app on Android to do so.
    You can also manage your account or wallet from any of these.
    But has a very nice looking app and has also added some other features to the app that makes it Rich.
    I think one of the most interesting features of BitX is that you can buy BTC through the app!
    Here's a post @D-termined wrote about where you can buy bitcoins in Nigeria but with BitX, you can still buy bitcoin and do other transactions!
    All you have to do in order to Buy Bitcoins from BitX is to
    Place a request and you will be given an account number at Stanbic Bank with a code to serve as your remarks.
    You just have to use your mobile banking app to do the transfer. When you are filling the details, don't forget the code identifier they gave to you.
    Put it where you are asked for remarks and when they receive the money, they'll be able to know that you are the sender then they can credit your account with the amount of BTC that you want to buy!
    BitX also helps you do a number of other things which other bitcoin wallet does not support. You need to check out the app for yourself and rate it as you see it.
    To Download BitX app for android head over to Google play store.

    4. CoinBase

    You must have heard about this one too. Coinbase is hardly less powerful than the others. With powerful security to guarantee the safety of your Bitcoins, you have little to worry about as their design is equally self-explanatory and simple while remaining useful.
    I have used Coinbase in the past too and didn't see anything wrong with it.
    You can choose it as your preferred Bitcoin wallet and smile on.

    Other Bitcoin Wallets you can try

    5. Bitcoin Core.

    This is another bitcoin wallet. Bitcoin Core is the original Bitcoin wallet, originally developed by Satoshi Nakamoto and continually updated by the core Bitcoin development team.
    Visit Website Bitcoin Core

    6. Multibit
    I think this wallet was initially made for only desktop users but they have an android app now.
    You can visit their websites to find out more at The Bitcoin Wallet for Your Desktop | MultiBit

    7. Electrum
    Website Electrum Bitcoin Wallet

    8. Exodus Wallet
    This is very new but it also has a lot of promise for a successful Bitcoin wallet.
    One of the good things about it is that Exodus is a lite wallet so you don’t need to download the whole Blockchain to your computer like you do with Bitcoin Core. It's also available on different platforms and operating systems. Exodus is currently compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux. That's the downside. They need to come to mobile especially Android in order to claim their own fair share of the market!
    Website - Exodus : Manage Blockchain Assets

    9. Armory
    They have made it very clear that they are here for security reasons. They wanna secure your bitcoin and give it the maximum possible protection against the bad guys.
    If you are that security conscious guy, this is certainly for you.
    Website- Best Bitcoin Wallet Armory | Multi-Signature Cold Storage

    10. CoolWallet
    Am sure you like the name and me too, I do. I have read about them online but am yet to use them.
    One cool thing about Coolwallet that I can't forget to mention is that they have a User Card similar to that of Payoneer or your normal ATM card.
    This makes then unique.
    Also, the card serves as a token like the one you get from banks too!
    In fact, Coolwallet is one of the bitcoin wallets that are very close to taking the form Of a normal bank for Money!
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  3. Prezzy

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    which one is your best wallet among all of them???
  4. Prezzy

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    this thread is unique... with ID of 7000!
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    Xapo wallet is the best. I also noticed something there that whenever I receive bitcoin, it will change my address and my address always start with 3. I really love it. You can take screenshot when using browser.
  6. Xapo
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  7. Prezzy

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    You are there bro.
    Do you know you can create several accounts inside the same account on Xapo?

    You can do much more And store money in Bitcoins, Naira, Dollars etc in different
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  8. Prezzy

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    It deserves to be the best
  9. victor_dhare

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    You can't take screenshot of blockchain wallet also..but I use BLOCKCHAIN
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  10. victor_dhare

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    I will try XAPO
  11. D-termined

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    I don't have much to say about other Bitcoin Wallet.. I have only used blockchain wallet which is fast and reliable for me.
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  12. Pathferm

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    Bitx!!! Highest exchange rate.
  13. Prezzy

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    no, i disagree. Blockchain has the highest transfer fee bro. you need to try and see for yourself
  14. Prezzy

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    you need to feel XAPO bro
  15. Pathferm

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    @Prezzy I meant the value of 1Btc to other currencies is higher on Bitx co
  16. victor_dhare

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    exactly bro
  17. Prezzy

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    well, i used to think they draw their values from the same place or is it not true?
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  19. phyzyprogrammer

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    I my name is phyzy am And this is my first time of selling btc .....
    from guy to guy... lols don't mind my English oooo
    so let's get to business,, I wanna sell btc. worth of 30k and 20k ....
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    BITX my favourite
  21. Prezzy

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    New to Bitcoin? Start from here,
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    yeah, it's finally joined the league!
  24. Harald

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    At one time I used a Multibit wallet. It's good, but it's too complicated for me. This list obviously lacks the Rahakott wallet. The wallet is new, that's why I jsut recently found out about it and registered. No mail confirmation needed. And it looks really easy.
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