Hashing24 Stops Usa & Canada Citizens From Participating In Their Cloud Mining

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    Well I got the message that hashing24.com will not be working with client from some countries and I was .. Really scared.
    I had to make enquiries to find out if Nigeria is among the delisted countries and my findings are POSITIVE

    In fact I was surprised at the response rate of the admins over there @ hashing24.com

    Here's the message I got from them.
    Screenshot_20180423-190204.png-Hashing24 Stops Usa & Canada Citizens From Participating In Their Cloud Mining
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    In such a pessimistic talk, I would give 90% that no one will go for a 25% discount for buying a cloud mining contract because for many, Bitcoin is initially a scam, not to speak of cloud mining services that give 25% discount. But in actual fact it works. It would be interesting to make a sort of a social experiment. Who of you followed the link and tried it? hashflarecode.com
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