Promising Hashing24 Promises Lifetime Bitcoin Mining Contracts Soon!

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    Hello Jackobians, there's good news with lifetime contracts for bitcoin mining!
    I got this message earlier today and I wanna share it with us lets I forget so we can start getting ready for it.

    What is lifetime Contract?

    We are talking about Bitcoin mining. If you are new, then you should read this first = What Is Bitcoin Mining? Beginners Guide To The Process

    On Lifetime Bitcoin Mining,

    We know that these ceased to exist some months ago when Genesis-mining stopped selling as they ran out of hashpower At about the same time, and also stopped lifetime mining contracts but it looks like is about to bring it back and I can only wonder at what the price of 1th/s of Bitcoin lifetime mining contract is going to be when it comes back fully. Meanwhile have a look at this message they sent to Me.

    Dear Client,

    We’ve got amazing news for you today!

    We’ve introduced an integrated exchange service. This service enables you to pay for new hashpower, as well as for auctioned hashpower, using various altcoins.

    Now you can choose the altcoin type for payment on our platform, exchange your altcoins, and deposit the resulting BTC to your account balance. Pay by altcoins if that’s your preferred option!

    Remember, buying 36 months of mining hashpower at our current price* is really good value for the money!

    P.S. Another good news is forthcoming - very soon you will be able to buy lifetime contracts!
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