Hashflare Has Actually Been Mining For Us, Just At Our Loss!

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    Previously, I had thought that hashflare temporarily paused mining operations on their platform as I shared here = As Bitcoin Becomes Relatively Unprofitable To Mine, Buy 3th/s @ $0.48 Only

    Imagine my surprise when I saw this
    Screenshot_20180619-214544-picsay.png-Hashflare Has Actually Been Mining For Us, Just At Our Loss!

    Yes, just like hashing24.com, hashflare.io has been mining Bitcoins but the cost of maintaining machines have been higher than the profits we realize from mining.

    Well, I was at their website this evening and discovered that some profits were credited in the past 24 hours which suggests that mining is becoming profitable again!

    That's in line with the fact that Bitcoin has actually begun to gain in value once more .

    What can I say?
    Goodluck to the miners!
    @SIC @gbolahan
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    We don't really jump on NEW things quickly bro.
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    Am just sticking to my mining platform hashing24 and hashflare, suggested to me by prezzy, no more risk taking at the moment. @SIC
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    It's great, this new drop in btc price will show us who really would survive