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Hot Great Opportunity (cryptoshare Pays 10%daily) With Evidence

Discussion in 'Bitcoin Investments | Discussions' started by SalimSojay, Nov 7, 2016.



Poll closed Dec 4, 2016.
  1. CRYPTOSHARE IS REAL I have earned from the system

    9 vote(s)
  2. Cryptoshare is not real

    2 vote(s)
  3. I am yet to invest in cryptoshare

    10 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. gbolahan

    gbolahan GBOLAHAN Crypto Guardian

    How does it works
  2. emmydav

    emmydav Well Known

    U get daily profit of 2.2percent of $15 for 15days dat equals $4plus ur principal back dat makes it $19
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2016
  3. emmydav

    emmydav Well Known

    I advice u invest there and others too,so none wudnt fall victim of scam hyips again
    Ardex Funds
  4. emmydav

    emmydav Well Known

    There are different interest for $20 deposit,register and choose,its very legit,paying since 8years we never noticed it
  5. gbolahan

    gbolahan GBOLAHAN Crypto Guardian

  6. viosky

    viosky Upcoming

    Cryptoshare site no ddey open again
  7. viosky

    viosky Upcoming

    What's the solution.. Ive got close to 20$there
  8. SalimSojay

    SalimSojay Well Known

    Your own small
    They went away with ma $200+
  9. Simeon Udoh

    Simeon Udoh Active

    It's still a scam. No Hyip last forever
  10. viosky

    viosky Upcoming

    Do u mean they are gone forever
  11. emmydav

    emmydav Well Known

    They are not hyips they don't promise high yields,dats where u make mistakes,ok no p,its left to ahba,why wud I waste ma time on hyips,u still nt getting it bro
  12. Ogidi_omo1

    Ogidi_omo1 Jackobian

  13. Samuel Philips

    Samuel Philips Jackobian

    guy dis cryptoshare na rubbish. for d past two weeks now have not been able to withdraw
  14. bamiradex

    bamiradex Jackobian

  15. bamiradex

    bamiradex Jackobian

  16. PrezzyMag

    PrezzyMag Jackobian

    Thank God i no invest for this stupid hyip.
    I was about investing upto $300. Once my MMM money come out. This na God protection oo. Halleluya.

    Even cryto-city 200%, E get one kyn eye i dey look am. Soon that one go flyaway.

    I will just focus on MMM oo. Give and you shall receive.
    Investment chapter have closed for this month.
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2016
  17. Judy

    Judy Upcoming

  18. Efelexy

    Efelexy Upcoming


    A 2x2 Matrix, You earn 0.2 bitcoin from a one time payment of 0.03 bitcoin

    *Now how does it work*
    *LEVEL 1*
    After registration you will pay ur upline 0.03 bitcoin ... ur two downlines will also register and pay 0.03 bitcoin to you each, making a sum of 0.06bitcoin (level one cleared)

    *LEVEL 2*
    You will upgrade with 0.05 bitcoin.....after upgrading ur downlines downlines will also pay their upgrade fee of 0.05 to you I.e 0.05 × 4= 0.2bitcoin

    *The end of the matrix, so easy*
    & You *Cycle in*again

    Indicate your interest by joining the group & ensure you have your Bitcoin Wallet funded with *0.03BITCOIN*


    Fast Cash Feeders Team
    SalimSojay likes this.
  19. adex01

    adex01 Upcoming

    So, how is it go
  20. gbolahan

    gbolahan GBOLAHAN Crypto Guardian

  21. Judy

    Judy Upcoming


    CHISOMWEALTH Jackobian

  23. Jaja

    Jaja Rookie!!!

    What do you mean by 'before it is too late'
    Do you mean before they run away with people's hard earned money?
  24. vcash

    vcash Jackobian

  25. mepresh

    mepresh Upcoming

    MMM NIGERIA may be back, but MMM EXPRESS is better. We PH worldwide using bitcoin. We've got better interest, better bonuses, GH 150% only 15 days and not 30 days. Join today by clicking: mmm express is a program launched which pays 150% after 15 days all donations are peer to peer and are made with bitcoin.


    We use Bitcoins only

    Minimum Provide Help amount is 10 USD

    Maximum Provide Help amount is 2000 USD..

    Mavro starts to grow after your 20% verification link Confirmed.

    20% Verification Link comes immediately.

    Remaining 80% Link will come on day 5-7.

    Mavro growing only for 15 days.

    On day 16th you can withdraw your Mavro (150%, where 100% is your body amount and 50% is your profit).

    But before Getting Help you must yo recommit the same amount or bigger. After you transfer 20% of the recommitment amount - you will be able to GH from previos deposit. No risk at all.

    Recommitment rule was created to keep the system flowing with money. It states that before you Get Help from your growth wallet, you must recommit by doing a PH of the same amount of your last PH.

    So, money not only flow out the system, but also ALWAYS flow in.
    Autoconfirmation of all PH/GH by bitcoin network (no need to wait for someone to confirm or get fake screenshots)

    10% Referal bonus on each Provide Help and Recommitment from people directly under you (only if you personally Provided Help)
    Minimum Get Help is $15

    Referral commission: (Not Compulsory)
    Level 1Earn 10% referral commission

    Level 2Earn 3% referral commission

    Level 3Earn 1% referral commission

    What the program offers:

    - Global participants
    - Long-lasting program
    - 10% provide help bonus
    - Auto bitcoin payment
    - 24 hours support
    I highly recommend this investment scheme to you. It is really paying without hitches.
    PS: I am not forcing anyone to join, as you won't pay me when you earn. I am only sharing so that interested ones can benefit.
    PS: Also note that transaction is made only in bitcoin
    PS: mmm express is a world wide platform, and it is not meant for Nigerians only, hence, there is no need to panic.

    WONDERING ABOUT (POP) PROOF OF PAYMENT CONFIRMATION?, Don't worry everything is automated with the Bitcoins HASH ID Tracking system.

    Remember! EARLY BIRDS eat WORM

    If you want to join, WhatsApp 08115070330 Call 09021142347

    Check it out, this is what the site looks like: MMM Express | 2017 — Official Website NEW YEAR, NEW WEBSITE, NEW RULES, NEW TEAM, NEW INCOME - SAME MMM!

    Follow this link to join the MMM.EXPRESS WhatsApp group: MMM.EXPRESS BTC 2017
  26. Amadi chiadikaobi

    Amadi chiadikaobi Jackobian

    pls when is this created
  27. mepresh

    mepresh Upcoming

    Double your Bitcoin in just 16hrs COIN-BOMB Coins Keep rolling in....
  28. mepresh

    mepresh Upcoming

    The truth remains that You DOUBT I Still earn from MMM EXPRSS, Get convinced, I still EARN. BITCOIN Rocks my WORLD with MMM EXPRESS.
    I also lost money to MMM nigeria, a capital of 350k. Investors are risk takers and absorbers. Don't let your loss get to your bone and blind you.
    Do you know why the rich is rich? You will know in the group created and moderated by our Admins, grounded with bitcoin knowledge.
    MMM EXPRESS is worth every risk you've put into any platform.

    Join our MMM EXPRESS WHATSAPP Group 1st , hear from us, explore the site, then decide if you would join or not. Chat me on whats app on 0 8 1 1 5 0 7 0 3 3 0, or call 0 9 0 2 1 1 4 2 3 4 7.

    Its real like the sun.
    If you already have a bitcoin account, register using the link MMM Express | 2017 — Official Website
    For those calling and complaining about ultimate cycler, the program is working absolutely well doing what it promised to offer. May be you had the wrong info from your sponsor. In Ultimate cycler, Every member gets two participant under him/her. Thats why its peer 2 peer networking for Christ's sake. 2 downline is a must. it is not a SIT-DOWN chop money networking program Join Ultimate Cycler . Now you know, Oya go out there and do better.
    Check the Ultimatecycler Link and MMMEXPRESS Register Here. God speed
Moderators: Emma24, philipj, zedzed
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