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    crypto.JPG-Globeteals Agro Investment
    GlobeTeals is aimed at providing advice and support to large farms. The focus is to assist farms by providing farm management, financial advice and crop management guidance

    After a period of time in business, the company expanded its services to the farming industry with the scope to provide both analytical services, farm cropping consultancy services and export of agricultural produce.

    The company has expanded its global partnership base by encroaching a cryto-currency partnership system where investors invest and get an equivalent return from the company's investment.

    How Investors Earn
    • Investors Earn 2% of their invested amount every 24 hours when they invest within $50 - $1000
    • Investors Earn 4% of their invested amount every 24 hours when they invest within $1000 - $10000
    • Investors are only liable to withdraw the profits 7 days after their investment
    • Investors are also liable to request for a refund of their investment after 14 days
    • Every investment has a life span of 4 Months
    • As an extra incentive to increase our global partnership base we introduced a Bonus system for investors who sucessfully introduce at least 5 people to Our Company using a unique Referal ID.
      Investors who sucessfully recruit more than 5 people earn an added 0.5% on their daily profit rate
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