ICO Global Reits - Real Estate Investment On Blockchain To Earn Dividend Every Month

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    Hi guys,this is another stable income coin,a dividend token that i known you wont like to miss.This coin pay you some income for holding their token,let find more about them below.

    If the word Real estate strange to you,it simply means property, land,building etc. Acquisition of Real estate is very frustrating sometimes for individual because there are some serious steps to take before acquiring a Real estate e.g paying of taxes,registration,following some obligations and lot more. These are apart from the money to be used for investing in the Real estate itself.

    However,to overcome all these frustrating part of Real estate investment, the market offer what we know as REITs - Real estate Investment Trusts, a channel/company through which individual can easily invest in Real estate and earn stable income without the need to face the frustrating part. This company acquire the Real estate on behalf of investor,help to manage it and investors earn some dividend paid from income acquired through rent or sales of asset.

    Some attributes of REIT are:
    1.They help to invest in different kinds of Real estate which means investment diversity for investors
    2.They help to manage investors fund and generate income through rent and sales of asset
    3.They are publicly listed under Government.

    Why Global REIT
    Global REIT will be the first REIT operating on the Blockchain that is regulated under REIT governing body(sharia) in Dubai. The operations of Global REIT is similar to traditional REIT but to more advantage to:
    • Crypto investors who want to invest in Real estate
    • Crypto investors who want to earn stable income
    • Real estate holder who want to move into crypto domain and
    • Other REIT company that want to take the advantage of Blockchain to improve their services

    Acquisition of Asset will begin for its home country (Dubai) and expand worldwide. The market value of all asset managed by Global REIT will have Net Value of 75million and valve expected to grow to 10 billion in 5years.

    Global REIT token explained
    Two utility token will be offered during the ICO
    1.Global REIT fund Managers Token (GREM) and
    2.Global REIT Asset token (GRET)

    How these two token can be used
    1.Holder of both tokens,GREM and GRET will have full access to all Asset managed by Global REIT

    2.Token holder with minimum 5000 token of GRET or GREM can avail free stay every year.

    3.Token holder of both token will earn Reward point in loyalty program and these points can be used to enjoy free services to some limit.

    4.Holder of GREM with minimum of 100000 token have an option to sell their real estate to Global REIT and enter crypto domain

    How dividend will be paid
    1.GREM token holder dividend will start with 2% of all asset managed by Global REIT and keep on decreasing by 0.25% yearly until its reach 1.25% of all Asset.

    2.GRET token holder dividend will be a stable 8% per year based on its first acquired asset.

    The dividend are paid monthly

    IMG_20180515_145209_532.jpg-Global Reits - Real Estate Investment  On Blockchain To Earn Dividend Every Month

    To participate in the ICO go to official website


    Website - Global REIT
    Telegram - GlobalReit.io
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    This token will be good for passive income and for crypto holder who want to invest in real estate