Global Led Adoption Through Blockchain Technology

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    Global LED Adoption Through Blockchain Technology

    {filename}-Global Led Adoption Through Blockchain Technology

    Hello everyone, I’m here again to give a good review about TERAWATT project with the great team. As you have known earlier before now, my review is always based on good, great project with high potential for investors and community member. I know you must have been wondering and ask yourself right now which project caught my attention, which projects worth this great review. Now have a seat and read through the whole write up line by line.

    Over the years, the internet and BLOCKCHAIN technology has experienced a lot of use case, technological advancement has brought so many ways of doing things which this has made life more easy and flexible for people. The beginning and introduction of blockchain technology in this century has made people use both blockchain and internet as a tool to define their business and products in which as the years go, technology continues to advance and bringing in new methods and ways of doing things

    {filename}-Global Led Adoption Through Blockchain Technology

    This is a BLOCKCHAIN based project that deals with the reduction in consumption of energy and lights through the use of LED lights to reduce all resources spent on energy and lights through the use of BLOCKCHAIN technology. There has been lots of contribution to the emission of greenhouse through the generation of electricity from fossil fuel which this has posed a serious threat to the global environment and in which users of electricity have a very great concern over this issue. There has been a greater dependence on fossil fuel in which this has to stop because of the series of problems attached to the use of fossil fuel. The whole world has been clamoring for alternative ways and methods in which TERAWATT project looks like a savior to put an end to all the difficulties encountered with the use of fossil fuels.

    {filename}-Global Led Adoption Through Blockchain Technology

    There have been lots of ways and methods put in place by TERAWATT platform to reduce electricity consumption and one of these ways include upgrading the lighting system to a more advanced LED lights. The use of LED lights has made users and people to realize that there are optimum utilization and full conversion of energy to light with the use of LED lights while only a little percent is converted to heat. Fossil fuels are in a bad state as a result of poor utilization of energy through the use of fluorescent light whereby a larger percent is wasted as heat.

    {filename}-Global Led Adoption Through Blockchain Technology

    The main objectives of TERAWATT is to make people adopt the use of LED lighting to replace the previous ones due to lots of advantages it brings to the whole electricity system and the community at large which includes Absent of mercury, availability in soft, warm and bright white hues, no reactions to cold temperature, durability, quick lightning up etc. The governments are trying their best by encouraging people to make use of energy efficient alternatives, but before the whole adoption, some things need to be put in place in which this is what TERAWATT platform is trying to do through the introduction of blockchain technology in the platform
    TERAWATT platform intends to make use of DAO which its autonomous nature makes it so easy for it to run itself through the use of codes.
    There has been a series of the problem facing utility projects in which DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) will take good care of it. DAO will take care of any funding issues because generation of funds will come from different pools such as token holders, utility companies, LED suppliers and energy consumers in which all these pools will have benefits attached to them such as reduction in electricity bill to businesses, earning of tax incentives, total reductions in grid overloads and lots more.

    This is a utility token that would be launched on ETHEREUM blockchain network. Terawatt token is an ERC20 token which will be used by the consumers on the platform to make payment for electricity bulb. Introduction of TERAWATT algorithm, through the use of smart contract, processing and execute the whole transaction in the platform. There have been methods in place to allow TERAWATT token to use POS so as to help with emissions and maintenance of the environment

    {filename}-Global Led Adoption Through Blockchain Technology

    Total Token Supply =>100,000,000 LED tokens

    Circulating Supply => 65,000,000 LED which will be decreasing due to constant burning of LED tokens
    1 LED => 10,000 Watts (10Kw)

    Token Symbol => LED

    PreICO Price: 1 LED => 0.30 USD

    Price: 1 LED => 0.40 USD

    Soft cap => 500,000 USD

    Hard cap => 13,500,000 USD

    {filename}-Global Led Adoption Through Blockchain Technology

    {filename}-Global Led Adoption Through Blockchain Technology

    For more information, visit the following pages:


    Bitcointalk ANN Thread: Terawatt Private Sale, PreICO, ICO Coming Soon

    Website: Terawatt LED - Token ICO

    Telegram: TeraWatt

    Twitter: Evan (@Terawatt_LED) | Twitter

    Facebook: Sustainableblockchaintechnology

    Youtube: Terawatt LED

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