Girls Can Form - See What She Said About My Payoneer Card

Discussion in 'Jokes' started by Prezzy, Jul 16, 2016.

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    Naija girls are special in different ways. Forming is one of the many gifts that some of them inherit from their ancestors. Check out this conversation between a friend & a girl that can "form"

    Girls can form, She saw my Payoneer Card and she said i bank with those guys but I don't like how they treat their customer's!
    Out of shock i asked
    Me: How did you open the account with them ?
    She: Their branch are all over the place na!
    she: If you go to lagos you will see them..
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  3. Deeboy

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    Lol.. Na olodo
  4. Donfisky

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    It's quite understandable
    You don't expect a girl to always act cheap
    This might cause a guy to Under Value her worth
  5. Donfisky

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    Although sometimes some Girls take it to the extreme
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    It's in thier nature
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    If u don't know something u fucking keep quiet this.1 no be nature tin
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    payoneer ke?
  12. Rocket

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    Some girls can be so dumb sha.. haha :lol:
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    Lolz. I thought you will ask the address
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    Lols. I excused myself and disappeared from there bro.

    What kind of conversation will you have with such a person again?
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    Is that a reason to justify a fake life?