Genesis-mining Bitcoin Cloud Mining: How I Invested 500k|$1k To Earn 1.5k|$3 Daily 4 Life!

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    Need a Step-by-step guide on how to get started Investing on Genesis-mining as well as the Minimum requirements??? Please click here => What's The Minimum $$$ For Bitcoin | Altcoins Cloud Mining Investment

    Lols, I didn't know I would once sit down to write about this investment I made starting from last year when I first made it. Well, if you have been following my posts here on jackobian, then you can easily guess why my hands are tapping at the keyboard now?

    Simple! I can't keep it back any longer when there are people out there that wants this information in the way am capable of presenting it.

    In the past, i have spoken about my investment in Bitcoin cloud mining but never took it up to the point where we are going now and that was in the thread : My Best Bitcoin Cloud Mining Companies|services To Invest In 2017

    We are going to be talking about Bitcoin cloud mining and my experience so far in the business here especially as it has to do with a particular company called Genesis-mining. This company as the name implies deals in Bitcoin mining.

    Now, you may be wondering, what exactly is Bitcoin mining?

    It's actually a simply complicated process by which Bitcoin transactions are verified in the blockchain and Bitcoins are released in the bitcoin network! So, if people were to stop mining Bitcoins, it means that
    • There will be no more Bitcoin transactions as all of them will be hanging
    • NO new bitcoins will be generated

    However, am not going to be talking about bitcoin mining in this thread as we have talked about it severally before and even in our Bitcoin in 1 week program which is still ongoing. You can learn more about what Mining really means and what you need to know about it with the links below.

    What Is Bitcoin Mining? Beginners Guide To The Process

    Am assuming you have read the articles listed above or at least you have a basic knowledge of what Bitcoin mining is all about. If you haven't or you don't, please do so you can be able to understand and appreciate this thread.

    Do me some favors, please
    - Do NOT invest if you have not read everything here and done your own calculations well!
    - DO NOT miss my affiliate link should you want to Invest in Genesis-mining Please. Here is => Kindly Click here to Sign up on Genesis-mining with my affiliate Link
    - HIT the Like Button when you are done the reading if you appreciate this thread let's see if we can hit a hundred!
    - I will love to hear from you when you are done reading either through comments or Phone! Read down to get my number, please.

    Let's proceed then...

    Getting started with Bitcoin Mining as a Bitcoin Enthusiast
    I learned about Bitcoins just a few months ago actually and considering just that, you will say this is a very unwise investment! But there are more reasons why this investment is very unwise and even much more reasons why it is one that everyone that has the money to go for it should consider!
    Let's see both sides of the coin here.

    Stupid Investment?

    Well, considering you can get your money doubled in Twinkas in about a week, I could have just invested this cash there and get a million naira within a week! But, NO, not this time
    Or, I could have used GHW to get 50% in just 30 days! NO, not this one.
    Or, maybe just start a business of my own as the money will be enough right? NOP, not this time either.

    Either way, you find out that I stand to gain much more in a much shorter while if I were to Invest in other quick-hit businesses and possibly double my cash within a few weeks but NO, not this time!

    How wise is this Investment in Genesis-Mining? Reasons why you SHOULD Invest in Genesis-mining!

    Actually, I don't think I can tell you exactly how wise this is but I will tell you why I decided to go with such a long term investment

    1. It's not a short-term investment! :p

    Lols, what does that even mean?
    It means that, i have been into different short-term investments and they have mostly responded positively including MMM, BItsplan, GHW, United, NNN and co. but there is no real long term investment amongst them! They are all...

    Yeah, that's cool but it's a tedious one actually and PONZI scheme/investment. The shorter the time it takes to get back your money, the more intense your BP will be! Lols.

    Beyond the Blood pressure thing as am a young person and not at risk nor scared of such things, I have been and still am into several short-term investments and need a long one.

    That's just the way I feel it should be... Be with the cool calm guys, be with the crazy hit and run guys and you will survive the day one of them is called to BAR! that kind of thing.
    In summary.
    I felt the need to have both long and short term investments so I did!
    Trust me, i almost died the day i realized that i had wired over 500k to a company i have no idea where it is with hope that God will keep them running long enough for me to make it back! Very stupid of me right?... Don't worry, you will be in the same category if you eventually give in to this! [nA JOKE oo]

    2. I wanna be one of the Reasons why Bitcoin is moving forward!:oops:

    There's no need telling you that the more miners there are in Bitcoin, the more the value of the coin increases of course, alongside other factors.
    As stupid as this one sounds, I want to be one fo the reasons why our Bitcoin is progressing high up making it even more attractive to investors while keeping the gap with other cryptocurrencies even higher! Mining alone will not be able to do this but it will contribute!
    That said,
    I invested thus in Bitcoin so the Network can keep moving forward and I will know am one of the reasons why it is so!
    Are you a Bitcoin fan?
    I think this reason should make some sense to you buddy. At least a little sense.

    3. Genesis-Mining is the Highest rated Bitcoin mining company on the Internet!
    How they got to that status, i don't know but if you check out Youtube and co, you will find out that Genesis mining is well talked about and that gives me Inspiration to move forward with them as a company i can trust to accept and grow my money on a long term!
    I love what those guys are doing and I will shake them and say Thank You if I can.
    I have seen high authority blogs that claim that Genesis-mining is the only Bitcoin mining company that actually owns Bitcoin mining hardware! How ridiculously good...

    4. I can't Start my own PROFITABLE Mining set up yet!
    Aha, we have tried it before.. we discussed at length but then we realized that it is not something we can just follow up like that. You can check out our discussion here:
    Yeah, we had plans of starting a Bitcoin mining setup but the funds required to start a profitable one considering there is access to free/cheap electricity is in Millions of naira! Heck, where will one get that kind of money at this time and in this Recession? I think i know anyway.
    Besides, am a student and won't have the time to take care of my own mining setup nor do I have the technical knowledge to do so now!
    But I still wanted to be part of the Mining thing somehow so that's how I arrived here.

    5. IT IS IN THE NET!
    WOW. This one is powerful actually. You don't have to do anything except send some money to some people and they will take care of the rest considering they are actually doing some mining there which I have come to believe!
    That's too tempting... Just press your phone and do something and you already did all the necessary things.
    - bought the hardware
    - service it
    - power it
    - monitor it
    - secure it
    - do the calculations involve and
    Well, speaking of temptation, I think this one is pretty seductive, to say the least.
    Of course, other risks are involved not just the good side as i listed above but the good reputation of Genesis-ming swallows it all.
    The point is I love to be and earn on the Internet and this is a logically good way of doing so, so the question now becomes why not Invest in Genesis-MINING?

    6. Yes, They May Crash BUT They May All Crash or Fold up!

    Lols, there is no business without risk right?
    So, it is here. Any attempt you make to grow your money has some potentials of swallowing it clean and this is not an exception so I know it is worth it.

    7. It's not PREZZY's Fault, it's NIGERIAN's NAIRA!

    Yeah, I can't store money and watch it - FALL in value as it is in Nigeria now
    Lols, this is what I mean...
    Naira has fallen from 199 to the dollar to about 485 to the dollar in just a few years and we all know the truth... the damn thing is still going to keep falling... so, why let the money you have HALVE IN VALUE AUTOMATICALLY IN STORAGE EVRY TWO YEARS OR SO?
    Am not nailing naira but saying the truth.
    Someone said... Saving money in Nigeria to buy something in the future is completely useless. Just go and buy the stuff because, by the time you return to it in the future, the price must have escalated.
    WELCOME TO NIGERIA! we are not safe with naira and as much as I want to help strengthen the naira, i need to strengthen myself first right? SO, prezzy ain't cool with the naira thing anymore.

    8. Work or NOT, you can't be poor with Genesis-Mining Alive

    I think this one is cool.
    From calculations, one will be earning about $3 daily by investing $1000 in Genesis-mining so I think it is cool to make such an investment and never be poor again as long as this company exists which from deductions will be a long time!

    So, I invested that much so I could be earning about 1,500 naira daily and here in Nigeria, if you earn that much daily WITHOUT DOING ANYTHING, I don't think you can be poor my friend. At least you can eat and you are probably earning more than most laborers that mix cement and build houses, of course... your money is still at work!

    9. I MUST CONFESS, I was a Little Obsessed!!!

    That's the last reason why I invested this much in Genesis-mining
    Please don't be. DO something rational... I invested almost everything I had in this scheme. Perhaps it's because I have seen the first earnings trickle in little by little each day.
    That must have been their plan actually. To seduce one into investing more in their company by kissing your wallet each and every day! lols.. if that's the case, then they should be taken to court for seduction! lols, until I get the chance to ask them, let's keep going.

    That's basically all the sense making reasons why I invested almost all my money in Genesis mining and I think it is important to note that:

    - I realize it can take up to a year to earn everything back and
    - I know I can possibly lose all my money

    But I also know that,

    - If it works, it will be great and from calculations and Logic, IT WILL WORK!

    WOW, THAT Was a Long one right?
    Log write and a lot of things that you may not really care about. Forgive me but then, I hope it's at least an interesting read as you should have picked up some things there that will help you in making your decisions too!

    Now, let's look at the calculations involved and how you too can get started.

    $1000 IN! My Case Study!:rolleyes:

    Total Investment: $1000+ actually about $1080
    Daily returns: $3.0 -$3.5
    Time taken to recover Interest: 314 - 366 days or 9-12 months
    Contract Duration: Forever!.. Or rather.As long as Bitcoin mining is profitable

    What does this mean: As long as Bitcoin mining is profitable

    Simple. Bitcoin mining difficulty which is how difficult it is to mine bitcoin increases steadily as there are more and more miners in the network. This increase makes small mining contracts irrelevant over time.
    Yeah, considering you are mining with just $10, it may at some point become very difficult to make any reasonable gains with such amounts and what's when we say that your mining contract is no more profitable!
    Really interesting. I think your contract with Genesis-mining will terminate at that point!
    Am pretty sure that such a time won't come soon and you will be able to purchase more hash power at that time.
    However, if you purchase a reasonable amount of hash power, you will be able to keep mining at such points and keep earning!

    So, How do one Start mining in the Cloud with Genesis-mining
    so, if you choose to mine with Genesis, it's not difficult, simply follow the Instructions below.

    Step 1: Register On Genesis-Mining
    Click Here to Go to Genesis-Mining website to get started (my affiliate link, I really appreciate)
    On the website, click on Register
    Proceed to get an account for yourself by filling the details and clicking sign up!

    Step 2: Buying HashPower!
    Simply click on Upgrade?Purchase Hashpower to buy.
    Scroll right down and select Bitcoins instead of Dollars/Credit card then come back up to choose the amount of Hashpower you wanna purchase with the corresponding amount in BTC!
    Scroll down and click on continue
    Accept the Agreement and click continue!
    Pay the amount as shown to the address provided. I will choose to scan as it makes it easier and less error prone.
    Note: The timer is set to 30 minutes but it's nothing to worry about if your hashpower is not credited within that time as A certain number of confirmations are needed before Genesis-ming can credit your account with Hashpower!
    Just wait it out... Because I can still remember sending a distress message and resending another to request them to cancel the first because few moments from the first one, my hashpower was credited! lols, Just give it some time and you should be able to see the hashrate in your account!

    Step 3: Update address and account details
    It is very important to add your Bitcoin address at this point in order to receive your daily bitcoins!
    If you don't, it will keep accumulating and you can come in the future to put your address and collect everything at once!
    In the same way, you can add your phone number and edit your bitcoin address as you wish but you cannot change your Email address!


    That's all I got on Genesis-mining for now. Maybe in a long time actually.
    Thanks for reading through it all and if you have any questions you wanna ask, feel free to ask it below. Also, read the comments before asking just in case I have already answered the question in the past.
    Special case? Give me a call with 07037238225 and I will be more than glad to attend to you!

    Go bless you and don't forget this is my affiliate link if you want to sign up on Genesis Mining -CLICK HERE

    However, Need a Step-by-step guide on how to get started Investing on Genesis-mining as well as the Minimum requirements??? Please click here => What's The Minimum $$$ For Bitcoin | Altcoins Cloud Mining Investment

    Stay cool and be a
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    Speaking of Bitcoin... Mining... Internet Money... Bitcoin Investment... I a certain this is something people need to see. I mean your friends. Please share with them!
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    I know it's a long read buddy... Just take your time and digest the whole thing, make your decision and throw in the cash, lock up your Bitcoin wallet and continue your business.

    Lols, if Genesis-mining survives it... You are what you are.

    However you can keep reinvesting your money as they keep coming, for example, I can invest every month with the ~$100 o will be realizing and it will just keep getting better but am not sure I'll like to do so.
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    i dont think 3dollar daily would do much in my life
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    Lols, yeah, your daily life? maybe...

    But Uhm, your lifetime, HECK! that's what it is, millions of naira in just 2 years.

    By the way, how long is your life man?
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    Lemme say kudos to Mr. Precious for this beautiful write up

    It's going to b life changing

    I will soon join this wonderful crew of great investors of BITCOIN Mining

    Talking of the fact that I really like this
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    This is great to hear...
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    truth be told i dont know how long i am going to live on planet earth i can go to my father in heaven today or next or 72years from now...but investing in a lifetime investment when i dont control the span of my life is a wrong move, i know everybody be praying to have a long life,well not everyone.. Had a friend that said 50 was
    but back to the point bro 500k to earn $3...mehn is nothing to write home about. $3 is about #1500 and in this recession would take you no were, if it was my cash oh boy sharp sharp go rent one shop start an egg business as a wholesaler and earn about 20k-30k from my distribution think of bringing egg twice a week bro..that about 40k-60k weekly.
    With 500k i can go for hire purchase sef buy different vehicles and put them for hire purchase..that no small thing
    If i carry 500k enter okwafor choi buy like 5 peice of land and sell them to the highest bidder at a higher price.
    I can go on and on...well am not discouraging anyone o...i am jst giving my own opinion...thank you
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    Mining for new bitcoins will end in the year 2140. All 21 million Bitcoin are approximated to have been mined by this time. When bitcoin mining ends… will transactions still be processed?
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    This is cool
  12. Prince Alieze

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    I'm a little bit skeptical about this whole bitcoin mining stuff. I've seen some platforms that claimed to be genuine bitcoin mining companies, promising 3 to 3.6% interest daily but later made away with peoples bitcoin after some few weeks of operation. example of such platforms are and btclab. Some persons have lost bitcoin worth over 100k to platforms like this. for instance crashed just when i was about investing in it. when i tried accessing their site then it was blank but right now i typed on my desktop browser and it redirected me to this genesis-mining company. Does that mean has rebranded to genesis-mining which will later crash after some weeks again? Just wondering.
  13. Kenny

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    guy you are not smart...looking at names of site sometimes just tells you they are fake...those 2 site you mentioned check their name out....also make researches before investing any money online.......expecially this ponzi scheme rob peter to pay paul
  14. Prince Alieze

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    You who is smart tell me, do you see "FAKE" written on the names of those sites I mentioned? you really need to learn how to address people.
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    Good post boss, I'm impressed!
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    Please I need answer to this
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    NAIRA PROPELLER... Woooooow! It's simply amazing. Y dull urself, its new grab opportunity. Follow the link Naira Propeller
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    As time goes by,the difficulty of bitcoin mining increases(bitcoin Halving),and due to the volatility of bitcoin price,the unit of bitcoin paid at the value of $1080 would be lesser,in essence,$1080 worth of bitcoin in 2015 is greater than $1080 worth of bitcoin presently,so getting back $3 daily in the long run might end up being a loss,except the profit is ‎paid with respect to the actual unit of bitcoin invested and not the value in dollar,thats why I took a chance to invest in ‎
    because interest on investment is paid on the actual unit of bitcoin you invest and not the dollar rate,so the voatility doesn't affect the interest,that is why 50% interest is promised on peer to pair bitcoin investment platforms,cos at the end you might only be yielding 30% technically.‎
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    Thank you prezzy for the info.

    i will look into it.

    thanks again
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    Double ur Bitcoin under 16 hours. COIN-BOMB
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    Wow am finally here!
  22. Prezzy

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    You are welcome buddy
  23. Prezzy

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    You are welcome buddy
    That will leave me most fulfilled buddy.

    Looking forward to that!
  24. Prezzy

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    You are welcome buddy
    That will leave me most fulfilled buddy.

    Looking forward to that!
  25. Prezzy

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    Of course... But wait o... 2140,what will you be doing alive by then?
    Lols, unless maybe you care for the coming generation but I assure you that's nothing to worry about because bitcoin will not be in use by then.

    Nop, there may be like 3 generation of currencies better than Bitcoins before that year. Trust me on that.

    Meanwhile, to the best of my knowledge, mining will still be going on via transaction fees but no more new Bitcoins will be produced.
  26. Prezzy

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    Of course... But wait o... 2140,what will you be doing alive by then?
    Lols, unless maybe you care for the coming generation but I assure you that's nothing to worry about because bitcoin will not be in use by then.

    Nop, there may be like 3 generation of currencies better than Bitcoins before that year. Trust me on that.

    Meanwhile, to the best of my knowledge, mining will still be going on via transaction fees but no more new Bitcoins will be produced.
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    Of course... But wait o... 2140,what will you be doing alive by then?
    Lols, unless maybe you care for the coming generation but I assure you that's nothing to worry about because bitcoin will not be in use by then.

    Nop, there may be like 3 generation of currencies better than Bitcoins before that year. Trust me on that.

    Meanwhile, to the best of my knowledge, mining will still be going on via transaction fees but no more new Bitcoins will be produced.
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    Guys check this out...

    Screenshot_20170203-023149.png-Genesis-mining Bitcoin Cloud Mining: How I Invested 500k|$1k To Earn 1.5k|$3 Daily 4 Life!

    See what someone invested here.
    He's making about $8 everyday!
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    Life time investment is the best, This is beautiful, knowing fully well that Bitcoin will continue to appreciate, its better than saving in Naira. Its like a life insurance.
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    Thank God you see the light here buddy.
    Hope you make your own decision soon!
    Am always available should it be positive
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    Thehelpers club is still paying guys. Get 30000 really fast with just 10000. The system pairs you almost immediately with 3 people who would send you 10000 really fast. You don't need any Referrals!!! Register now..