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DOGE Free Doge Mining And Faucet Claiming Of

Discussion in 'Altcoins' started by Jblastmp, Apr 4, 2018.

  1. Jblastmp

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    Hello guys
    It's @Jblastmp
    First I want to let you know that I do not post what I never tested and confirm paying. I tryout a program first. If it pays then I let people know about it.

    I got you a good mining deal
    My brothers and it's paying
    I have always been a fan of @Prezzy mining posts even though I never went in to mining as of then.
    I came across this Doge mining/ faucet claiming site from our Jackobian WhatsApp group and decided to create account since it's offering free hash and also allows me to claim free faucet for life.. I registered and got free mining power and also did some faucet claiming which one can claim upto (125doge) luckily in 1hour
    But you are sure if claiming 0.05doge every 1hour. The profit from the free Doge mining is about 2% daily which was about 1DHS earning 0.2doge daily. I decide to buy mining power
    Of 5001 dogecoin with a percentage earnings of 5.25% daily. Just in 24hours I have made a cashout of 335.59dogecoin
    out my transaction receipt
    Dogecoin Mining online. Received: 335.59 DOGE - Transaction Receipt (TXID): Earn Dogecoin
    Including my faucet claiming and free mining pool.. this is awesome
    Guys join me - Invest like rich

    In mining Dogecoin
    You can buy hash power of
    5000doge and
    It's a good thing because you can get 300doge for as low as $1
    And make 4.75% mining daily in 30days or you can buy higher since Doge price is low.

    Thanks guys
    Join me in mining Doge - Invest like rich
    Also received your free Doge and claim faucet every 1hour to earn more.
    Thanks guys is you brother @Jblastmp

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  3. Timmzy

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    Nice one sir
  4. gbolahan

    gbolahan GBOLAHAN Crypto Guardian

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    It is a pity that this kind of mining dont last
  5. Dilfgem

    Dilfgem Jackobian

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    @Jblastmp pls can you sell 1000 dogecoin for me because i also want to use it to invest in the site. Kindly drop your number so that i will contact you.