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Official Free $2.5 In Bitcoins Daily From Jackobian Officials To Jackobians!

Discussion in 'Jackobian News (Official)' started by Prezzy, Mar 14, 2017.

  1. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    Let's face the Fact guys... We want to reach more people with our community and we need your help doing so!

    Now, if you have sworn to be against Jackobian for whatever reason, then you should probably take your leave so we can discuss with the real Jackobians. Trust me, I know a number of people, maybe just one person anyway that love what we are doing but they don't just like us & we can't force anyone to like us right? So, keep the distance if you are such. This is a community of people and we want it to be people that share the same thing and really wanna be pat of it!

    So, what's this thread for?
    It's about Nigerians
    Specifically Jackobians
    The real Jackobians
    This thread is where we hope to make some funds available to Jackobians who wanna stand with us & carry us along both here in the forums and out there in the world.

    Let me break it down.

    Anyone could easily go to Facebook and Google to Purchase some advertisements for a community as this right? Sure, anyone can and people have been doing it but come on, basically everything about Jackobian is different and the way we want to advertise our website is equally different!

    We want to appreciate our members-> those who care enough to advertise Jackobian to their friends. We want to appreciate them for their work. It's as simple as that.

    I don't know about you but I think it makes sense. I can as well encourage you to invite your pals to come Reg and be part of us in so they can learn about different ways to earn some money online but seriously? How many people would do that and even those that do, well, they may get tired anyway and just stop but we want you to.

    -> Invite People
    -> Keep it up while we appreciate you for doing so!

    The plan is simple too.
    Here on, we are driven by a Vision { which you should learn about by clicking here NOW }. Many don't know it but we have barely managed to sail this website through months now, going offline a number of times, even crashing totally at a time and having to rebuild from what we have left. You can learn about the day we crashed and how we came back here => [link not found yet]

    Over time we have equally equipped our website with what it needs to support more Nigerians and others from other countries who are interested in belonging to a community that wants to grow and grow with her members too in the world of different things especially as it has to do with earning online!
    Until recently, we weren't operating on truly reliable machines. Thanks to our most recent upgrades, we have acquired enough stability to take our website to another level and we have two one question and two options...

    -> How do we Advertise our Community???
    1. Go with the Big guys @ Google & Facebook ads.
    2. Pay interested Jackobians to do this their own way.

    Well, the first one is cool but C'mon nothing beats the second one! To start with, our money isn't leaving the Nigerian borders yet which is a good thing abi? We aren't giving our money to Americans instead we are giving it back to Nigerians.

    there's absolutely no hatred involved here. Just what makes sense that a Nation in Recession should retain as much as it can whenever it can. Hopefully, able guys at the top will understand that better and assist us in the struggle.

    So, the little budget we have for this.. {Of course, we are Nigerian students like most of you and we don't have Millionaire sponsors nor do we really need the ones that don't truly care about us} .... We want to put it in the hands of Jackobians to do the job for us.

    Don't ask me, I don't know if it will work sha but it's no harm trying and I trust there are at least a handful of Jackobians who will do it freely and they deserve to be appreciated.

    So, Jackobians we need you to help us take our community to the next level and we don't just wanna fold our hands while you do that, we are going to appreciate your efforts in our own way! Trust me we are all going to enjoy this.

    How it Will Work!

    For a start, our Budget is $5 Daily. I know we are already breaking records of lowest budget ever by a forum but dude, if you give us $10,000 we won't reject o. Don't try to give us Ponzi money anyway, we won't accept either.

    So, $5 to 4 Jackobians Daily is the Plan!
    Daily, we will give out $5 to 4 Jackobians, and it wil split up like this.
    It's that simple. So, 4 people will be selected each day and 3 of them will receive $1 each... Then one of them will receive $2 & that's the person that did the most for the day.

    You are eligible to win everyday which means that you stand the chance of earning at most $60 in a month by our current budget! I don't know about you but I think it adds up to something nice. And you earn for promoting a community you belong to which is entirely in order and natural.

    Now the next question is...

    What's the Criteria for Winning?

    This part is important. Am confident we will be getting a lot of people who are interested in this. However, only those that made the most effort for the day will be chosen...
    Wait! Have you not heard.. We are incorruptible so we no dey look face. You can trust our judgment here on!
    About the criteria..

    1. You can advertise Anywhere - Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Telegram, name them.

    : Don't go spamming other forums else you'll get a quick ban.


    We don't count more than 3 platforms in a day else it won't look serious.

    Here's what I mean... It's better you focus on Facebook & whatsapp alone in a day to do some real advertisement than post our links in 100 places where Noone is willing to look at them. We are not ponzi scheme so we don't want to be a nuisance to other people.
    So, really good advertising in some specific platforms is better than randomly posted links in different places!

    3. Be True to Yourself
    If you are not a Jackobian or you don't wanna be part of the forum, you don't have to do this.
    Remember, this is for those that naturally want to help us grow and yes, we want to say thank you to them for being with us!

    So, don't post our link and run away, encourage people to click them for their own benefit & you can take some more time to explain somethings they might not be clear about and that'll score you a golden point!

    Here's what I mean...

    If people are arguing about a specific thing which you have seen on, simply drop the link for them there on whatsapp or anywhere and encourage them to check out the real thing and that is a Golden point!
    You are solving a problem for them and for us too so, that is the kind of thing you should focus on. Be true to yourself, is this something you are OK with?

    4. There will be bonus when we Can!
    As mentioned earlier, we have a tight advertising budget but from time to time, depending on what we can do at the moment and the participation of jackobians in this scheme, we can top up and appreciate some more people for their efforts for the day.

    5. Fear not, you AREN'T LOSING!
    Ask yourself, what exactly do I lose for telling someone, hey go check out Jackobian community if you wanna learn more about Bitcoins?

    You find out that you lose NOTHING! Actually whoever you are talking to might be indebted to you and it's our Job to make sure that's the case so, bro, sis, if you tell someone about Jackobian and we the money doesn't reach you or you don't get the highest point, YOU LOSE NOTHING. INSTEAD YOU GAINED!

    That said... Let's see the kind of thing you can advertise...

    Anything that's helpful to someone is acceptable. I already gave an example above.

    Basically, you can
    1. Just assist someone in solving a problem with


    2. Introduce them to!

    Any of these is acceptable.
    So, when next people ask you

    1. What is Bitcoin?
    Get the information you need to get started on Jackobian Bitcoin section @ =>

    2. Anyway I can Earn money as a Dealer in Bitcoins?
    Sure, it's simpler than you are thinking, here's the steps to get started:

    3. Any Information on Cryptocurrency I can invest in and how I can do that?
    Alright, I know some like Ethereum, Ethereum classic, DASH, Trumpcoin, Bellacoin and you can get full details by going to Jackobian Altcoins Seconds here =>

    Adverts like that will score you golden points! Don't try to fool us by initiating fake conversations though. It's not worth it brother and when you lose out, you'll be ashamed of yourself besides, if you do that, you aren't a Jackobian anyway, so why even bother?

    Other means of Scoring Golden Points

    If you wanna take it to another level, you can try these

    1. A Simple video about Jackobian Cryptocurrency or any other Section!
    That's a killer buddy. 1 minute video is enough. If there are 2 or more people in this category, we will consider other things!

    2. Write a simple blog Post
    Whether it's your blog or not, it's acceptable. If it's yours, that's even better and you score more points and POSSIBLY A LINK BACK FROM THIS PAGE TO HAIL YOU!

    3. and anything creative...

    You are welcome to do anything that's creative and you will definitely win something consistently.

    Presenting Your Campaign Efforts...

    Simple. Just

    1. grab a screenshot if it's on whatsapp, Telegram or Chat

    2. Screenshot or link if it's Facebook or Twitter

    3. Link if it's YouTube

    Any other means is acceptable provided all can see that you did something and judge for themselves whether or not it's good or not!

    So, what time will we be giving out the Prizes?

    All contestants should start submitting their proof
    Anything before or after will be ignored.
    Yes, it's daily but don't submit the same thing twice! You'll lose your Jackobian account.

    Who's Eligible to Contest?

    Well, as long as you are a Jackobian and you don't have the "ROOKIE!!!" Tag, this is for you!
    Here's what the Rookie status looks like..

    Screenshot_2017-03-14-15-59-18-picsay.png-Free $2.5 In Bitcoins Daily From Jackobian Officials To Jackobians!

    If you are a Rookie, wake up! Participate in the discussion and you'll stop being a damn Rookie!

    It's easy to stop being a Rookie once you are active in the forums.

    To stop being a rookie, just participate in the discussions, send some messages, like some post, show some love and you'll stop being one!

    If you spam, you'll lose your account and it will die as a rookie on That's really nasty especially.

    Am tired of typing and I think we are ready!

    Don't forget, it starts today and it's every blessed day! Don't worry, each day is a blessing on so you'll be eligible to participate each day.

    Less than 2 hours to go... Start sharing and winning!


    We have started another program to enable Jackobians earn free Bitcoins.

    Difference Between this and Crypto Rap

    1. While this one enables you to earn by promoting Jackobian,

    2. The new program enables you to earn by learning and participating in Bitcoin educational chats which we started yesterday and it's called Crypto Rap

    To start earning while learning with Crypto Rap, please go here => Crypto Rap - The Genesis: Cryptos Gone Mad + Free Bitcoin With Prezzy!

    In summary guys, it's still all about the same thing.

    The Implication for this Program?

    We are taking half of the budgeted money for this program and putting it in the Crypto RAP program!
    Hence this is no longer $5 but $2.5

    All the allocations will be halved alongside so instead of $2, it's now $1 and so on.

    To start earning while learning with Crypto Rap, please go here => Crypto Rap - The Genesis: Cryptos Gone Mad + Free Bitcoin With Prezzy!
    Last edited: May 8, 2017
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  3. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    How you get Paid!

    This is the interesting part.
    You get paid in Bitcoins! Phew!!!

    $1 in Bitcoins and if you are wondering what you can use it for, I'll suggest something for in...

    I shared this yesterday ...


    Meanwhile, these cryptos which have been dancing around since morning all seem to be tired of the wild dance and are resting now... So, I wanna share with you some cryptocurrencies that you can invest in starting from just $1

    I'll tell you something, I love these $1 investments because anyone, I repeat, anyone can get started with them. It's unlike those ones that require hundreds of dollars like the present Dash which is valued @ $76.

    That said... The coins I will suggest for you include

    1. Dogecoin
    Just valued at $0.000250

    2. Golem

    Valued at $0.025302
    We already have a thread for Golem here on You can check it out here => Golem Cryptocurrency Investment Discussion! Rent Out Your Pc Resources & Get Paid!
    The thread is where I explained the Golem coin and how you can invest in it.

    How will this Investment Help? It's just a Dollar

    First of all, it's for celebration of Chelsea's win over Manchester United today in my own little crypt-ic way...

    Again, you can purchase 4000 Dogecoins with $1 which can amount to something really good in the future!

    You can purchase about the same 400 Golem with $1 too and yes, golem is really good!

    That said...
    Let's get started... Who wants to invest in crypto tonight for free?
  4. Kenny

    Kenny GrandMaster

    Jackobian Is Ready To Be The Biggest In Africa...Nice Movement I Just Hope It Wont Pause.
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  5. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    I hope it increases everyday!
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  6. Greatman

    Greatman Leader Mod

    You are doing great @Prezzy, hoping to see it going on for long time.
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  7. Jayne

    Jayne Jackobian

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  8. abraham758

    abraham758 Jackobian

    It's cool mehn
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  9. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    Thanks buddy. Point is.... Many people think it's a joke.

    It looks like ponzi but please this is no ponzi! Nobody is giving us money to give anybody... From our advertising budget. Don't mistaken it.
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  10. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    Hope you will be one of our first winners bro.
  11. abraham758

    abraham758 Jackobian

    Yeah bro I wish I'll
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  12. its great wish `we see it as it is
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  13. donsilas

    donsilas GrandMaster

    What proof are we to upload
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  14. abraham758

    abraham758 Jackobian

    And I like it like that
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  15. Joooh

    Joooh Upcoming

    Interesting...but one major fact I've noticed is most people I've directed to this site one way or the other see reasons to term it as just a platform where ponzi schemes and websites are advertised because that seems to be the major stuff they see on the homepage...
    Point is let's try to encourage other aspects of life, "money" first of course, seconded by every other direct or indirect means of succeeding in life
  16. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    I already explained that above bro.
  17. donsilas

    donsilas GrandMaster

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  18. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    you have a point... Jackobian respects Ponzi much because it's how we got into the money making world.
    Most of our members are still interested in that so, it's MORALLY wrong to tell them we are done with them.

    Hence, we aim to present it in a way everyone will be happy which is of priority here in Jackobian!

    You can see our plans and how they are being effected here =>
    Official - Managing Ponzi To Support Growth & Development On Jackobian

    People are beginning to see the truth and making necessary adjustments. It's a gradual one and we are willing to endure for fellow Jackobians to catch up!
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  19. viviannazi

    viviannazi Active

    Nice talk
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  20. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    It's alright started bro. As a matter of fact, it ends by 11pm.

  21. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    Welcome back bro!!!
    Wonder how you managed without saying hi to your homies all these while... Good to see you 4 real though
  22. Joooh

    Joooh Upcoming

    Yea, I do understand sha
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  23. Joooh

    Joooh Upcoming

    Just wait for me fess...I need those $2 series oo:rolleyes:
  24. Joooh

    Joooh Upcoming

    Sorry...@Prezzy please where are we suppose to post the proofs?
  25. abraham758

    abraham758 Jackobian

    Yeah bro I give one kudos
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  26. Chukwuemeka Kelvin

    Chukwuemeka Kelvin Rookie!!!

    I can see some cash; I mean foreign currencies.... Lol
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  27. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    Am glad you do... One step @ a time buddy.

    We won't get there in a day else we will miss all fun!
  28. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    What you see is Bitcoins bro. Not necessarily foreign currency.. It just adopts the dollar but you can equally express it in naira
  29. Authority

    Authority Well Known

    What if they create a fake conversation
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  30. donsilas

    donsilas GrandMaster

    Can we promote Jackobian on PTC site?
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  31. Onlyone

    Onlyone Jackobian

    nice nice nice but am ''a damn Rookie! '' so I have to set back till I'm ''Eligible'' o yes I made someone sign up for Jackobian today this was b4 I even came online nw n read this post but hey am still a Rookie though so am cool. :);)
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