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Hot For Ladies: Do These Things & He Will Love You More!

Discussion in 'Love and Romance' started by Prezzy, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. Prezzy

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    Alright. First of all, am not your go to guy for relationship issues but this one actually caught my attention so I wanna share it with you. I hope it helps!

    Need some more love from your Guy? Why not show some more love by these Means

    1. Make him feel appreciated

    Screenshot_2017-10-12-17-30-16.png-For Ladies: Do These Things & He Will Love You More!

    Always be thankful to your guy for a great night out at the restaurant. Reward him with your smile or kiss so he knows you appreciate what he does for you. But don’t overdo!

    Make him feel independent.

    Yes, this is hard when you are official. But it doesn’t mean you have to leave him alone, get jealous and suffer sooner or later. Just remember that men guys need their own space for seeing friends and doing their own “man stuff” that we girls are completely clueless about.
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  3. Prezzy

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    Make an effort.

    Let your man know you are trying hard enough to look your best for him. Put some makeup on and choose your outfit wisely before you meet each other.{filename}-For Ladies: Do These Things & He Will Love You More!
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    There are more tips! But I'll use @D-termined style. We need comments to unlock them o. Lols.

    Just one preferably from a lady.
    Who will bail us?
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    I don't think we have ladies here again, the type of ladies we have here are ponzi ladies..

    I will see if someone will challenge me that she is not for the ponzi type.
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