Flybytoken Is A Blockchain-based Coin That Allows You To Book Flights, Hotels And Trips With A Singl

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    FlybyToken is a blockchain-based coin that allows you to book flights, hotels and trips with a single blockchain payment.
    Humans have been travelling as far as our science can calculate, trough time the way we travel has changed dramatically. These changes has pros and cons, pros are we can fly to the other side of the world in barely 13 hours, it’s cheaper and more accessible for the people. One of the cons of modern day travelling is the way flights have to be booked and hotels have to be reserved..

    We from the FlybyToken Team invented a token which makes all these things easier. Our token, based on the ERC-20 Ethereum platform will ideally be used in hotels on popular holiday destinations. Also our goal is to implement the token into payments of Travel Agencies. When these steps have been made we will start the alliance with Airlines, recent updates in Aviation have made in-air creditcard payments possible.

    Our ultimate mission in a few years’ time is to have a high value coin in a accessible smarthphone / windows / mac wallet ready to pay for your flight, hotel and on location activities.

    Title : FlybyToken ICO
    Price : 0.05 USD
    Supply : 20 Million
    Ticker : FBTN
    Payment methods : BTC / ETH
    Token sale : 18th June to 12th July

    Telegram : FlybyToken Community
    website :

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