Face Of The World Organisation Invests In Girl Rising Through Miss Nations

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    Educating girls can break the cycle of poverty in just one generation.

    Face of the World Organisation understand that for the future growth of a society, education is very essential it is because of this that Face of the World Organisation invest in Girl Rising through Miss Nations.

    Miss Nations is a Beauty Pageant with a mission, ‘Education to Voiceless Children’, She will be an Advocate of Reformed Education. It is a talent, educative and informative based competition.
    Around the world, local leaders have culturally-relevant ideas to improve learning and retention particularly for girls, but often don’t have access to needed funding and support.

    Social entrepreneurs need multi-disciplinary support, including how to tell their stories of impact.
    Miss Nations would combine experience in funding and improving quality education programs with Girl Rising’s storytelling and mass media expertise to disrupt philanthropy and fund what works.

    Miss Nations’ aim is to promoting gender equality and improving education quality for girls

    Find out more on Face of the World Organisation at our Website @fowworld.org

    Face of the World Organisation …inspiring Excellence!

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