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Hot Ere's How Much Kingtblakhoc, Is Paying His New P*rn Actress Chyzum Hills

Discussion in 'Celebrities Gossip' started by A-styl, Aug 13, 2017.

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  1. A-styl

    A-styl Upcoming Mod

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    So yesterday, Nigerian porn king, Kingtblakhoc's new recruit Chisom Ugwu, whose Facebook name Chyzum Hills made a video telling Nigerians to let her be after she was spotted on the Porn King's Instagram channel.

    According to insiders, Chyzum Hills who declared herself a Porn Star, will be paid N80,000 on a weekly basis, for appearing Unclad on Kingtblakhoc's Premium snapchat, feature in his porn movies and promote HOC lifetsyle brand.

    Chyzum Hills who only holds a WAEC certificate, is from Ngwo, Enugu State and is hoping to gain admission into Federal Polytechnic, Nekede.

    Chyzum, who says Boobs Queen, Roman Goddess is her role model, further wrote;

    “The type of lifestyle I live ,its my business,
    So whenever u hear am this and DAT just keep liking”

    {filename}-Ere's How Much Kingtblakhoc, Is Paying His New P*rn Actress Chyzum Hills
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  3. ohamng

    ohamng Jackobian

    If the govt should stop them now, you will see how their number will be escalating. May God save us.
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  4. Prezzy

    Prezzy GrandMaster Protector

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    I guess he's helping the government anyway by reducing unemployment?

    She can now go to school and take care of other things right?

    I guess Nigeria is better as one person has been employed.

    How many will be lost cos of her?
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  5. James Nille

    James Nille Leader Mod

    Instead of her to do something meaningful.. Like selling akara...

    See her face like urggg................... :struggle:
  6. Kongasir

    Kongasir Upcoming

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    :lol::lol:Funny comment
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  7. Kongasir

    Kongasir Upcoming

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    Wetin concern me S4::
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