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ICO Enkronos Blockchain For Solving Marketing Promotion Issues

Discussion in 'Altcoins' started by zedzed, Nov 25, 2018.

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    EnKronos is reffered to as blockchain based crypto platform created to provide business organizations with the most efficient way of communicating and engaging with the audience. Enkronos platform has different numbers of applications which provide a unique way of communicating and engaging with others and therefore forms an ecosystem where retailers can advertise their new marketing produce fast. Every complex solution distributed by the developers gives a brand new solution to a different issue. Enkrnos platform is crafted to bring solution to enormous issues enticing business back from intriguing with the targeted customers.

    The Enkronos project was developed most importantly for producers, agritech, public sector, construction sector, automotive, security, energy, health, wearables, public sector civic groups and associations, developers, tech companies and start-ups and so on.. Majority of industries will be benefited from Enkronos platform. Those industries include healthcare, retail, financial water management, waste management, smart city, defence, construction sector and automotive.


    Enkronos platform did it's activities by providing an extensive range of applications that are linked together to provide marketing and promotion solutions.Enkronos applications are crafted to target different sectors which include healthcare service providers, financial services, manufacturers, security solution providers, public sector agencies and other sectors. As a user on the platform, you have easy access and can manage all the data resources on the platform as the data is available publicly on EnKronos Platform. Every data gathered on the platform is distributed within the ecosystem.

    The Enkronos platform is here to bring about solution to the following:- and Ico Enkronos

    Universal billing system

    Centralized user database

    Multiple contest creation channels


    Digital ticketing and distribution of passes

    Internet of Things wide area sensor tracking

    E-voting and E-democracy

    Location tracking

    Gaming platform

    Augmented reality

    E-commerce and management solutions.

    Enkronos application are available on Android device, cloud, iOS and Google application so that members can have easy access and select which ever means to access the platform. Marketing and promotions will be available in a more effective ways to users or members in order to fulfill the marketing needs of their business.


    The Enkronos Token symbol is ENK Token and it's as functional as other cryptocurrency and it's also powered by blockchain technology (Platform) with the security properly secured. The platform is also providing ASVS level 3 of security and only few platforms offer this type of security. The users assets and data will be properly and completely secured on their nodes.

    Token ENK coins can be utilize for varieties of demands or things. ENK Token will be use to pay for services at any time users or members used the platform for activities and all transactions will be in ENK Tokens.The Token is based on Ethereum blockchain smart contract and every deal and activities created or done on this platform will be made on or via smart contract. This assist in providing transparency and trust between members. Individuals won't be able to do any activities on the system without the ENK Token.

    For more on ENKRONOS, please visit..

    Website: Ico Enkronos


    Telegram: Enkronos

    Twitter: enkronos (@enkronos) | Twitter

    Bounty0x username: zedzed2

    ETH wallet address:
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