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    Evening Guys,


    IMG_20180603_204032_633.JPG-Ecomi: The Secure Digital Economic Ecosystem

    The ECOMI Ecosystem is a secure digital economic ecosystem supported by Ecomi Technology Pte. Ltd.. ECOMI aims to bring blockchain technology to the mainstream in one user-friendly platform. It offers the many benefits of decentralization, privacy, and control in the palm of your hands, made possible with our Secure Wallet and ECOMI One cards. At the core of ECOMI is a desire to create a range of usable and functional products, which will be achieved using a mixture of existing technologies,proprietary tools, and numerous standing partnerships.ECOMI aims to address current security issues associated with the use of applications developed on blockchains and cryptocurrency, through the Secure Wallet, and ECOMI One (physical hardware). If private keys are not stored offline, they are potentially exposed to greater risks. Since the beginning of
    cryptocurrency, billions of dollars have been lost to hackers and theft, and the most secure and practical solution thus far is to store your cryptocurrency / private keys, and decentralized applications (DApps) access on an offline device, such as a cold-storage hardware wallet.

    The economic aspect of the ECOMI Ecosystem consists of creating a digital finance management platform allowing users to spend fiat, cryptocurrencies, and OMI Tokens (the native ECOMI Ecosystem token), anywhere around the world. The 2nd generation of the Secure Wallet, the ECOMI One, aims to offer P2P exchange of digital assets, lower transaction costs, increased speed of payment, and
    overcome international payment boundaries.


    The emergence of blockchain technology and digital assets has enabled exciting and innovative new business models, and has the potential to solve long-standing problems. However, it also provides malicious actors with opportunities to compromise security, exploit private keys, and steal digital assets. Currently there are inadequate ways to conveniently secure, store and interact with crypto-currencies and digital assets.


    ECOMI is a digital assets ecosystem and economy supported and operated by ORBIS Blockchain Technologies Ltd. ECOMI delivers the benefits of decentralization,
    ownership, privacy and control to the mainstream via a user friendly solution that combines the ECOMI Secure Wallet and ECOMI One cards with a mobile app, to enable users to securely store and interact with crypto-currencies, digital assets and data. Developers will be able to leverage the ECOMI platform to create Dapps that contribute to a digital security ecosystem.


    IMG_20180603_205541_705.JPG-Ecomi: The Secure Digital Economic Ecosystem

    Vertical integration and hardware IP. ECOMI has secured ownership in the hardware wallet manufacturing company, ensuring exclusive access to the Intellectual Property that underpins The Secure Wallet technology needed for the ECOMI ecosystem. True mobile cold storage wallet. Unlike currently available hardware wallets, The Secure Wallet never connects directly to the internet, thus eliminating the risk of malicious attack from cyber criminals. In addition, the Secure Wallet is wireless and ultra-portable and does not need a laptop or USB to be used. Licensing Licensing industry IP and knowledge. The ECOMI CEO and selected advisory board members have decades of experience in both the licensing and gaming industries, giving access to some of the world’s top collectable brands, as well as deep
    knowledge of licensing monetization and business models.

    Seed funding raised of $750,000 has been raised, and in Q2 2018 a Token Generating Event is planned to raise
    $45,000,000 which will be used to launch Secure Wallet and ONE card, and develop the ECOMI ecosystem including Vault, Collect and the the ECOMI developer platform.


    Secure Wallet is a hardware device, which will be sold via a direct-to-consumer e-commerce website, and extensive physical retail distribution. ECOMI Vault will be sold with a service subscription model. ECOMI Collect will generate revenue via high margin revenue sharing relationships with the license owners, and transaction fees via trading in its app-based marketplace


    IMG_20180603_210136_479.JPG-Ecomi: The Secure Digital Economic Ecosystem

    Seed funding raised of $750,000 has been raised, and in Q2 2018 a Token Generating Event is planned to raise $45,000,000 which will be used to launch Secure Wallet and ONE card, and develop the ECOMI ecosystem including Vault, Collect and the the ECOMI developer platform.


    IMG_20180603_204554_508.JPG-Ecomi: The Secure Digital Economic Ecosystem

    At the heart of the ECOMI Ecosystem will be the ECOMI App, where our users will be able to access all ECOMI services and features from one central location.Initially, ECOMI intends to obtain the necessary licensing rights to develop apps and create guidelines for development within the ECOMI Ecosystem. Soon after, the ECOMI Ecosystem will be open to any developer who wishes to either build an app the community has voted for, or to create an app of his or her own.Users can access the products and services within the ECOMI Ecosystem using the ECOMI desktop and mobile apps,as well as browser extensions for certain features.


    IMG_20180603_205919_283.JPG-Ecomi: The Secure Digital Economic Ecosystem

    The OMI Token may be utilized in a variety of ways. To begin, the OMI Token will be used for application access in the ECOMI Ecosystem in the form of staking - A certain number of tokens will be required on the address (private key) associated with the DApp being used. For example, in the proposed ECOMI Vault system, after the user has created an account, and has an associated address (private key) within the ECOMI App, to access and use the decentralized storage they will have the option to ‘stake’ OMI tokens, which is to place funds in the address (private key) to gain access to the services. If the tokens were moved out of the address, the user would need to use another payment method, such as fiat or cryptocurrencies, to continue using the service. This staking function, along with fiat and cryptocurrency payment, will be an option on all ECOMI services.

    The preference here is to stake your tokens in your address associated with the DApp and have access to all features, essentially free of ongoing costs. It’s as simple as holding the minimum number of tokens in your associated address within the DApp, to ensure you will always have free access. Staking will be available on ECOMI Vault, ECOMI Collect, and all future DApps.


    IMG_20180603_205350_289.JPG-Ecomi: The Secure Digital Economic Ecosystem

    ECOMI intends to run a Token Generation Event (TGE) to develop the wider ECOMI Ecosystem. ECOMI will sell approximately 500,000,000 OMI Tokens (OMI) during the TGE. It is envisioned that the sale of these tokens will both raise funds for the ECOMI long-term initiatives, and secondly, raise awareness and support for the ECOMI Ecosystem. The purchase of tokens during the TGE allows purchasers to obtain OMI tokens at a fixed price. In future, users who have no tokens will have to buy OMI tokens from existing token holders in order to use products and services in the ECOMI Ecosystem.


    • $1m Additional cryptocurrencies support for Secure Wallet
    • $5m Development of ECOMI App
    • $10m Development of ECOMI Collect & IP licenses
    • $15m Development of ECOMI One
    • $20m Development of ECOMI Vault & additional IP licenses
    • $45m Long term initiative and expand operations


    ● Proposed Start Date: 15th April 2018 (00:00 NZDT)
    ● End Date: 31st May 2018 (00:00 NZDT) or upon sale of 137,500,000 OMI tokens, whichever is earlier
    ● Proposed Start Date: 30th June 2018 (00:00 NZDT)
    ● End Date: upon sale of 500,000,000 OMI tokens, or upon hitting the hard cap ($44,625,000)
    It is planned that Token distribution will commence within 7 days of the End Date of the Crowd Sale, unless
    otherwise governed by vesting periods.


    Website ECOMI - Licensed Crypto-Collectables, Wireless Wallet...

    Telegram Ecomi

    Twitter Ecomi (@ecomi_) | Twitter

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    YouTube ECOMI

    LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/18487439

    Bitcointalk [ANN] ECOMI Secure Bluetooth Hardware WalletDigital Collectibles +Payments

    Medium ECOMI – Medium

    Whitepaper ECOMI Whitepaper.pdf

    Lightpaper ECOMI-Lightpaper.pdf
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