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    It is not a new thing that gaming industry are looking forward to start using blockchain to improve their services.Cryptocurrency are used in gaming to reward players and to bet,players can get paid for playing video games and it will help to improve the growth of gaming industry.

    Droxne is a game developer that reward gamers for playing games produce and developed by DROXNE company. The currency issue is DRXNE,it uses proof of stake algorithm for minting of its currency in which every staker will earn 40% yearly.

    The purpose of this currency is to advertise the product of this company to gamers and build support from people.

    Coin specifications
    Algorithm: proof of stake
    Block time:120sec
    Yearly interest: 40%
    Block size:8MB

    DROXNE (DRXNE) price, charts, market cap, and other metrics | CoinMarketCap IMG_20170914_115202_751.jpg-Droxne - Gaming And Gambling Platform For Blockchain Platform IMG_20170914_115148_904.jpg-Droxne - Gaming And Gambling Platform For Blockchain Platform IMG_20170914_115133_182.jpg-Droxne - Gaming And Gambling Platform For Blockchain Platform
    My thought
    This coin looks promising and worth investing,it has a good plan for gamer and game is good for long term investment
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    Still on the rise now