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Die Hard Survival - How To Make Money With Bitcoins During Price|value Crash

Discussion in 'Make Money Online' started by Prezzy, Mar 6, 2017.

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    Haven traded Bitcoins for a while now, permit me to share with you something that has really been working for me which I think you should at least know about.

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    I call it the Die Hard Survival Methods of trading. Now, you have to forgvie me, am not so great at giving names to things but the important thing is that you get the message am trying to pass across here.
    So, let's jump in.

    The Fair Day Trade

    Yeah, this is the normal trading situation. Bitcoin is more of less stable and you buy and sell and pocket your gains. It's easy and it's even enjoyable.
    The mathematics here is to buy @ lowest possible price and sell @ highest possible price.

    When the going starts getting tough

    It is never always like the case I described above. The price of Bitcoin as well as its values will always be dancing around and you don't wanna be caught off guard.
    But, again, you can't always control it! You will still be caught from time to time. And this is when you need my method... "THE Die Hard Survival Method".

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    What Happens when Bitcoin Value starts dropping or price starts dropping?

    Each of these case is a nightmare for the Bitcoin dealer but it's got a solution and a simple one for me.
    But first, let's see what happens when any of these happens.

    1. Price drops
    You can't just sell off all your Bitcoins and make good gains if any.
    2. Value drops
    You have much less Bitcoins to sell at the price which you have set it before. Upping your price may drive your customers away and stopping sales in order to wait for bitcoin to rise again is about the worst decision you can make and you know it.
    Now, what can you do?

    Apply the Die Hard Survival Method Here

    Yeah. This will definitely help you. How does it work?

    First of all, you need to NOT invest all your money in buying Bitcoins during the normal day.
    Now, you might wanna clutch this one tight and not let it go into Bitcoin that's not doing well and let me tell you... "that's what other traders out there are doing" almost all of them are saving their naira and rushing to sell of their Bitcoins but that's not how you'll win in this situation.

    Instead, do this..

    When any of those unfavorable things happens, simply

    1. Drop your BUYING price drastically [as low as possible] and
    2. Keep buying at regular Intervals until you exhaust your money.

    Here's why this Works.

    1. People will want to sell

    Yes, they don't mind that little loss because they forsee a much bigger one. So they will want to sell off!
    Price will crash and it will keep crashing. Don't worry, it's your time!

    2. You can buy @ almost any Price if you are exposed Enough

    By exposed, I mean being able to get people that wanna sell. If you are in a situation where you can easily get sellers, then you can always price so low that you are sure almost no one will be willing but in the end, some people will sell still because they are scared.

    3. The Price won't drop Forever

    Yes, this is ONE OF THE REASONS why you are buying actually. You know that the price of Bitcoins will still come up at some point and you wanna have some very cheap Bitcoins to sell at good prices by then.

    4. People are still going to be Buying!

    No matter what, some people out there either due to ignorance or for same purposes as you may want buy Bitcoins. You just have to be available for them where they are looking for people like you.

    YEAH, this is it. This is just it. If you understand this point then, I'll be happy and am happy because I know you will understand it.

    Here's the math.
    Assuming you bought $100 @ 500

    Now the price is crashing, you buy another $100 @ 400, you don't need to sell above 500 to make gains anymore. You can comfortably sell @ 420 & still make good gains. Yeah, you are making gains while others are lamenting.

    Now, the important thing here is that.

    1. You place yourself in a situation where you can get very cheap deals from sellers
    2. You can also sell to some people who really need it!

    It's that simple. You don't stop buying and you don't stop selling either. If you just stop buying, your coin is going to keep falling in value and price won't be good either.

    Instead, keep buying and your overall selling price will keep dropping IF AND ONLY IF YOU BUY AT EXTREMELY CHEAP PRICES WHICH IS VERY EASY IN THIS PERIOD DEPENDING ON YOUR "POSITIONING"!

    You may not Succeed but the chance of that is very Slim
    ... Yeah,
    just like in everything else, there is still a chance that this won't always work for you but it's most definitely going to work if you do it right.


    So that's what I chose to call the Die Hard survival method and it has been proven to work by me.

    Thanks for reading and... Just say thanks if you appreciate the post below.

    If you wanna start selling Bitcoins, please read this => How To Buy | Sell Bitcoins In Nigeria - 4 Websites For Btc Dealers
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    Prezzy you have been talking about bitcoin dropping, Abeg tell us what is happening o. I plan to buy 50 dollars worth of bitcoin, but your post dey fear me ooo
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  4. Joooh

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    Hmmn. I'm not the Bitcoin fan but I was getting interested...
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  5. Prezzy

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  6. kessyboy

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    Very correct... I love this ...
    Never knew you had written this post before..
    i was afraid before and i know alot of people who are also afraid..but i now know better
    can we then say You are the man who saw August 1st..Lolz
    Prophet @Prezzy
    @gbolahan @Chime @Emma24 @Oyekanmireadone what do you guys think
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  7. Prezzy

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    I bought some more today. I'll flip them into altcoins and ex back to Bitcoin when needed.

    Bitcoin drop should not scare people anymore. You lose money when you get scared!
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  8. kessyboy

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    When you flip tem to alycoins...
    are they really safe with the exchanges?
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    this should be deleted ASAP.. OP wat are you waiting for?
  11. Chime

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    No need to be scared. Please, don not panic.
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