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    Another day of inheritance on Bitcoin. It may be a sign that you should start preparing to buy before large increases.
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    A recent news about the 33% reduction in Ethereum’s production has sparked waves in the bear market. Ethereum price has also fluctuated due to the spread of this news — rumors — clarification.

    What is this news?

    The message is summed up in one sentence: ‘The Ethereum agreement will carry out the upgrade of Constantinople at a block height of 4.200000.’

    The specific performance is as follows: “At that time, the reward for generating new blocks will be reduced from the original 3 ETHs to 2 ETHs (33% reduction).

    Is this a false news?

    There are quite a few self-medias in order to log traffic, and they rushed to the table in the first time, saying that this is a false news. The evidence is — in the Etherscan we can clearly see that the block height has reached more than 6.4 million, far exceeding the height of the 4200000 block, so they mistakenly believe that this fork will only be carried out on a test chain in Ethereum. Regardless of the main chain, it has no effect on ETH and even the big market.

    Although the 4200000 here does refer to the block height in the Ethereum test network, the significance of the Ethereum test network is to test the feasibility of various improvement measures. The block height may be lower or higher due to different test chain startup time, etc. For example, the main network has reached more than 6.4 million blocks, and the test network has reached more than 420 million.

    The fork of this test network is actually testing the feasibility of the Ethereum network from PoW to PoS.

    This means that if the fork in the test network does improve efficiency, reduce cost and energy consumption, and facilitates a smooth transition from PoW to PoS in the Ethereum network, the fork will be applied to the main network. The test will last for 3 weeks and is expected to be completed in early November.

    Ethereum coin has delayed the upgrade, from the delay to the fourth stage POS, to the scalability problem that has been unable to solve. Is it because the bear market is too long and there is no motivation to do things, for fear that this good will not be able to excite the currency? However, if the delay is too long, when the expected value is exhausted, other public chains have already caught up, and the Ethereum market crisis really comes. After all, all the technological developments are not going forward.

    Ethereum Info

    Ethereum price today is $225.40 on October 8, 2018, increasing 0.66%.
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    Although the lightning network did not exist when Bitcoin currency was introduced in 2009, Lee believes it can help Bitcoin move in the right direction: a completely decentralized peer-to-peer payment network.

    From a technical point of view, Lightning Network is a ‘two-tier’ payment protocol based on blockchain operation, used for chain settlement transactions. With the lightning network, there is no need to worry about the confirmation time on the chain is too long, effectively solving the bottleneck problem of the blockchain — realizing the instant processing of the transaction and accelerating the blockchain confirmation time.

    A development team at Lightning Networks said the technology ‘can achieve millions to billions of transactions per second in the network,’ and properly took out several streets of traditional payment methods.

    Lee’s first tweet says:

    Bitcoin and Litecoin LTC payments on the chain are not point-to-point. The sender’s transaction begins with the miner and records it on the distributed ledger. The recipient will receive the funds only after the record is completed. But this process is done through a peer-to-peer network where transactions are broadcast.

    Lee pointed out the difference between the two different transfer methods, and he believes that the broadcast process improves the certainty of individual transfers.

    He said in the second tweet:

    This broadcast network is peer-to-peer, but in a strict sense, payments are not point-to-point. The sender of the transaction can ignore this peer-to-peer network and send the transaction directly by communicating with the miner. The sender does not need to communicate with the receiver in any peer-to-peer manner!

    Lee explains the ease of communication between the sender of the transaction and the miner. He believes that there is another option to trade without the sender’s intervention:

    This is actually a good thing because the recipient does not need to stay online and receive the transaction. Ironically, the chain payment is very close to the hubandspoke model, where the pool is the center and users only need to connect to these centers to send transactions.

    He went on to mention that the lightning network is truly based on a peer-to-peer network:

    Lightning network payments are point-to-point payments, and such payments are sometimes point-to-point, sometimes indirect. Lightning network payments need to be sent from one point to another in order to reach the recipient from the sender. Both parties must be online, just like a peer-to-peer network like BitTorrent.

    In Lee’s view, lightning network payments do not need to rely on third parties to complete:

    Because lightning network payments are point-to-point, they work even if the peers disconnect from the network. The sender can even send a transaction to the recipient by directly establishing a connection, without relying on any other third party at all.

    Finally, Lee concludes that Bitcoin with lightning network is more in line with Nakamoto’s vision: a peer-to-peer electronic cash system.

    Latest Info

    Bitcoin price is $6645.07 on October 9, 2018, increasing 0.88%. Litecoin priceis $59.10 on October 9, 2018, increasing 2.34%.
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    I believe many people know Bitcoin, one cryptocurrency. It has been very hot in the market recently. Last year, Bitcoin was hot, and many people became rich. After that, cryptocurrency received widespread attention. The Litecoin is developed by Bitcoin’s revelation, they have the same principle. They adopt the same principle in technology. Unlike Bitcoin, which is a virtual currency, it is a decoding of a unique program, while Litecoin LTC is a kind of Peer-to-peer online currency, which is mainly used to help customers pay in time to anyone in the world. He is also an open source software project under the MIT/X11 license.

    The production of Litecoin requires ‘miner mining’, which is hashed by computer graphics card. If the value of ‘burst’ is calculated, the system will reward 50 Litecoins at a time, but for now, Litecoin The computing power has grown very fast, and it has reached the point where it is difficult to dig into the mine. Generally speaking, the miners have been unable to dig the mine through several computers, so they need to join the mine pool. The pool collects all the calculation power. ‘The probability will be slightly larger.

    At present, there are many well-known mining pools, among which the fish pond (F2POOL) is most supported by the majority of miners, because he recently launched the Wright currency theory income + mine subsidy 10% = your actual income.

    Many people may ask how this cryptocurrency is traded. For now, Litecoin can be used to exchange Bitcoin. To know that the market price of Bitcoin is very high, many people now choose online trading platforms. But Bitcoin transactions are irreversible, which means you will be exposed to a refund risk, such as a credit card transaction. As of now, a Litecoin is worth about $3.97 or 0.028 Bitcoin. This makes Litecoin market cap up to approximately $35,000,000.

    Since Litecoin is a peer-to-peer network similar to Bitcoin, the distribution rate of Litecoin is in a proportional series, halving every four years (every 840,000 blocks), eventually reaching a total of 84 million LTCs. But the Litecoin is more expensive than the sha256 used by Bitcoin. Because of the memory-intensive nature of Scrypt, Litecoin is more suitable for ‘mining’ with a GPU. FPGA and ASICimplemented for Scrypt.

    There are so many types of digital virtual currency. French Finance Network and Venture Capital Post said that there are currently at least 60 virtual currencies traded. According to the report of Forbes, Bitcoin currency ranks first in the market value and unit price. The ‘Lianliana’ is a Litecoin designed by former Google programmer Charlie Lee.

    Litecoin Info

    Litecoin price today is $57.61, decreasing 2.66%.
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    Here is some NEO history news:

    NEO name service starts real-time bidding today

    According to unhashed news, NEO’s Name Service has started to serve. Users can now bid on domain names ending in .NEO. These names can be used to create custom wallet addresses, email addresses, smart contract hashes, and more. The current bidding process is described as ‘mining’ and users who successfully bid for NEO domain names will receive many NNC tokens as rewards. The mining phase will last for two weeks and will end on October 23.

    Da Hongfei: Many NEO currency holders are not in China

    At the CoinDesk Consensus Conference in Singapore today, the founder of NEO&Onchain, Da Hongfei, said that after ICO, we paid attention to the practical application of NEO, such as the application of games, and hope that NEO can be more used in commercial and commercial exchanges in the future. The ability to use NEO’s contracts more and more is currently looking for a balance between technology and the underlying network. The decision to combine PKI with the network is because NEO needs an ‘identity’ to support business applications. Many NEO holders are not in China.

    NEO to open new office in Trust Square, Zurich, Switzerland

    According to NEO officials, NEO Global Development (NGD) will open a new office in Trust Square, Zurich, Switzerland. NEO price is $16.16 , a decrease of 10.09%.

    DigiFinex Exchange opens ‘NEO Global First Trading Ranking’ on September 12th, 2018

    According to the official announcement of the DigiFinex exchange, the week-long “NEO Global First Trading Competition, Win 1000 NEO” event will be held from 10:00 to 19:00 on October 30th. Users with the top 20 NEO transactions and a total transaction volume of more than 1500

    NEOs can be divided into 590 NEO awards

    DigiFinex also opened the candy box activity simultaneously, and the locked NEO won the GAS reward (the number of locked positions *0.3%). Each uid can receive up to 10 GAS rewards on a first-come-first-served basis, with a total of 850 GAS (about 310 NEOs). In addition, DigiFinex will open the NEO trading area and support the NEO blockchain development.

    NEO main network introduces CGAS to map GAS in contracts

    According to Ambcrypto, the NEO main network has introduced CGAS to map GAS. According to NEO Smart Economy, digital assets include global assets (NEO and GAS) and contract assets (NEP-5 tokens). GAS does not directly support the contract, so CGAS and GAS are introduced for redemption. CGAS is a NEP-5 contract asset with a 1:1 ratio to GAS and 100 million CGAS and GAS. NEO market cap is $1,045,321,336.
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    Ethereum core developer announces postponement of test network Ropsten system upgrade project plan

    According to Coindesk, Ethereum core developers announced plans to postpone the upgrade of the Constantinople system on the test network Ropsten. Peter Szilagyi, head of the Ethereum Foundation team, explained that the main reason for the delay was to provide customers with more time to resolve the vulnerabilities found in the five upgrades in Constantinople. In addition, the delay will provide space for Ropsten users to test other Ethereum projects in preparation for the possible forks in Constantinople. According to Citicoins, ETH price is now at $193.78, a drop of 4.27%.

    Vitalik: There is no intention to leave the Ethereum community in the short term

    Eitafang founder Vitalik Buterin stated on Twitter that ‘there is no intention to leave Ethereum in the short term’. The original text reads, ‘I declare that I just said that Ethereum has not really needed my participation. As for the short-term departure from the Ethereum community, there is no practical plan yet.’

    Fish pond response: The recent spread of the ‘empty block’ in the mining pool is a threat to the Ethereum coin

    According to AMBCrypto today, ‘The number of empty blocks mined in Ethereum in the past three months has increased dramatically, according to CoinFi’s chief data scientist Alex Svanevik, which is caused by the use of ‘spy mining’ technology in illegal mines, and F2Pool and Etherdigg have this behavior’ The news, Yuchi responded that it is very wrong to say that the recent spread of the ‘empty block’ in the mining pool will pose a threat to Ethereum. The author made such a conclusion that the understanding of the mining process of Ethereum was not thorough. In fact, when the height of the mine changed, due to network communication delay, etc., if you choose to calculate the transaction and then issue the task, this time The mining machine is 1–2 seconds in wasted computing power. Therefore, in order to protect the interests of miners from being lost, the mining pool will issue a task without a transaction at the first time, and then reissue a transaction with a transaction after 1–2 seconds. If the mining machine calculates the share that meets the difficulty in 1–2 seconds after the transaction is not sent, then the block is an empty block. As you can see on the erasescan, the top three mining pools are all this mechanism.

    Ethereum Info

    Ethereum price today is $193.75, ETH to BTC is still at the top of the Ethereum market.
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