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    FHouston Rockets billionaire Tilman Fertitta's Post Oak Motor Cars will accept Bitcoin currency and Bitcoin cash to buy luxury cars such as Bentley, Bugatti, and Rolls Royce. Post Oak became the first distributor in the United States to accept several payments from the currency.

    It is reported that the luxury car dealer and Bitcoin payer Bitpay have reached a cooperation, Bitpay chief business officer Sonny Singh said in an interview that most buyers like to use the market value of the large password currency for bulk purchase because it is more convenient.

    In January of this year, Tilman Furtita talked about Bitcoin in an interview with CNBC. He believes that Bitcoin has similarities with the rise of the Internet bubble of the last century, but he said that Bitcoin is real and is generally accepted. Tilman compared the rise of the Bitcoin ecosystem with the Internet bubble in the "dot com" era. He felt that this bubble is nothing new, just like people used to add a .com after their company name. Help the stock price rise the same.

    Many people have made money because of the rise in Bitcoin prices. But Tillman added that there are actually many places in Bitcoin that need further understanding, and his biggest reservation is that Bitcoin is not "insured" by the government. He said:

    "If you go to the bank and then try to withdraw $1 million, you will withdraw it. This money is not for the bank, it is paper. The same is true for Bitcoin, just like paper. However, Bitcoin does not currently have insurance from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. And before Bitcoin is insured, there will be no one to buy it."

    Although Bitcoin prices have recently fallen, Tilman still believes that more and more companies will accept Bitcoin in the future, according to his own words: " This will happen, Bitcoin is Real, just new."

    In addition, according to the current development of Bitcoin market, Bitcoin is not suitable for the micropayment field, because the small transaction is similar to the large transaction miner. For small transactions, this transfer fee is quite expensive. However, for large transactions, it is far lower than the transaction costs of banks, so the current use of Bitcoin is inherently an alternative currency for private individuals with high net worth.

    Bitcoin Info

    Bitcoin price today is $6481.98, dropped 0.80%.
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    Weekly NEO News

    NEO founder Da Hongfei: The more you fear the decline in the price of the coin, the more it will sell; the more it sells, the faster the price drops.

    NEO coin, founder of Onchain Distribution Technology, said that there is not a good way to make a correct valuation in the blockchain industry, and there is not much fundamentals to look at, so the valuation of the project Emotionally driven is very serious, and now the market is not confident enough, and the valuation of many projects has naturally come down. The more you fear the decline in the price of the currency, the more it will sell; the more it sells, the faster the NEO price falls. This is a vicious circle.

    Blockchain company O3 Labs announces launch of its desktop version

    According to Ambcrypto, O3 Labs, a blockchain company based on NEO technology, has announced its desktop version, which supports NEP-5 ONT, ONT, ONG main network, token migration and Ledger. NEO coins are now quoted at $19.76 , dropped 3.62%, current NEO market cap is $1,284,102,357.
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    Misleading is the main reason that Bitcoin price dropped
    Blockchain heat has fallen a bit while some people have lost a lot of money, especially the decline in Bitcoin price has caused a lot of market turmoil, but those who indirectly participate in this industry chain have returned to their original track, but many people still have great hopes for their re-value.

    However, this does not affect them to guide these investors in other channels. As long as the hotspot of the blockchain and Bitcoin currency is not extinguished, such media will not disappear. The final result is that a few powerful blockchain media have gained a firm foothold. Blockchain media, which have been slow to develop and are not very attractive, have been suppressed by them.

    For the investors, the investment blockchain seems to be very promising at a certain time. However, there is no lower limit to the value of this cryptocurrency without physical basis. The large swing is a significant feature of its price. A good method is Long-term hoarding of this cryptocurrency, after the entire market has reached saturation, the value of the blockchain currency will continue to increase, the current price fluctuations are local disturbances, for the stock market, this local disturbance period is not a A good investment period, but some people have invested in blockchains to make quick money. For them, this is tantamount to expecting a probability that things become inevitable, which is similar to buying lottery tickets. In the case of floating uncertainties, it is expected that the price of the blockchain currency will continue to rise. This psychological factor is the reason for their losses in investing in cryptocurrency.

    Bitcoin Info

    Bitcoin price today is $6350.52, rising 2.11%. BTC to USD is still at top in Bitcoin market.
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    Recent info about some cryptocurrency with rising price
    According to report, the Bitcoin Gold (BTG) team recently announced to the US digital currency exchange Bittrex that it will go down the BTG transaction on September 14 and said that it has neither the ability nor the responsibility to pay the cyber security compensation required by Bittrex ( About 6000 BTG), although he was willing to provide Bittrex with a BTG loan to help solve the "short-term liquidity problem" but was rejected. It is said that the withdrawal of Bittrex has no significant impact on BTG itself. Because the Bittrex exchange is not the exchange with the strongest liquidity and maximum volume of BTG transactions, the BTG team is not worried about the consequences of delisting. Earlier, Bittrex announced that it would close the BTG transaction on September 14 and announced the delisting reason for the BTG team's refusal to pay cyber security compensation.

    So far Bitcoin Gold traded up 3.14 percent to the dollar in the last 24h period closing 13:36 on September 10, 2018, EST. Bitcoin Gold currently has a market cap of $329,174,655 and its 24 hours trading volume is about $6,531,889. In the time period covering 7 days, Bitcoin Gold price is now trading at $19.11.

    Here is how other cryptocurrencies have risen over the last 24 hours:

    Golem price is now trading at $0.132796 against the USD, and its 24 hours trading volume is about $4,809,675. The current market cap is $127,383,364.

    Dogecoin price is now trading at $0.006182 against the USD, and its 24 hours trading volume is about $45,919,589. The current market cap is $717,606,914.

    Basic Attention Token price is now trading at $0.154601 against the USD, and its 24 hours trading volume is about $3,114,122. The current market cap is $154,600,735.

    The weekend sell-off continues and the market is approaching another new low in 2018. Yesterday morning, the market value of the cryptocurrency market was once again below 200 billion US dollars, and almost all cryptocurrencies were in a vortex.

    Bitcoin failed to hold the $6,400 support level and once again fell below this critical level. On the day when Bitcoin fell to $6,200, the price fell by 4.3%. A strong bearish signal suggests that bitcoin prices are likely to fall further and even fall below $6,000. Ethereum’s slow dog band fell below its lowest point since July 2017, and it fell 12% on the day. The current price of Ethereum is $200.

    The decline caused the market value of cryptocurrency to fall below $200 billion for the second time. On Saturday, the market value fell by 12 billion US dollars, a drop of nearly 6%. On the 14th of last month, the market value suddenly fell to this year's low, when it was about 189 billion US dollars. The current market value is about $192 billion, and the market value is still declining.
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    Thank you for sharing the update.
    An Infrastructure Blockchain Protocol for B2B2C Payment Applications
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    There are several ways to get Bitcoin, but the overall division is to dig coins and buy coins. But the premise of getting Bitcoin is that you need to have a Bitcoin wallet of your own. You can buy one or you can download one. Here are some ways to get Bitcoin:

    Digging coins

    1. Use Bitcoin mining machine to get Bitcoin currency

    Mining is the only way to obtain undeveloped Bitcoin, and it is necessary to purchase professional mining equipment for mining in the mining industry.

    Bitcoin mining machines use a lot of calculations to obtain Bitcoin through the hash algorithm. Everyone knows that the number of Bitcoins is a constant 21 million, and the number of people mining will increase with time.

    The difficulty of the Bitcoin system is dynamically adjusted. Each time the 2016 block is dug, an adjustment will be made. The adjustment is based on the block time of the previous 2016 block. If the average time of the previous cycle is less than 10 minutes, it will be added. Difficulty, greater than 10 minutes, reduce the difficulty, the purpose is to ensure that the system is stable every 10 minutes to produce a block, so the difficulty adjustment time is about 2 weeks (2016 * 10 minutes), which means that the output will be It will be halved in four years, and the difficulty will be adjusted every 14 days, so the megatrend seems to be less and less mining.

    2. Buy computing power to get Bitcoin

    After the mining prevailing, some Bitcoin mines appeared, that is, multiple mining machines were concentrated in one place for mining, unified maintenance and management, and low electricity prices to reduce the cost of mining.

    The most important parameter of Bitcoin mining machine is the computing power. The higher the computing power, the higher the output. The Bitcoin mining difficulty also uses 1t computing power to dig how many Bitcoins to measure the current mining difficulty, so some mines The field will sell the calculations directly to the user to dig the coins, so that the mining risk is relatively low, there is no need to buy mining equipment and no need to maintain the care. The maintenance management of the mining machine is relatively troublesome. .

    3. Reward for Bitcoin

    With the increase in Bitcoin prices, Bitcoin has gained wider popularity than before, and the status of Bitcoin is unmatched in other currencies in virtual currency. There are also some entities in the market that reward the Bitcoin mechanism.

    the transaction acquires Bitcoin

    1.Offline transaction

    The easiest way to get Bitcoin is to find someone who holds Bitcoin to buy Bitcoin, which is the same as buying a product, but Bitcoin is not for everyone, so find someone to hold it, then go straight. Transfer transactions, there will also be a certain degree of risk, the other party needs to personally grasp whether it is a liar, so on the basis of not being acquainted or without a certain trust.

    2. Over-the-counter trading

    Directly to the trading platform to buy, there are lots of Bitcoin tradingplatforms. If you need to trade Bitcoin, it is best to go to a well-known exchange, because it is less risky.

    If you want to get Bitcoin, you can try all of the above methods. It is easier and easier to buy coins on the downside than in mining. Bitcoin price today is $6,384.11. People all want to get a hand of it. Of course, depending on individual circumstances.
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    Learn the value of the cryptocurrency every day - Litecoin
    There are so many different cryptocurrency in this world now. So which one is worth investing and that’s what we are going to find out today.
    Let’s learn about Litecoin, the seven-ranked cryptocurrency. So what is Litecoin?
    Litecoin is based on the Bitcoin protocol, but unlike Bitcoin, even at this stage, it is possible to ‘mining’ efficiently through consumer-grade hardware. One of Litecoin's design goals is to provide a mining algorithm that enables it to be run simultaneously on machines that mine Bitcoin. While the application of integrated circuits designed to tap bitcoin is on the rise, Litecoin is also following the evolution of technology. But before the Litecoin currency is widely used, it is unlikely that an application specific integrated circuit designed specifically for Litecoin will appear.
    Litecoin is a network currency based on ‘peer-to-peer’ technology and an open source software project under the MIT/X11 license. It helps users pay instantly to anyone in the world.
    Litecoin Assessment
    The Litecoin is inspired by Bitcoin and technically has the same implementation principle. The creation and transfer of Litecoin is based on an open source encryption protocol that is not managed by any central authority.
    Like Bitcoin, Litecoin is also an open source peer-to-peer encrypted electronic currency that is technically highly complementary to Bitcoin. It is intended to complement bitcoin. Cryptocurrency creation and transfer are based on encryption protocols and are not subject to central authority. management.
    Charlie created the Litecoin to make it a means of micropayment. Bitcoin can also be used to store value and circulation, but Bitcoin transaction speed is severely limited due to Bitcoin's confirmation time and block size.
    At the time, Charlie believed that people could trade large amounts of assets on Bitcoin, but transactions in small assets could be realized through Litecoin exchange because Litecoin offered faster transaction speeds and lower fees.
    LTC Info
    From the Litecoin chart, we can see that Litecoin price today is $54.57 at 14:54 on September 11, 2018, the 24h volume of LTC to BTC is still at the top.
    After seeing this, did you know Litecoin better?
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    Bitcoin is approaching the key point of $6,000 again

    Since February, Bitcoin currency has held the $6,000 mark four times; if it falls below this price, it may indicate a further decline. The GTI VERA, which detects trend reversal and depletion, has just ended its longest continuous purchase since July, showing that Bitcoin investors may face more losses and suffering.

    In the case of continued regulatory pressures, and people are increasingly feeling that the widespread adoption of digital assets may take longer, Bitcoin prices have lost more than half this year. As the interest of institutional investors and individual investors weakens, the feeling of frustration is becoming more common.

    At 12:54 pm New York time, Bitcoin fell 0.7% to $6,256.74. Bitcoin has fallen more than 11% since the beginning of this month.

    SEC suspends two types of tracking product transactions tracking Bitcoin and Ethereum

    On Monday, SEC issued an order to suspend trading of two investment products that track cryptocurrencies. The two investment products are Bitcoin Tracker one and Ether Tracker One, issued by XBT Provider AB, a subsidiary of CoinShares Holdings.

    In the official order, the US Securities and Exchange Commission emphasized ‘confusion of market participants’, pointing out that the nature of this type of financial instrument is the reason for suspending its trading.

    The official statement said: ’The broker-dealer application materials submitted for the provision and sale of these financial products in the United States and certain trading sites are characterized as ‘exchange-traded funds’. Other public resources describe these instruments as ‘exchange-traded Bill’. In contrast, the issue describes it as a ‘non-equity linked certificate’ in its offering.’

    The US Securities and Exchange Commission continues to say that the decision is in the ‘public interest’ and is in line with its ‘protection of investors’. The suspension of the transaction will start at 5:30 on September 10th, Beijing time, until 11:59 on September 21st.

    The product has been listed on the NASDAQ exchange in Stockholm since 2015. The SEC began offering services to US investors one month before the order was issued, and began to quote in US dollars on August 15. These products are known as ‘soft openness’ in Bloomberg news reports, in stark contrast to exchange-traded fund (ETF) products that have recently been rejected by regulators as a faster way to gain access to the US dollar’s cryptocurrency. Mouth.

    Ryan Radloff, CEO of CoinShares Holdings, said at the time:’Everyone who invests in US dollars can now buy these products, which previously could only be purchased in Euros or Swedish Krona.’

    Bitcoin Info

    Bitcoin price today is $6,309.63, dropping-0.99%. BTC to USDT is at the top in the Bitcoin market.
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    Although the bear market still looks like a long period of time, there are still some bright currencies in the market. For example, VeChain coin, which we are going to introduce to you today, has skyrocketed 20 times in just half a month.

    For investors, in addition to the rising VeChain price, holding VET can also receive daily dividends, and the current annual natural gain is about 15%+, which is quite attractive.

    On June 30, 2018, only the chain officially launched its own chain-only Raytheon public chain main network. In mid-July, the exchange opened VEN and VET replacements, replacing VEN with VET at a ratio of 1:100. Since then, VET has become the only new card.

    First, according to the white paper of the VeChain, the vision of the VeChain-only Raytheon blockchain is to create a trusted distributed business environment with transparent information, synergistic efficiency and high-speed value transmission.

    Specifically, the only thing that the VeChain needs to do is to develop a product lifecycle traceability solution covering manufacturing, logistics and supply chain, wholesale and retail, after-sales service, etc., and even combining IoT technology to allow consumers to participate in the block. Chain fake. Imagine that fashion and luxury brands, food manufacturers, car manufacturers, etc. can use a chain-only solution to prevent counterfeiting, and consumers can easily check product information on the chain. All these make the VeChain value more precious.

    The VeChain White Paper shows that as of early 2018, more than 210 application collaboration opportunities are being communicated.

    In order to attract business users to settle in, the only chain adopts the ‘dual currency system’. The so-called ‘dual currency system’ refers to the circulation of two types of certificates in one system.

    Chasing back to the VeChain history, we can see that its price kept dropping.
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    CEO Binance believes to the appreciation of the dollar. He is also convinced that the market of crypto-currencies can grow even more than 1000 times. I continue to buy the and ERC-20 tokens.
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    In the cryptocurrency circle, we hope that more people can get to know cryptocurrency. Some time ago, McDonald's celebrated the 50th anniversary of the launch of the Big Mac burger, releasing 6.2 million MacCoin commemorative coins around the world - blockchain cryptocurrency ‘MacCoin’, a Maccoin can be replaced by a big mac, which makes more people around the world contact and understand the cryptocurrency more.

    As a representative of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin currency is even more popular. In order to help the public understand Bitcoin, the most valuable cryptocurrency in the market, is still quietly debuting at Wal-Mart stores in the United States for only $1.

    Of course, this Bitcoin is not a Bitcoin. These Bitcoins are made of chocolate, not code. This unusual commodity was provided by Frankfort, a candy manufacturer based in Philadelphia.

    Although neither Frankfort nor Wal-Mart made a public speech, the commentators believe that this incident proves that Bitcoin is further entering the mainstream public consciousness.

    Previously, Wal-Mart's only connection with Bitcoin was its online store, which had an explanation for the sale of cryptocurrencies. Potential investors can also use Wal-Mart as an intermediary to do some Bitcoin trading, as long as the Walmart2Walmart transfer operation can be achieved.

    As Bitcoin gradually entering the public's field of vision, and the current Bitcoin value getting more attention, Wal-Mart's attitude toward Bitcoin also ended without any concern. In the past few years, Wal-Mart has applied for a large number of blockchain patents – the retail giant's executives are keen to use this technology to simplify the supply chain and other areas.

    If Wal-Mart succeeds in obtaining one of these patents, is it possible to understand that consumers will be able to purchase the materials we need in Wal-Mart in encrypted cryptocurrency?

    In fact, before Wal-Mart opened the Bitcoin payment channel, the cryptocurrency has already entered people's daily payments.

    During this year's World Cup, in order to reduce the trouble of foreign exchanges for foreign tourists, Russia's Apartment Malina took the lead in cooperating with the online payment system Free-Kas, allowing users to pay for accommodation in digital currency. Subsequently, other Russian hotels began to follow suit. Accept Bitcoin payments! Not only that, but Russian tourists can also use Bitcoin to buy airline tickets and travel agency services. It seems that Russia has become the first country in the field of cryptocurrency payment to eat crabs.

    But Russia is not the first person to eat crabs. In China, the payment scenarios for cryptocurrencies have become more and more abundant. As early as May of this year, a 24-year-old boy used 92.6 Bitcoins to buy a house with a price of 5.5 million in Shenzhen.

    Although cryptocurrencies still have some problems in the payment circulation process, and investors have complained about the strong suppression of Bitcoin prices this year, more people still recognize that Bitcoin is a developing cryptocurrency.
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    Dogecoin may start as a joke at the end of 2013, but it is now one of the most powerful altcoins on the market. In the past few months, the Dogecoine cryptocurrency has remained relatively silent, but in August, executives announced plans to set up and launch the Togethereum project, which can exchange tokens between Dogecoin and the Ethereum-based digital platform.

    The project was put into use on September 5th before June and performed very well. Despite the decline in the price of several altcoins, Dogecoin continues to grow. Now, it is doing better in terms of market value than entities such as Zcash and Dash. It is currently the 19th largest currency with a market capitalization of about $800 million and an average daily trading volume of just over $71 million.

    Recently, the jumped from Dogecoin historical price $0.0033 on August 15 to around current Dogecoin price $0.0065. Canadian cryptocurrency researcher Kevin Rooke wrote on his Twitter page: ’Dogecoins may be a joke at first, but the community is now the envy of the encrypted world.’

    In the past few weeks, Dogecoin has recovered more than half of its previous overall value. Although Dogecoin trading did reach a new high of about $0.0070,396 during the previous trading session, it has fallen a bit, currently at $0.0065. This is a loss of about 15%, although the short-term trend is still bullish, as the support can be maintained at $0.00440.

    However, the resistance is set at $0.007040, which means that the Dogecoin must redouble its efforts to break the barrier that seems to have risen since mid-August. Once this position is exceeded, the currency can reach $0.0080, $0.00870 and $0.0100, respectively.

    A source now describes a Dogecoin as a completely scattered coin. This will make it appear with entities like Ethereum, which can cut off the middlemen and give the problematic coin holder more control. Author Clem Chambers describes the currency as follows:

    ‘Dogecoin is a purely decentralized cryptocurrency. It is there, no one controls it. It is blockchain currency like Bitcoin, Monero or Dash, and is opaque as a digital entity and almost indestructible. …the reason that Dogecoin might soar like this is that it is a pure encryption, supported by a talented developer community, and there are no spiders in the middle of the network that can pay for the dream of your superyacht.’

    Apparently he is a fan of the currency, and he does warn investors to be cautious in their financial transactions:

    ‘What happened to Dogecoin in the past few days perfectly demonstrated the potential of top pure cryptocurrencies. Just don’t be greedy. Invest in your changes and get nature on the right track.’
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    2017 is the first year for Bitcoin currency to encounter the dilemma of network evolution. Bitcoin’s initial 1MB capacity limit, after years of trading, has accumulated far more than expected data information records, making it close to being triggered in 2017, and Bitcoin is in ‘capacity cliff’.

    In 2009, since the official issuance of Bitcoin, thousands of cryptocurrency have emerged: in 2011, Charlie Lee created Litecoin; in 2012, Chris Larsen and Jed McCaleb’s Ripple coins formed; in 2014, Ethereum successfully launched ICO.

    The ever-increasing variety of cryptocurrency represents the strong explosiveness of blockchain technology in the field of financial technology. On the other hand, it also shows that under the belief that the algorithm is also the basis for currency issuance, the technical routes still Full of fierce competition. Before the cryptocurrency challenged the central bank’s legal currency system, fierce competition began first within the cryptocurrency.

    2017 is a crucial year for significant changes in the competitive position of Bitcoin. Prior to this, new cryptocurrency were continuously issued, and the total market capitalization and total transaction volume of cryptocurrency increased steadily, but the Bitcoin market value has been firmly maintained at over 80%, and the total trading volume is also 60% to 80% fluctuations within the interval. Beginning in the second quarter of 2017, Bitcoin’s market share declined rapidly to a minimum of 33%, so does the Bitcoin price. Changes in regulatory policies such as the closure of the Bitcoin trading platform in China are not sufficient to explain, as the total market capitalization and total trading volume of cryptocurrency have continued to grow steadily during this period.

    2017 is the first year for Bitcoin to encounter the dilemma of network evolution. Bitcoin’s initial 1MB capacity limit, after years of trading, has accumulated far more than expected data information records, making it close to being triggered in 2017, and Bitcoin is in a ‘capacity cliff’. In the case that the block expansion problem cannot be reached, Bitcoin has appeared ‘hard fork’ many times. The split caused by ‘hard forks’ not only impacts the dominance of Bitcoin in the cryptocurrency, but also brings the early dominant cryptocurrency to lose the first-mover advantage brought by the positive feedback effect. The internal pattern of money has changed from a power law distribution to an approximate normal value.

    The network evolution characterized by the loss of power-law distribution is a process of ‘decentralization’. The medium-value-size cryptocurrency of about 10 million US dollars has increased substantially, and the entire frequency histogram is close to the bell shape. The cryptocurrency network that loses the power-distribution characteristics of ‘no scale’ and ‘small world’ retains the ‘decentralized’ genes, but loses more efficient price information transmission and price discovery mechanisms, in response to financial and economic signals. The transaction costs are increased, the price is more volatile, and its identity as a potential central bank credit currency is widely questioned. Some people said that the Bitcoin historical price might never see again.
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    Recently, the price of cryptocurrency has entered a period of callback, especially the decline of Ethereum price , which has promoted Bitcoin's dominant position in the encryption market and currently accounts for nearly 60% of the market.

    According to the data, Bitcoin has accounted for 56.72% of the market share so far, while Ethereum only accounts for 12.62%.

    Although Bitcoin has experienced large price fluctuations in the past month, it is not enough to weaken its market dominance, which has greatly affected the market share of Ethereum and made Ethereum face more intense market competition.

    Before the competition between Bitcoin and Ethereum's market dominance, there was no token that could shake Bitcoin's market dominance in cryptocurrency, which is also the bitterness of Bitcoin in the cryptocurrency market.

    The dominant position of Bitcoin has never been challenged

    On June 19 last year, when Ethereum seized 30% of Bitcoin's market share, the market share reached 38%. At that time, the Bitcoin market became the weakest time in history. Ripple ranked third with 9.6%, followed by Litecoin with 2.25%.

    Since then, Bitcoin's market dominance has been restored by December 2017, when Bitcoin's price reached its highest level, accounting for 65% of the cryptocurrency market, followed by Ethereum, which has a market share of 9.71%. At the close of Ethereum on February 5, 2018, the gap was narrowed. Ethereum occupied 20.46% of the market share, and Bitcoin occupied 36.32% of the market. However, by March 30th, the dominant position of Bitcoin recovered to 45.02%, and the Ethereum fell to 14.63%. By May 5, Ethereum’s market share had once rebounded to 17.25%, while Bitcoin also fell to 36%, but since then Bitcoin has steadily dominated the market.

    On January 13, 2018, Ethereum reached a price of $1,400, thanks to the growth of the crypto market at the time. The cryptocurrency market transaction peaked in mid-August, and after a 20% decline on August 14, it rebounded slightly from $270 to $320 on August 16. This rebound is also the last stroke of Ethereum.

    The predicament of Ethereum continues

    The decline in Ethereum prices is largely attributable to the high market prices and the Ethereum trading hotspots. The price increase of Ethereum at the beginning of last year was large, mainly due to the promotion of ICO activities. Analysts predict that this trend will continue in the future.

    Yesterday, on September 9, Bitcoin prices rebounded slightly from $6,147 to $6,447. This wave of rebounds is of great significance at this stage. Bitcoin's recent shocks in the range of $6,100 to $6,400 have been much more stable than last week, with trading volumes approaching $3.8 billion.

    At the same time, the collapse of Ethereum also affected other cryptocurrencies in the market, such as VET, WAN, WTC and MANA, which also experienced a sharp decline.
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    In a recent survey by human resources startup ChronoBank, more than half of the respondents were willing to charge cryptocurrencies as a company and were willing to pay taxes on cryptocurrency revenue. 72% of respondents even said that whether the company provides cryptocurrency as a payment option will become one of the criteria for choosing a job. In addition, although there are still many uncertainties in the legislation related to cryptocurrency, and the public lacks sufficient sources of information for legislative updates, most respondents are quite optimistic about the future application of cryptocurrency.

    A new survey by human resources startup ChronoBank found that cryptocurrency investors were disappointed with the lack of employers willing to pay with Bitcoin currency and altcoin.

    Price instability does not trigger the stage of paying wages in cryptocurrency

    Half of the respondents were considered ‘Holders of Bitcoin’ because they believed that receiving wages in the form of cryptocurrencies would help them reduce expenses. Sixty-six percent of respondents between the ages of 18 and 24 expressed this idea, and 19% of all respondents bluntly stated that they would not use cryptocurrencies for transactions because they wanted cryptocurrencies rice to go up, like Bitcoin price does.

    Regulatory uncertainty is coming again

    When considering the issue of collecting or processing cryptocurrency funds, like many practitioners in the industry, respondents expressed uncertainty about the rules of the transaction. Sergeinko pointed out:

    ‘Although different countries are undergoing various changes in the legislation on cryptocurrency, the public has not received timely information on the new legislation. Almost half of the respondents did not receive sufficient information on whether their countries allowed cryptocurrencies to pay wages.’

    Although the attitude of regulators indicates that we still have a long way to go to develop clear and consistent global guidelines for the use of blockchain and cryptocurrency, as long as the Bitcoin market, respondents in this survey are still optimistic about their future. attitude. Most HR respondents believe that the blockchain will be used as a security solution in the payment process, and 57% of all respondents said they believe that cryptocurrency payments will have a positive impact on economic growth in countries around the world.
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    Bitcoin coin is probably the single biggest winner of the US-China trade war, leaving investors completely confused. The stock market is completely powerless for Trump’s possible trade war escalation. In the case of stock marketing investments, this creates a serious trust deficit. The prospect of raising interest rates at this time seems promising, so investors do not mind pulling funds out of the stock market and reintegrating them into bank accounts.

    However, if Trump continues to follow the same path and the US-China trade war is further escalated, the Fed will not be able to raise interest rates further.

    During these periods, we have seen gold as an asset. However, this does not seem to be the case. Gold has lost its appeal, and now investors can choose to invest in digital gold without traditional gold problems. Although the mainstream adoption of Bitcoin may still take time, Wall Street has begun to enter the game market.

    Why do big investors in traditional markets think that Bitcoin is more of a valuable investment than a desire to make astronomical data? In the eyes of them, the Bitcoin price has great potential. Until recently, big investors in traditional markets were convinced that they were too late for the game, so they took away against the game. This is because these investors who create and destroy markets are not accustomed to being late in a booming market. However, when they realized that it was too late to stop, they tried to control it by investing in companies that offer cryptocurrency services.

    All of this seems to be very effective until the debate is limited to cryptocurrencies. However, investors now realize that the problem is bigger than this.

    This is not just about Bitcoin market or the encryption market; it is about the uncertainty of the US-China trade war and the emerging currency crisis, which is the first sign we have witnessed in Turkey, Iran, and Venezuela. This means that these major investors will not only invest in the encryption business but also must purchase actual coins to hedge against the global currency crisis or the trade war between China and the United States.

    The possibility of a further escalation of the US-China trade war is very large, even though it has caused great damage to both economies. This is not just some stupid arm twisting or selfish urinating game. All of this begins with China’s export potential posing a threat to the United States because it means that China will soon surpass US GDP and thus become a global superpower. In 2017, the US GDP was 19.4T, while China’s GDP was 12.0T. However, according to the inference that China’s growth rate, China is expected to surpass the United States in pounds sterling as early as 2028.

    In addition, China is trying to expand its export range through its Belt and Road initiative. The United States is a big obstacle. The fears of both sides are very real, and large-scale conflicts between the two world powers will continue to affect most markets in the foreseeable future.

    In this case, major investors and the general public around the world will turn to Bitcoin to hedge their bets and prevent economic setbacks and disparate fiscal policies by governments that have failed in the next few years. If you want to get more first-hand Bitcoin news, please do follow me.
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    If the bear market makes you panic, you should listen to the advice of an experienced economics researcher and editor at Forbes, who bought Bitcoin for $14. When you pay more for Bitcoin price fluctuations, things are much more serious.

    Intellectual enjoyment

    Jeffrey Tucker understands the Bitcoin currency he holds. Not as an entrepreneur, businessman or trader in the strict sense, but as a financial innovation researcher. Bitcoin prices and cryptocurrencies are only an instinct for him.

    Perhaps not all traders will resonate with this, but as a thorough understanding of finance and banking, and who have disliked the government-issued currency throughout their careers, understand a possible legal currency. The alternative is the ‘ultimate intelligence switch,’ Tucker said.

    Support Bitcoin in a world full of haters and amateurs

    Tucker supported the use of Bitcoin before many other journalists and famous fanatics appeared. You may feel that this will make him popular. After all, it turns out that the project supported by his article is worthwhile. From the beginning of his writing, the Bitcoin market value has increased by 300 times. If this is what you expect, then the truth of the matter is exactly the opposite.

    Conversely, Tucker is seen as a liar. When Bitcoin prices rose, his critics said he was ‘making bubbles’ on social media. When Bitcoin fell, things got more dramatic — even Tucker didn’t think it would happen. Whenever someone tries to ignore you because you talk to them about cryptocurrencies, think about Tucker:

    I was mistaken for some sort of picker, not because of anything I wrote, but because most people are intellectually unable to imagine that someone would appreciate it simply because of the beauty of a financial technology architecture. Do not care about its price.

    ‘Do you think it is really practical?’

    ‘Then forget about Bitcoin price today, think about it. This is a long-lasting battle.’ This is Tucker’s most valued recommendation when Bitcoin fell more than 50% for the first time after the rebound at the end of 2013. Now everyone is familiar with such advice, but 2014 was a tough year for both them and for Tucker (when Bitcoin fell from $1,150 to $200).

    In Tucker’s opinion, price itself is not the point. The volatility of cryptocurrency does not have a reference value and does not reflect its practicality. In addition, the entire industry is still in the testing stage.

    ‘Thinking about the time span of Bitcoin development… It should be 5 years, 10 years and 20 years… Year after year, Bitcoin rose from $4K to $6.5K, an increase of 62.5%. Easily defeated the Dow Jones index by 18%.

    The above is Tucker’s conclusion. However, because people are accustomed to observing current trends rather than focusing on the overall situation, many people think that 2018 is a disaster year, even though the market performance was even worse on the past few times, and later recovered.
  18. cryptoforfun

    cryptoforfun Jackobian

    Is Bitcoin Going to Crash?
    The total market value of Bitcoin currency has been falling since the beginning of this month, and it has fallen below $200 billion in recent days. Compared with the record high of $832 billion in January, it has shrunk by nearly 80%. In response, according to foreign media reports, the already-bankrupt Japanese Bitcoin exchange ‘MT.GOX’ was forced to pay a Bitcoin with a market price of 1 billion US dollars (Taiwan’s 30.76 billion yuan). The heavy selling pressure may cause the market to collapse.

    The Bitcoin market exploded in 2017, rising from less than $1,000. Even at the end of last year, it challenged the $20,000 mark. The total market value of Bitcoin hit an all-time high of $832 billion in January. The Bitcoin market continued to swell and then plunged and fell below $200 billion in early September, the Bitcoin price today shrinking by as much as 76%.

    According to the ‘Telegraph’, the bankrupt MT.GOX was determined by the Japanese court to pay a Bitcoin of the market price of 1 billion US dollars, which will lead to heavy selling pressure and crush the already challenging and fragile Bitcoin market.

    MT.GOX was invaded by Russian hackers and suffered huge losses. Then it filed for bankruptcy. Kim Nilsson put pressure on MT.GOX in the past 4 years and asked to get back his shares in MT.GOX which would have caused this market collapse completely.’ According to the judgment, MT.GOX will pay the customers 160,000 Bitcoins at the current price, and the lossy investment customers can claim before October 22, which may lead to a sell-off of the Bitcoin price of $1 billion.

    Regulation is also considered to be an important reason for the cryptocurrency market to enter a downward trend.

    All this time, the cryptocurrency circle has been questioned in the cloak of the blockchain, the issue of altcoin, pyramid money, illegal fund-raising, there is a lot of bubbles. Yu Jianing, the president of the University of Fire and Money, and the former director of the Industrial Economic Research Institute of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, told the Times Weekly that the current blockchain technology is not yet mature, and the market expectation is relatively high, which will promote the bubble to a certain extent.

    ‘The real outbreak period of the blockchain industry has not yet arrived. It can be understood as a bubble period, but it is currently in the stage of squeezing water and squeezing bubbles.’ Experts believe that nowadays national regulation is entering the market to avoid further expansion of the bubble and containment. And reduce the overall risk of the blockchain industry and the currency circle.
  19. cryptoforfun

    cryptoforfun Jackobian

    When speaking of Komodo, people may think of Komodo dragons, the largest lizard in the world now. But that’s not what we are going to talk about today. KMD coin is our protagonist which have nothing to do with nature. Technology and blockchain made the best of it.

    Komodo has launched its own decentralized ICO platform, a technology that ensures that cryptocurrency developers can use the security features of Komodo to maintain cryptocurrency transactions while maintaining investor privacy. This pioneered the history of cryptocurrency, issuing and selling native cryptocurrency without the involvement of a third-party credit system.

    Therefore, the difference between dICO and ICO projects is not only decentralization, but the Komodo platform also guarantees the privacy of all ICO participants through its own Jumblr technology. In addition, ICO does not require a high commission on the Komodo platform, because each asset chain is an independent blockchain based on the dPoW mechanism, and dICO’s transaction fees can be paid using dICO. Monaize, the strategic partner of the Komodo platform, will be the first to use this revolutionary technology for their first time, and their ICO will be released on the Komodo platform.

    In order to support the development of the Komodo platform, Komodo has released Komodo Coin, which currently ranks 54th in market capitalization, exceeding $107,915,906. KMD to BTC is the best pair in Komodo exchange.

    Komodo (KMD) is a privacy-centric cryptocurrency that combines the anonymity of Zcash with the security of Bitcoin. It uses the new consensus mechanism of the Komodo team, dPoW, which can be bit-bitped. Proof of the currency blockchain.

    Using a new consensus mechanism developed by the Komodo team, delaying proof of work, Komodo blocks can be notarized using the Bitcoin blockchain. KMD is released via the Equihash-based PoW protocol, and new block information is sent to the pre-voting notary node. These nodes insert Komodo block information on the BTC blockchain by creating a custom transaction.

    Komodo uses zero-knowledge proof to provide 100% anonymous transactions, and the security of Bitcoin is used to ensure security.

    Komodo News

    According to Populous official news, Populous’s team announced an exclusive partnership with the decentralized platform Komodo. Komodo has established its own decentralized exchange BarterDEX, and the strategic partnership has enabled Populous to become Komodo’s only invoice discount platform. Komodo price is currently trading at $0.983081, a decrease of 7.69%.
  20. cryptoforfun

    cryptoforfun Jackobian

    In the absence of any news catalysis, since last Friday, cryptocurrencies such as Ripple, Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum have fallen sharply. At this time, the market has set its sights on a $720 million Bitcoin wallet.

    According to CCN, a crypto wallet with $720 million in Bitcoin and an unknown owner awakened after four years of silence. In the past few weeks, the wallet has transferred more than $100 million to Bitfinex and Binance, which may have caused panic among other investors.

    This mysterious wallet has 111,114 Bitcoins, equivalent to 0.52% of the total Bitcoin supply. The sudden transfer of these dormant funds may have a devastating effect on market price movements, as well as the Bitcoin price.

    The user u/Sick_Silk of the Reddit website analyzed the transfer of these dormant encrypted coins since the end of August by tracking each transaction in detail on the blockchain. According to him, the owner of this mysterious Bitcoin ‘whale’ may come from two sources.

    The first possibility is that the money is related to the ‘dark web market Silk Road’. The first post posted on the site on August 31 suggests that these mobile funds may be associated with billions of dollars in contraband in the ‘dark net’, including casual and prescription drugs, illegal weapons, erotic transactions, malware, Hacker services, various criminal activity guides and other black market goods and services.

    However, after tracking, it does not seem to be linked to the wallet address of the ‘Dark Net Silk Road’ founder DPR was arrested, so either the FBI did not sell Go (the last auction was in January 2015), or someone else (with or without the ‘Silk Road’) can control the funds.

    After another week of investigation, u/Sick_Silk proposed a second possibility: the funds are likely to come from an old wallet called Mt Gox.

    He believes that Mt Gox’s cold wallet address has been confiscated or still owned by MtGox: MtGox filed for bankruptcy in February 2014, and one month later, the wallet funds were transferred in March 2014. These wallet move dates are very similar to the mobile date of the 200,000 BTCs lost by the former MtGox CEO on March 7, 2014

    Bitcoin security expert WizSec also holds the same view and said on social media:

    They later guessed it in the post. This is an old Bitcoin whale, MtGox, which has nothing to do with the dark wire.

    u/ sick_silk believes that the flow of funds at least to some extent led to a fall in Bitcoin prices in August. To be sure, the wallet, which accounts for 0.52% of the Bitcoin supply, is enough to manipulate or undermine market stability. Since the posting, the wallet’s Bitcoin value has been reduced by about $80 million. And the Bitcoin price today is at $6363.92.
  21. cryptoforfun

    cryptoforfun Jackobian

    Hedge Fund Multicoin Capital: The value of Litecoin is seriously overvalued

    According to CCN, Multicoin Capital, a hedge fund that shorts Litecoin, said in a recent report by its managing partner, Tushar Jain, that the Litecoin valuewas seriously overestimated. There are a lot of negative factors in the Litecoin, but there are no bullish cases to offset these disadvantages. First, Jain believes that LTC’s bull market in 2017 was ‘made’ by the immaturity of retail investors and the market. Second, Multicoin believes that the Litecoin Foundation’s current financial situation is terrible and difficult to operate effectively. Third, LTC does not have its own unique development roadmap. Most of the Github updates are duplicates of Bitcoin Core. Fourth, Multicoin believes that the Litecoin price is unbearable to withstand the selling pressure that may be faced in the near future. Multicoin believes that Bitcoin will eventually sell all of its 1 million LTCs.

    Don Wilson, founder of DRW Holdings: More interesting than the debate on the value of Bitcoin storage is the application of Bitcoin

    According to coindesk, Don Wilson, founder of DRW Holdings, said at the Consensus Consensus Conference, ‘There is a lot of debate about the value of Bitcoin currency storage. But what is more interesting to me is the use of Bitcoin, a no trust exists. The value transfer capability is destructive.’ It is also mentioned that one of the biggest problems in this industry is the lack of clear rules for regulators, and the escrow scheme for cryptographic assets is the key to acceptance by a wider range of institutions.

    Looking at CME and CBOE’s bitcoin futures data, he found that bitcoin derivatives trading in Asia is almost identical to the US, which is an anomaly compared to other financial instruments. He also mentioned that there may be demand for similar trading tools in Asia.

    Analyst: ETH will capture half of BTC’s market share within five years

    According to Marketwatch, Thomas Crown Art analyst Ian McLeod said in an interview with the media that Ethereum has bottomed out, and as the utility of the unchanged general ledger grows, Ethereum price will quickly reverse. “We not only think that It will rebound sharply before the end of 2018, and it will significantly weaken Bitcoin’s dominant position for a long time. “Bitcoin will lose 50% of its cryptocurrency market share to Ethereum within five years.”

    Samsung SDSNexledger blockchain platform adopts multiple networks such as Ethereum to achieve customization

    According to coindesk, Samsung SDS’s Seungjai Min said that Samsung SDS has built a Nexledger blockchain platform since 2015, using multiple networks such as Ethereum and Superbooks, enabling blockchain applications to be tailored to business needs. Seungjai Min believes that the application of blockchain technology in the field of logistics is very promising.
  22. cryptoforfun

    cryptoforfun Jackobian

    Europol found Bitcoin currency to remain the number one cryptocurrency for Internet hackers. This insight comes from Europol’s latest Internet Organized Crime Threat Assessment (IOCTA) report. According to the study, cybercriminals still love Bitcoin. Europol also pointed out in the report that the share of Bitcoin value in the cryptocurrency market has fallen sharply, from more than 80% to less than 35%. However, whether it is ransomware, DDoS attacks or other cybercrime, cryptocurrency is still the main payment mechanism, which includes a large number of commodities in the dark market and demand for extortion.

    In turn, hackers attacked the cryptocurrency industry because of the increasing acceptance of cryptocurrencies by the network. Europol pointed out that hackers are modifying old-school methods such as phishing malware to target victims of cryptocurrency more effectively. At present, Crypto-jacking cryptocurrency robbery refers to hackers secretly infecting or arbitrarily exploiting cryptocurrencies without authorization.

    Cybercriminals are carrying out major encryption activities on the Internet. Recently, hackers injected more than 200,000 routers using modified CoinHive scripts. It should be noted that browsers mining cryptocurrencies are not particularly illegal. Europol revealed that by the end of 2018, cryptocurrency mining scripts would run on 2.2% of Alexa’s top 100,000 sites.

    Europol specifically pointed out that members of the terrorist organization Islamic State seem to like ZCash, and ISIS has used ZCash to purchase websites. Fortunately, Europol does recognize that terrorists do not directly use cryptocurrencies to fund any attacks in Europe.
  23. cryptoforfun

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    There is basically no limit to the mining in the past few years. As long as you have the basic equipment, you can start mining. As Bitcoin prices soared, mining competition became more and more fierce. Mining experienced a process from CPU -> GPU -> FPGA -> ASIC, and the device was updated faster and faster. In the creation stage, a laptop can dig up Bitcoin. The number of people entering the game increases, the speed of the notebook can’t keep up, and it is replaced with a professional game notebook. Later, a specially designed mining machine appeared. From the very beginning. Thousands of mining equipment to tens of thousands of mining machines. Not only the equipment changes, but also the scale has gradually expanded, from the first one or two notebooks to the later small mining machine workshop mode to a large-scale mine mining era.

    As the basis for maintaining the operation of the blockchain network, the mining machine has three functions: one is to issue new circulating Bitcoin currency; the other is to confirm the transaction and bookkeeping; the third is to obtain the cryptocurrency reward through the workload proof mechanism, and let the Bitcoin The books cannot be tampered with by humans. In the initial stage, fifty Bitcoins can be produced in about every ten minutes. But the reward is cut in half every four years, so Bitcoin is now more and more difficult to dig.

    After 2018, Bitcoin prices continued to slump, and government regulation tightened, many small mine owners began to leave, big mine owners are also preparing to transfer to cheaper places abroad, the entire mine has been affected The bigger impact is also considering what to do next.

    In 17 years, the government began to regulate the cryptocurrency market, and the mining business was also affected. However, in the early stage, everyone still had a bit of luck. It is not illegal to mine. It is possible that it may be illegal. The only controversial thing is to use electricity.

    A grid worker: ‘In fact, it is difficult to define the mining power. The power company only manages the electricity usage on the grid, but the Bitcoin mine is directly used by the hydropower station and does not require Internet access. So the grid company has no authority to govern. The mine now belongs to a blank area.’

    A local official said: ‘Government supervision is mainly aimed at the financing business and leveraged trading of the trading platform, but the mining behavior can only be calculated as a program, so the impact of supervision is not great.’

    Under this trend, many mines are still in operation, but by the beginning of the 18th, the country suddenly issued a notice on rectifying the illegal mines which are a sad Bitcoin news to miners. Many people who have the idea of mining and getting rich have dreamed of breaking.

    It is not unreasonable for the state to strengthen supervision. As we all know, the cost of mining is mainly from electricity. The common mining machine consumes 1400W per hour and consumes 33.6 kWh per day. Take the more popular Bitian S9i mining machine as an example. The price of this 3,350 yuan mining machine is about 20 yuan per day. The Bitcoin income of one day is about 22 yuan. It takes 230 days to calculate according to this income. Can return to this. In order to reduce costs and increase profits, many mine owners began to look for cheap electricity, stealing electricity, stealing electricity and other wonderful ways, which is undoubtedly a waste of public resources for their own use.

    The mining cost is getting higher and higher, the government supervision is getting stricter, and where is the way out for mining?

    First of all, mining costs are indeed getting higher and higher, but on the other hand Bitcoin is decreasing year by year, but market demand is continuing to rise, meaning that the Bitcoin value will be higher and higher, and the overall value trend is still rising. In 2010, someone exchanged 10,000 Bitcoins for two pizzas. The initial value was $0.003, but today, the price of Bitcoin has exceeded $6,000. Even if there is a big ups and downs in the middle, the general trend is rising. of. The established number of Bitcoins is 21 million. Its essence is an equation. One solution is a Bitcoin. The more the existing Bitcoin, the more difficult it is to make a new Bitcoin and the higher the value. So mining is valuable.

    Second, the emergence of government regulation is inevitable. The blockchain has a great impact on society. Before that, the mining market was in a blank position. The relevant government agencies did not know where to start supervision and it would lead to the mining circle. confusion. But the purpose of state regulation should be to regulate this behavior, not to let this behavior disappear.

    It is understood that the reason for the country’s clearing of the mine has not been officially stated, but it is probably because it consumes a lot of energy and occupies social public resources.

    In fact, many local hydropower stations are not satisfied with this government initiative. Because the mine needs a lot of electricity, it usually gathers in the deep forests of the southwestern region where electricity is cheap, and the remote areas such as Inner Mongolia in Xinjiang. The Bitcoin mine is a large electricity user. For the departure of the mine, the operators of the hydropower station will obviously be disappointed. When the mine is in operation, it can consume 400 to 5 million kWh of water per month. Hydropower stations pay more than 1 million yuan in electricity bills, which is more than 12 million yuan a year. But because the mines are closed and relocated, the hydropower station will obviously lose an income. “If it is not used, it will become a stream of water.” So to a certain extent, the mine has added a lot of income to the local hydropower station, and the country can also earn more.

    So far, the Bitcoin price today is at $6561 on September 21, 2018, rising 2.33%. I suggest considering it twice before mining because the profit might not be able to cover the cost of mining.
  24. cryptoforfun

    cryptoforfun Jackobian

    Litecoin in an awkward position
    Recently, the well-known cryptocurrency hedge fund Multicoin Capital published a research report on Litecoin. Its views are very similar to those of Li Xiaolai. They think that Litecoin LTC is very good at ‘telling stories.’

    Multicoin Capital is a small-sized cryptocurrency investment fund, but the impact is not small. The two founders of the fund, Kyle Samani and Tushar Jain are known for their expertise in publishing cryptocurrency market investments. They released an article this time, saying that they are looking down upon Litecoin.

    They believe that although the Litecoin price has fallen a lot, the price is still seriously overvalued and will continue to bear downward pressure.

    However, Multicoin Capital more directly pointed out that ‘the story describing the Litecoin value seems to be fundamentally inaccurate and fundamentally lacks strong evidence to support it.’ These stories do not support the currency of Litecoin.

    In fact, Litecoin has always been important in cryptocurrencies, with many miners and many investors, and has always been regarded as a basic cryptocurrency. At present, the market value of Litecoin is about US$3 billion, and a large number of cryptocurrency exchanges offer Litecoin trading pairs.

    The most famous saying about Litecoin is: ‘Bitcoin Gold, Litecoin Silver.’ Because of this statement, Litecoin has always been called a value reserve tool. Advocates of the cryptocurrency community often say that ‘Litecoin is the test network for Bitcoin BTC,’ or ‘the best transaction intermediate for cryptocurrency exchanges is Litecoin.’

    However, Multicoin Capital confirmed that these statements are inaccurate and that the cryptocurrency market has matured and is already quite different from the environment in which Litecoin surged before 2017.

    In addition, the fund believes that the founder of Litecoin Charlie Lee sold all the Litecoin he held at the end of last year is an extremely dangerous signal.

    On December 20, 2017, Charlie Lee, one big Litecoin news came out that the founder of Litecoin announced that he sold the Litecoin he held, at a price of about $322. Charlie Lee has been criticized for this. People think that this practice hurts the community’s information about Litecoin. However, Charlie Lee’s claim is that he sold his own Litecoin, which can maintain the decentralization of the project, maintain financial distance from Litecoin, and avoid other conflicts of interest.

    However, Multicoin Capital believes that ‘Charlie Lee sold all the Litecoin he held, and it has no substantive relationship with Litecoin. The founder emptied his own rights and went out, it is a huge red alarm. Now there is no incentive to benefit, he himself promotes The power of the Litecoin network to develop and improve the value of the agreement has greatly declined. In order to achieve the latter goal, we believe that his original better practice should be to lock the position within a certain period of time or to use his currency to help the Litecoin network.’
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2018
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    VladChan Jackobian

    Already at the end of October, the administrator of the bankruptcy procedure Nobuaki Kobayashi will begin to consider applications for compensation of losses of creditors Bitcoin-Exchange Mt. Gox. By February 14 next year he must provide the court with a rehabilitation and reimbursement plan. Will the owners of 160,000 bitcoins begin to sell them. Will the price fall to 2-3 thousandths.Bitcoin live price. Check coin market cap of BTC coin
  26. cryptoforfun

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    DigiByte coin is a global decentralized payment network and digital currency inspired by Bitcoin currency. DigiByte can be used for fast transactions with little or no cost. No need to log in, register or no hidden fees, users receive DigiBytes from any DigiByte address in the world within a few seconds or use DigiBytes.DigiByte to use P2P technology, no central authority; network collective management transactions, issuing DigiBytes. DigiByte is also open source, its design is publicly involved, no one can own or control it, everyone can participate.

    DigiByte is a public, fast-growing, highly fragmented blockchain. DigiBytes is a digital asset that cannot be destroyed, forged or hacked, making it an ideal choice for protecting valuable items such as currency, information, property or important digital data.

    DigiBytes can be sent via the DigiByte Blockchain and permanently recorded on an immutable public ledger that is spread across thousands of computers worldwide. DigiBtye market is still online.


    1. more secure

    By putting safety first, our decisions help ensure that transactions, mining and blockchain distribution are as dispersed as possible.

    (1) Global decentralization

    The DigiByte blockchain spans more than 200,000 servers, computers, phones and nodes worldwide.

    (2) 5 mining algorithms

    Compared to a single algorithm blockchain, DigiByte uses five security and advanced encryption mining algorithms to prevent mining centralization.

    (3) Advanced difficulty stability

    Difficulty adjustments protect the blockchain from multiple forms of malicious attacks. By creating and implementing DigiShield and MultiShield, DigiByte has the most advanced difficulty stability of any blockchain in the world today.

    2. faster trading

    The DigiByte module appears on the network every 15 seconds, making DigiByte the fastest UTXO blockchain in the world today. DGB is 40 times faster than Bitcoin.

    (1) 15 second block

    DigiByte has the fastest block speed of any public UTXO blockchain in the world today, with 15 second block timing.

    (2) Early SegWit implementation

    Segregation witnesses allow for multiple innovations on the DigiByte blockchain, such as cross-chain transactions and single confirmation transactions.

    (3) Block chain rigidity

    Unlike other transactions on other blockchains, DigiByte deals are limited in size and range to increase speed, efficiency and throughput. Most importantly, this can be kept safe.

    3. Forward thinking

    In the past 4 years, DigiByte has repeatedly ranked first with multiple blockchains, such as SegWit, MultiAlgo Mining and DigiShield.

    (1) Network security

    DigiByte blockchain technology can be leveraged and applied to applications to fix the 90% of the most common vulnerabilities affecting the Internet today.

    (2) Internet of Things equipment

    The future of DigiByte includes the focus on applying DigiByte security to IoT devices and services that require powerful communications.

    (3) Human wisdom

    By combining advances in DigiByte blockchain technology with artificial intelligence, we are exploring new innovations in automation and data analysis.

    DigiByte Info

    The current DigiByte price is $0.024036, decreasing of 0.09%.
  27. ZaggProtocol

    ZaggProtocol Jackobian

  28. cryptoforfun

    cryptoforfun Jackobian

    The current public opinion orientation of Ethereum is not ideal. Through the collection of statistics on the ETF coin’s related Twitter content, it is believed that the negative emotions about Ethereum occupy the dominant position of the current public opinion. On July 16th, Tetras Capital, a well-known hedge fund in the encryption market, published a research report titled ‘The Flippening of Market Irrationality’. People think this is the beginning of the market to weaken the Ethereum.

    But what really ignited the market’s bearish Ethereum sentiment was an article published by TechCrunch a month ago entitled ‘The Collapse of ETH is Inevitabl’, causing the continued collapse of Ethereum prices.

    Many Ethereum singers believe that the price of a large number of ERC20 tokens will be zero in the future. They have to sell the cryptocurrencies they have collected from ICO (especially Ethereum and Bitcoin) for the sake of the project. Currently, the value of crypto assets held by some projects within the Ethereum ecosystem far exceeds the market value of these projects.

    This phenomenon, which has the largest decline in Ethereum, deserves our attention, as it may mean that Ethereum is oversold in the past 90 days relative to other smart contract platforms and may be superior in the next 90 days. From the historical data of the past three years, even if we do not include the large-scale bull market in 2017, we can find that Ethereum has achieved positive returns in the last quarter of each year, which shows the price of Ethereum and Bitcoin. The trend has a seasonal pattern.

    Ethereum and Bitcoin prices are highly correlated and linked. As the leading asset in the cryptocurrency market, the price trend of Bitcoin determines the general direction of the market. In the past two weeks, bitcoin prices have fluctuated between $6,100 and $6,500. And we conclude from a long-term technical analysis that Bitcoin needs to break through $7,500 to usher in a bull market again. This also correspondingly set a significant ‘threshold’ for the price break of Ethereum.

    In conclusion, we believe that Ethereum market has a strong enough price increase, but the Bitcoin price trend will be a potential risk factor. So before Bitcoin does not break through $7,500 to form an uptrend or break below $6,000 to form a downtrend, and as the US exchange’s decision on the CBOE Bitcoin ETF approaches, trading price fluctuations in Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies will likely further Increase, be sure to do risk management of assets when trading.
  29. cryptoforfun

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    According to an article in the cryptocurrency journal Diar on September 17, at present, more than 55% of the Bitcoin currency in circulation is placed in a wallet with a balance of at least 200 Bitcoins. In the past 11 months, as the Bitcoin price broke through the $5,000 mark, the value of Bitcoin in these wallets has exceeded $1 million. Impressively, one-third of the Bitcoins in these wallets have never been traded abroad. This may mean that the owner of the wallet has lost the private key, thus reducing the actual Bitcoin. The supply is either a firm believer in the cryptocurrency.

    Despite the deep bear market in 2018, long-term investors still have confidence in Bitcoin currency. Diar’s data shows that, based on the current price of Bitcoin, most of the circulating Bitcoin (55%) is placed in the wallet with a value of more than $1.3 million.

    More than 87% of Bitcoin is stored in a wallet with a balance of at least 10 Bitcoins (more than $60,000) — the total value is slightly less than the $100 billion of the total Bitcoin market value. However, these wallet addresses only account for 0.7% of all Bitcoin addresses.

    At the same time, the number of wallet addresses with a balance of at least 100 Bitcoins (worth at least $640,000) is only less than 0.1% of all Bitcoin addresses, but it accounts for 62% of total Bitcoin circulation.

    Of course, the wallet address with the most Bitcoin is not the richest investor, because the wallet with the largest number of Bitcoins belongs to the cryptocurrency exchange that holds the Bitcoin on behalf of the customer. In fact, the number of Bitcoins contained in the wallets managed by the five major exchanges currently accounts for 3.8% of the total Bitcoin supply, valued at approximately $4.2 billion.

    The strong believers of Bitcoin have been purchased Bitcoin.

    When Bitcoin history prices reached their highest point in December 2017, 42% of Bitcoins with more than 200 Bitcoins were never transferred. Since then, the number of Bitcoins contained in approximately 27% of wallets has continued to increase.

    However, an analysis conducted earlier this year by blockchain analysis firm Chainalysis showed that between December 2017 and April 2018, the total selling price of Bitcoin was as high as $30 billion. According to the report, as early as April this year, nearly one-third of the Bitcoin supply was concentrated in the hands of 1,600 people. But for long-term investors, this is a good thing. Chainanalyze indicates that up to 30% of the Bitcoin supply is in a state of loss or untapped, and the recent analysis by Diar is also consistent with Chainanalyze’s estimate.
  30. cryptoforfun

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    Here’s the latest Litecoin news you might want to know:

    Insight Chain market research: Only 10 percent of investors chose to take a long view of Litecoin

    The research chain Insight Chain (INB) released the results of the Wright currency market research. A total of 693 valid questionnaires were collected in Insight DApp, of which only 10.9% of investors took a long view of Litecoin, and the proportion of bearish investors was about 57.5%. At the price level of $53, 79.4% of investors are at a loss, while 19.9% of investors have a loss of more than 50%, which means that the number of investors who bought the Litecoin in June or before this year is still Quite a lot. In the choice of stop loss, 31.9% of investors chose to sell stop loss when they fell below 45 US dollars, accounting for the largest proportion, while the proportion of investors holding long-term holdings was about 19.5%.

    Foreign media issued: Litecoin is better than Bitcoin in three aspects

    The Zycrypto website recently published three main reasons for investing in Litecoin over investment in Bitcoin by analyzing the various elements and mechanisms of Bitcoin and Litecoin. First, Litecoin exchange speed is much faster; second, Litecoin is more comfortable and convenient for payment and trading; third, Litecoin mining consumes far less resources than Bitcoin.

    Charlie Lee: I hope the community will surpass the limits of speculation

    According to Ambcrypto, Litecoin LTC founder Charlie Lee recently said at a blockchain industry conference that users of digital currency are mostly at the stage of speculation. But he hopes that the community can go beyond the limits of speculation and realize that Litecoin is a sound digital currency. He also believes that humans may need a generation of time to realize the value of digital currency in terms of freedom of acquisition.

    Charlie Lee: Litecoin will always be the cheapest and fastest on the lightning network.

    According to the report of bitcoinist, Li Qiwei issued a message on Twitter that recently the Litecoin price was threatened by people trying to suppress the price of Litecoin through FUD. In this regard, in order to explain the high security in the network, he stressed that the miners lack the motivation to attack it, because it will devalue the $150 million in hardware investment. Regarding liquidity, he pointed out that nine major payment processors support Litecoin transactions, and the network handles $200 million in transactions per day. He added that Litecoin will always be the cheapest and fastest on the lightning network.
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