Live Daily Bitcoin Trading: Which Altcoins Should I Invest In Next? [top 3 Picks]

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    Which crypto should I invest in next: top 3 daily picks

    Some of us are fond of asking this question: Which crypto should I invest in next?
    In reality, that question is wrong especially for those that have known cryptos for a while and understands the fundamental concept of cryptocurrency investments but for those that are new and do not know them, it's perfectly in order.
    In this thread, i will show you just
    1. why you should not be asking such questions as:Which crypto should i invest in next?
    2. Also, how to know which cryptos to invest in
    3. Lastly, daily updates on which cryptos you should be looking at to invest in!

    Ready for it?
    Let's take it one after the other!

    1. Why you should not be asking such questions as:Which crypto should i invest in next?

    It's simple!

    This question shows that you do not understand cryptos because if you do, you will be able to dictate which cryptos to invets in on your own as long as you have some time to look at some of the statistics and what's going on at any point in time in the crypto world.
    One of the first rules of INVESTMENTS goes this way:
    Do not invest in something you do not understand!
    It's that simple.

    Here on Jackobian, we have done our best to educate people on how they should invest and i have written some articles for those that are new and need the very basic things to start with. I will share the linksfor you below to check them out and start learning.

    IMPORTANT: i strongly encourage you to start learning about cryptocurrency and how to invest in them for yourself because it definitely has a great long term reward for you and all you may be helping. Besides it's both simple and fun.

    To learn How to start Investing in cryptocurrency,
    First understand what Bitcoin is if you have not been able to do so by going here: Bitcoin-in-1-week Tutorial For Nigerians, Turning Newbies 2 Pro

    1.2: Thereafter, learn what altcoins mean here: What Are Altcoins? The Simplest Explanation For A Newbies
    1.3: Then you can learn how to start Investing in these cryptos proper here: My 6 Best Advice On Cryptocurrency Investment For Old & New Investors

    By the time you are done with the above, you will be well-equipped to start investing and you will not need to ask such quesitons as Which crypto should i invest in next?
    That said, let's tackle the second problem with cryptocurrency investments!

    2. Also, how to know which cryptos to invest in

    If you have problem with getting the promising cryptos to inevst in, i suggest you read what is directly above this as thatshows that you are new to cryptocurrency. By the time you read that, you will be able to understand better how to manage your account and discover promising cryptocurrencies to invest in.
    However, just incase you are not entirely a newbie, i will leave you with these tips on how to know which cryotos to Invest in!
    We developed a trading strategy known as gainers and losers and it's a very direct way to find yourself moving in the acceptable directioin as a cryptocurrency investor or trader and you should learn about it here: How To Trade Cryptocurrency With Coinmarketcap (gainers-losers)
    It's a straightforward process and even newbies will be able to use it so go check it out!

    2.2: CryptoGame! If you have been around Jackobian for a while, then am pretty sure that you know one or two things about this style of investment. This is the second method of investing for those that are not really pros in cryptos that i will suggest for anyone: How Jackobian's Cryptogame Works - Journey Of Hungry Crypto Lords

    3. Lastly, daily updates on which cryptos you should be looking at to invest in!

    Yeah, that's what this
    thread is going to be based on!
    This thread will show you the top 3 updates on cryptos that you should invest in daily.
    Hence, everyDAY, there will be new TOP 3 CRYPTOS TO INVEST IN SHARED HERE!

    WHO will be sharing the Updates?

    I will be here daily to share mine by God's grace but it's not limited to me alone!
    Anyone with ideas can equally do the same. It's allowed!
    So, if you know of any promising cryptos that people can invest in and make some money, you are welcome to share it here on this thread too!
    If you have any questions, suggestions, etc, you are welcome to ask them below and i will do my best to assist you!

    Note: There is no way to be 100% sure that a suggestion will work out alright so you make use of suggestions you get here as a suggestion which has a chance of succeeding and also a chance of not.
    You bear full risks of what you do with your money however, we will always do our best to provide the best of what's available!
    Also, it's advisable to spread your money evenly across the cryptos suggested as by so doing you become sort of proof to sways in the expected events of things!

    Don't forget that the crypto Guardians are also always around to assist you so you have nothing to worry about as you are SUPERfinE!
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    Fire the shots, man. I am waiting.
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    we need to aim well bro:ninja:.
    God help us!:rolleyes:
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    you are most welcome cryptic!
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    we all fired up.... shot bro
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  8. Prezzy

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    Lols. that's it guys. ETH is my first suggestion.
    you will be surprised at what will happen next to eth and dash so go get it now!
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  9. zingo

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    how do i set my tab trader?
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    Tab Trader app for Android set up
    I personally won't encourage that bro. It's not difficult though.

    You need the API from your trading account online which you can get through settings
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    See if you can follow the pictures bro

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  12. zingo

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    Is not necessary? Pls can you give reasons, I'm just new to crypto
  13. Chime

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    Let's go invest in Ripple, digibyte and GamesCredit.
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    Digibyte is presently very high bro. About 25% for a while.
    I expect it to drop in a few days anyway
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    I am following
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    alright guys, it's been a while and i have a good crypto for us all!
    it's siacoinhave a look:
    upload_2017-7-7_9-38-56.png-Daily Bitcoin Trading: Which Altcoins Should I Invest In Next? [top 3 Picks]

    and this

    upload_2017-7-7_9-39-17.png-Daily Bitcoin Trading: Which Altcoins Should I Invest In Next? [top 3 Picks]

    it's been dropping and you should be getting ready to invest here!

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    just stay close bro
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    I'm checking some TA on it, I would try to get back to the house
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    Nice one.
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    and TA is?
  24. Prezzy

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    good to see you. am sure you won't leave us behind bro
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    bought siacoin a while back
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    TA means technical analysis
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    How about participating in ongoing ico's?
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    Waiting patiently too
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  29. Prezzy

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    @gbolahan will give you the information you need on that bro.

    Basically, ICOs are real good and I encourage participation!
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