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Crypto Investments For Nigerians: My 3 Best Platforms In 2018

Discussion in 'Bitcoin Investments | Discussions' started by Prezzy, Jun 3, 2018.

  1. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    For many newbies in the space, Cryptocurrency could be something that only PROs succeed in but that's far from the truth. Well, maybe there's an element of truth in it because it's the PROs that easily find Refined information about investing . In this article , I want to share some of those refined information with the newest of people in Cryptocurrency environment.
    My goal is that, even if you are new to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, you will be able to find a number of places where you can put your money once and earn reasonable income periodically as I and my friends have been doing for a while now!

    Who's This Post For?

    Actually I want to direct it to people who are busy offline/elsewhere and people who are new online and only need somewhere that they can put their money online in Cryptocurrency so it can work for them and earn more as time goes on!
    But of course , even If you have been around as an investor or observer in cryptocurrency, this can still serve a good purpose for you.

    Is it Really Possible to make Money on the Internet? And in Cryptocurrency?

    Sure it is. As a matter of fact , I will as well add that it is even EASIER to grab a chunk of money online than it is offline!
    Well, that depends on a lot of things starting from opportunities taken and things tried .
    But just in case you are seriously wondering if it's possible to earn some money by doing something online, it really is as long as you are doing the right things.

    Yes, the right things because being present on Facebook will not make you any money but doing some Airdrops bounties, investing can help you earn. That's why I stated categorically - the right things.

    Again, there are lots of those 'right things' out there. However , they are not equally good in terms of ROI and ease of use . In fact so many of them are good enough for diversifying your investment and nothing more. That's why we will focus on the top 3.

    Let's dive in ...

    1. ION - ionomy.
    Website = — The Business of Fun

    ION is not really all about investing but as with most cryptocurrency , while they offer some unique services, they also bring an investment opportunity along for investors to key into.

    Ion is a Cryptocurrency created for the gaming industry. It is basically the currency with which gamers can purchase items in different games that has adopted the ion currency.
    Also, it also serves as a reward for gamers . You can liken ION the valuable rewards that gamers have been searching for since the beginning of games.
    If you have ever wished you could turn
    the goodies you get in games into something that has value in real life then ion does that for you

    How you Can earn Passive Income with Ion Investment

    Ion isn't the only masternode investment out there but I chose it for sole reasons.

    Why Ion Masternode ?
    • It's cheap
    • You can set up a managed staking account instead of a Masternode if you wish.
    • Very easy to set up !

    Ion presents investment opportunities in terms of Masternodes and Stakers .

    They basically means - keep some ION somewhere and they will generate more ions for you which you can sell at the exchanges such as Bittrex for money!

    How to Start Earning with Ion Masternode or Staker?

    1. Visit their website and sign up for an account @ — The Business of Fun

    2. Deposit some Bitcoins and then buy Ions
    Deposit some ions directly which can be bought at Bittrex exchange.

    3. Visit
    Then stake your coins!
    You can use the hosted masternode service on their web.

    What does it cost to stake your coins at ION?

    I run a staking account at ION and it costs 250 Ions to start staking
    250 ions x $1.44 = $360

    So it will cost $360 at the moment to start staking!

    How much do you stand to earn for Staking?

    You earn about 0.205 Ions daily which translates to 0.205 x $1.44 = $0.295 in profits daily.

    From this calculation, it's going to take you at least 3 years to break even which is pretty slow.

    However, if the value of Ion doubles, it will only take a year and a half.
    And ion has a pretty decent growth. As at the time I reviews Ion last year, it was hanging around $0.4.
    Presently , ION costs $1.44 which is more than 3x in value.

    How about Ion Masternodes?

    It's equally a very decent way of making cool money. Though it's costlier as well .

    Masternode Count: 539
    Last Block: 649540
    Blocks in Last 24H: 1426
    Average Daily Rewards: 2.6
    Average Reward Freq: 9.2 hours
    Reward Block Size: 5.75 ION
    Time to Block Reduction: 256.3 days
    Average Daily Income: 14.95 ION
    Price: 0.0001942 BTC / $1.484 USD
    Projected Daily Income: $22.19
    Projected Weekly Income: $155.33
    Projected Monthly Income: $674.94
    Masternodes require 20,000 ION

    As you can see, an ION masternode will cost 20000 x 1.44 = $28,800

    Source of information: ION Masternode Statistics - Block stats, projected income levels and growth charts

    Side note: The Profitability of Ion Masternode is a roughly the same as that of a staking account !

    More on Ion...

    Ionomy Investment Opportunities

    Ion Crypto Review - Ionomy Masternode Is A Pie For Investors!

    We will also look at the other two types of Investments that can help you earn through the internet soon!
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  3. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    We move on.....
  4. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    My Second best Investment in Crypto !

    Yeah. I have been a miner since the time I learned that I could produce bitcoins too even though it's a few Satoshi.
    A stroll in the forums will reveal some of my early investments, mistakes , profits and all.

    Am truly grateful to mining and Satoshi for thinking about it and God for making it possible.

    What does Bitcoin mining stand for?

    Simply put, mining is the process by which new bitcoins are produced . It's that simple.

    Quickly How do we make money from Bitcoin Mining?

    This is the hard part or at least it used to be. Generally you can attempt to mine Bitcoins on your own as a Nigerian but there are a lot of downsides which I won't bother mentioning here.
    The summary of it all is that presently, it's best to mine Bitcoins with some companies outside of Nigeria and have them send your Bitcoins back rather than buying the mining machines and operating them in Nigeria!

    Investing in Bitcoin mining. How?

    There are lots of companies out there. Again there's a lot that goes into knowing which one is the best but the major factor presently is the DURATION OF THE MINING CONTRACT THAT THE COMPANY IN QUESTION IS OFFERING TO IT'S CUSTOMERS.

    There's only one bitcoin mining company which is offering LIFETIME contracts at the moment and it's = Not available | Hashing24

    I have spoken much about Bitcoins mining so I will simply point you in the necessary direction for further education on the subject .

    How profitable is Bitcoin Mining Now?
    Learn = Bitcoin Mining Update: How Much Can 1th/s Hashpower Earn For You?

    How much does it cost to get started in Bitcoin mining?
    Learn = How Much For 1th/s? Hashrate Becoming Cheaper At Hashing24!

    What really is Bitcoin mining?

    What Is Bitcoin Mining? Beginners Guide To The Process

    How To Start Bitcoin Mining In Nigeria & Make Money

    How do I really get started with Mining Bitcoins like right Now???

    Alright... Easy one. Just click here => How To Buy Or Sell 'costly' Bitcoin Hash Power Via Hashing24 Auction
  5. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    Last but not the Least... My Best way of Earning passive Income through the Internet!

    It's MINEXCOIN parking!

    I know you are new to the word parking but it is more or less a synonym for STAKING and remember we have discussed about staking above already.

    Why Minex? Why is it a cool Investment?

    I think it has to do with the TEAM behind the platform. And their focus on what they are developing.

    I have seen progress at minex since inception thanks to constant updates by @gbolahan

    Personally, I haven't invested any money into MINEXCOIN largely because for its high cost of entry for someone like me who would love to start on a relatively high note.

    Meanwhile if all you care about is a sound investment that earns for you on a daily then minex provides you with an opportunity you should really consider.

    Inviting @gbolahan to Educate us on MINEXCOIN investments!...

    We have seen different updates on this platform in the past thanks to @gbolahan .He's an investor and a believer in this coin and he will be telling us more about the investment especially as it has to do with these topics:
    1. Cost of entry
    2. Expected ROI
    3. How to get started!
    So come and rescue us Buddy.....
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  6. SIC

    SIC Active

    If you don't mind could we get a list of reputable companies that mine apart from hashflare & hashing24. I am alternating among several coins, have got BTC & DOGECOIN. Looking into more profitable coins like LTC, XMR & ETH.

    Thanks .

    Also @gbolahan thanks for the Nexus info. Gracias
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  7. gbolahan

    gbolahan GBOLAHAN Crypto Guardian

    Alright bro...
  8. gbolahan

    gbolahan GBOLAHAN Crypto Guardian

    :crying:......i have forgotten about Nexus
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  9. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    Glad to see that again man.
    So is the only one I can recommend now but others are:
    • very cool like others though)
    Again, presently, nothing beats lifetime contracts
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  10. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    If it's an airdrop, it should be in your wallet I trust you
  11. SIC

    SIC Active

    Thanks @Prezzy am also patiently waiting for genesis, plus it seems these are the most perceived popular cloud mining companies. Sir @gbolahan thanks for the gigantic watt, really appreciate what you guys are doing on here. Merci
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  12. SIC

    SIC Active

    Thanks @Prezzy am also patiently waiting for genesis, plus it seems these are the most perceived popular cloud mining companies. Sir @gbolahan thanks for the gigantic watt, really appreciate what you guys are doing on here. Merci
  13. SIC

    SIC Active

    Also @Prezzy if there are any other benefits you discover on hashing24 please share, apart from the lifetime benefit I just don't see any other things.

    Public notice: Maintenance fee on hashflare is dropping significantly am amazed ($0.80 - 0.60), hope everything is going well with them sa.

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  14. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    Yes everything is going both well and bad for them.
    They might want to attract customers by dropping maintenance fees but we need lifetime investments. I think that's the surest way to keep us buying more hashrate at their website.
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  15. Doronize

    Doronize Upcoming