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    Crypto Block Wars

    If you want to play a game with real gameplay on the ethereum network, then you're gonna love Block Wars.
    A game that turns the world into a warzone of blocks, with each block representing a home town or city. You can pick any blocks on the world that you want and fortify them against attacks using ETH, or you can conquer other players blocks which have been fortified with their own ETH.
    Its a grand strategy game, for mass online playing, similar to the classic boardgame called Risk. Except in this game, you can make a lot of ETH by being the best warmonger out there! Strategize. Conquer. Fortify. Move. Make money.
    Good luck soldiers.

    Launch time: May 7th 8PM UTC+2

    (PS. Make sure to check out the website Block Wars where you can win some free genesis blocks worth 0.1 ETH by joining the raffle before the official launch).

    Website: Block Wars
    Discord: Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers
    YouTube: Block Wars
    Medium: Block Wars – Medium
    Telegram: Block Wars
    Twitter: Block Wars (@BlockWarsLive) | Twitter
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