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    {filename}-Corel Draw Tutorials For Beginners

    CorelDraw has a long endearing history of being the graphic designer's best friend, maybe in print design.

    It is a vector-based illustration program, which has become a mainstream illustrator program, that is capable of using system-installed outline fonts without requiring third-party software.

    However, if you are a CorelDraw expert, you may read this compilation of best CorelDraw tutorials to refresh your memory; but, for beginners, you are welcome to the suite of best CorelDraw tutorials that will get you started in no time.

    CorelDraw Tutorial on Resetting It to factory setting

    How do I reset my CorelDraw to factory settings?

    Follow these steps to reset CorelDraw to factory settings:

    • Open CorelDRAW.

    • Go to the Tools menu then the Options dialog box (Ctrl+J) and click on the Workspace tab.

    • Switch to the v12 default Workspace.

    • Click OK and close the dialog window.

    • Close the program.

    • Reopen the program while holding down the F8 key.

    • When the dialog box appears, press the Yes button. This will return your program to the factory defaults.
    {filename}-Corel Draw Tutorials For Beginners
    CorelDraw (Coreldraw)
    for the full CorelDraw tutorial on how to restore CorelDraw to factory settings. Read up in case you have later versions of CorelDraw that these steps may not work effectively for.

    CorelDraw tutorial on getting Started

    You are about to get familiar with the basic components of the CorelDraw interface. You will learn different menus, functions, features, dropdowns alongside their symbols and what you could achieve with them.

    This video CorelDraw tutorial for beginners is the best way to start your graphic design experience with the application.

    It shows you where to find hints, in case you get lost on the way or you some shortcut commands to work faster.

    The 'Window' tab found in the top left corner of CorelDraw interface has access to most features, if not all, on the interface. If there is any feature you need but cannot locate, consult the 'Window' tab to open it.

    This and much more will give a good idea of how the interface is setup and it makes it easier to navigate while you design.

    CorelDraw tutorial on logo design

    Logo design seems to be the most basic thing people do when they start using CorelDraw. Why?

    {filename}-Corel Draw Tutorials For Beginners
    A CorelDraw creativity (Design idea)

    Every business, whether small or big needs a logo. And someone has to design it. There is other graphics design application for logo obviously.

    But being a vector-based illustrator makes many people recommend CorelDraw for logo design.

    How do I design logo with CorelDraw?

    You need to learn to use functions within CorelDraw such as Ellipse Tool and Text Tool. Learning how to use both CorelDraw tools, how to combine them to create and label Basic Shapes puts you on the right track for logo design.

    I find this CorelDraw tutorial simple enough to teach you how to create simple but the professional-looking logo for businesses in your first week, as a beginner at least.

    Shapes, text and colour combination form the components of most logos you will ever design. So, get a good grasp of how to use these tools, and you are on your way to earning some cash despite being a beginner graphics designer.

    CorelDraw tutorial on drawing

    After designing logos with CorelDraw a couple of times using basic shapes and tools, you may have the need to be more flexible with your craft.

    {filename}-Corel Draw Tutorials For Beginners
    CorelDraw drawing (Pinterest)

    Sometimes, pre-defined shapes or geometry provided by the application may not be very suitable for your next design.

    Thus, you will need to learn to draw with 'freehand' in order create the kind of design you want from the scratch by yourself.

    How do I draw using CorelDraw?

    Pen Tool, Freehand Tool, and 3-Point Curve tool are the CorelDraw tools you will mostly use to draw all sort of things you need bring your design to live.

    This basic CorelDraw Drawing tools tutorial will teach you how to use these tools to draw, edit and perfect your customs shapes and designs.

    DISCLAIMER: you don't necessarily need to be a Fine Arts graduate to be able to draw with CorelDraw. People who can basically draw stick figures can use these CorelDraw drawing tools to craft some awesome design.

    CorelDraw tutorial on brushes

    Brushes in CorelDraw, like other graphics design application, are spice. They let you add spark to your design.

    As a beginner, you could learn how to use free brushes built into CorelDraw or you can download third-party brushes and install them.

    {filename}-Corel Draw Tutorials For Beginners
    CorelDraw (Pinterest)

    Beyond these options, you could as well learn to make custom brushes by yourself.

    How do I use CorelDraw brushes?

    The type of design you wish to make determines what CorelDraw brush to use and how to manipulate it. This is a good tutorial on how to use CorelDraw brushes.

    Learn how to add cool design brushes to your t-shirts with CorelDRAW with the tutorial.

    How I create custom CorelDraw brushes?.

    Learn how to create, edit and manipulate custom CorelDraw brushes for your designs in this CorelDraw tutorial.

    Custom CorelDraw brushes turn out breezy and make your design look unique when you master them.

    I hope this helps.

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