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    Today is the day!

    Coinone, a global cryptocurrency exchange which is ranked in the top ten of the world's largest exchange of services in Indonesia under the name Coinone Indonesia.

    Platform Coinone Indonesia will be a marketplace for users in Indonesia to be able to buy and sell cryptocurrency assets safely. At the start of the launch, Coinone Indonesia will present QTUM market for the first time in Indonesia along with more than six other types of crypto assets. Bringing the mission to become The Gateway of Blockchain, Coinone Indonesia wants to be the entrance for the layman to recognize the concept of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

    With more than five years of experience in running a major exchange in South Korea, Coinone Indonesia has an in-depth knowledge of the industry's qualified cryptocurrency, liquidity, and has applied the latest matching engine technology. Founded by a world-class white hacker, Coinone Indonesia will focus on protecting user assets by implementing various stabilizers tools: Multi-Sig Wallet, 2FA, Cold Wallet.

    Today, April 16, 2018, pre-registration begins at 15:00 pm. For 10,000 lucky people enrolling in Pre-Registration will get Free Fee 0.00% Coupon and Qtum Airdrop.

    Please visit:
    Website: Coinone Indonesia (Crypto Exchange)
    Facebook: Coindo
    Instagram: Coinone Indonesia ( • Instagram photos and videos
    Telegram: Coinone Indonesia

    Coinone Indonesia will provide new colors to the cryptocurrency industry in Indonesia through the presentation of international standard services packed locally.

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