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Coinepic Coin: Pre-ico Is Live!

Discussion in 'Altcoins' started by laurapromoter, Sep 7, 2018.

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    Coinepic FIAT-CRYPTO Exchange is MVP READY!


    OUR Mad Scientist are working hard on Webdesign V2 based on a feedback from casual users and power traders

    BTC | LTC | ETH available... many more to come
    EUR | USD | CZK | GBP | RUB | JPY | CHF available... more to come

    NEW FEATURE IMPLEMENTED - CROSS FIAT/CRYPTO TRADING (YOUR order can be sold & bought by another FIAT with automatic FIAT currency conversion)


    Start - 30th August 2018
    End - 30th September 2018

    PRE-ICO Volume Bonuses

    1 – 49 ETH = 4500 CEC / 1ETH
    50 – 199 ETH = 5500 CEC / 1ETH
    200 – 499 ETH = 7000 CEC / 1 ETH
    500 – 999 ETH = 9 000 CEC / 1 ETH
    1000 – 4999 ETH = 12 000 CEC / 1 ETH
    5000+ ETH = To be discussed in person

    Name: Coinepic Coin
    Code: CEC
    Blockchain Technology: Ethereum
    Coin standard: ERC223
    Total Supply: 640 000 000 CEC
    Emission: Once
    Pre-ICO Soft Cap: 545 ETH or equivalent of amount in all currencies together
    Pre-ICO Hard Cap: 64 000 000 CEC (10%)
    Pre-ICO Soft Cap Financial Model: All or nothing (full refund)
    Starting Price: 1ETH = 4500 CEC
    Bonus on volume: YES
    Distribution system: First come, first served

    CEC creation date: 1st. October 2018
    CEC distribution date: 2nd. October 2018
    ICO Time Schedule: Multiple Stages (detailed description in Whitepaper)
    Exchange Listed: Coinepic
    Coin Burn: YES, all unsold after ICO
    Coin Byuable on Coinepic Exchange from: 3rd. October 2018
    Coin Sellable on Coinepic Exchange from: 1st. March 2019
    Coin Tradeable on Coinepic Exchange from: 1st. March 2019


    - 50% Trading Fee reduction
    - 50% CopyTrading Fee reduction
    - 30% Smart Contract Creation Fee reduction
    - Native trading pair coin for deployed smart contracts
    - COIN BUYOUT & many others (detailed description in Whitepaper)

    Whitelist: Optional

    KYC/AML Requirement: FIAT Only

    How to participate in Pre-ICO

    1. Direct Ethereum Transaction WITHOUT using Coinepic Exchange

    Direct Transaction is transfer of ETH directly to our Pre-ICO-ETH wallet without using or registering on Exchange platform.

    Direct ETH transaction is aimed for users that are familiar with this cryptocurrency. Direct Transaction is not possible for BTC and LTC because it is not possible to send tokens to those addresses. BTC and LTC transactions are available only indirectly via our MVP Exchange Platform.

    Advantage: As fast and simple as could be
    Disadvantage: Sending CEC back and forth to Coinepic Exchange

    ETH Minimum: 1 ETH
    ETH Maximum: No limit
    DIRECT ETH Address: 0x901fBdbCC75cb9A95C67aA80e19929D3206fa1Df

    2. Indirect Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum Transaction by using Coinepic Exchange

    With indirect transaction, the most important thing is to send BTC or LTC to Coinepic Exchange first.

    Upon each new account creation unique BTC, LTC and ETH addresses are generated for each user, therefore we are able to pair your BTC address with your ETH address even if ETH hasn't been used in the process at all. Same applies on LTC. If you are transferring BTC or LTC make sure your ETH address is generated on our Exchange Platform. This ETH address will receive CEC.

    Advantage: CEC listed directly under your account as soon as possible
    Disadvantage: New account creation is needed in advance of two transactions to be made. More time consuming than direct transfer

    ETH Minimum: 1 ETH
    ETH Maximum: No limit
    INDIRECT ETH Address: 0x8B4fd4CE1C94A9aC36880E2F25502bfabae4f1bD

    BTC Minimum: 0.1 BTC
    BTC Maximum: No limit
    INDIRECT BTC Address: 17EwhU2q7d63dmdmnYavCrLXP8penunqiE

    LTC Minimum: 5 LTC
    LTC Maximum: No limit
    INDIRECT LTC Address: LbSHib6cnvsmQYM8p5c2CGa36k71mS7MA3

    3. Indirect KYC/AML FIAT Transaction by using Coinepic Exchange

    Do not send directly FIAT to bank account below.
    We will not be able to send CEC to you. Create account with us first and deposit FIAT to one of our official deposit accounts within our exchange. After FIAT is credited to your Exchange account you can perform withdrawal to Pre-ICO-FIAT listed below.

    Investing directly with FIAT is possible however undesirable because of general transparency. We're listing direct wallets and their balances for you to see how well Pre-ICO is performing, with FIAT bank account we are unable to perform such transparency.

    With fiat account you are able to make transaction in two ways. Using our Quick Exchange where platform will change your FIAT money to ETH and then ETH can be sent to Pre-ICO-ETH wallet. Or using withdrawal option to send FIAT from Exchange to our Pre-ICO-FIAT account.

    Advantage: No need to own cryptocurrency
    Disadvantage: Just like with indirect cryptocurrency, you need to create account within our Exchange platform and get KYC/AML verified in advance of two FIAT transactions.

    EUR Minimum: 1 000 EUR
    EUR Maximum: 1 000 000 EUR
    INDIRECT EUR Account: SK1475000000004026075586

    Miroslav Kuco

    If you will not assist us voluntarily... we shall say... "Ni!"





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