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Chicks-btc - Bitcoin Generator - Free 10 000 Satoshi Every Day

Discussion in 'Bitcoin Investments | Discussions' started by honeybtc, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. honeybtc

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    {filename}-Chicks-btc - Bitcoin Generator - Free 10 000 Satoshi Every Day


    Today our bitcoin generator gives You the possibility to get FREE 10 000 Satoshi every day !!!

    Our INVEST PLATFORM gives You the possibility to make profit up to 300 % of your investments in 20 days !

    Our INVEST PLATFORM gives You the possibility to WIN in the super game and double your bets !

    This is a game simulator brothel with the ability to withdraw real money. The player needs to expand his own brothel by hiring a girl, the girls in turn serve customers, thereby increasing the revenue of your brothel.

    The money earned by your brothel is accumulated on your playing game balance of the project investor, from which you can order a payment to your electronic wallet.

    About a FREE girl for hiring.

    This is the chick (girl), for hiring of which you do not need to pay money. It is available to all participants who registered on our website and activated it at the personal account, the opportunity to use the FREE Chick will be given on a temporary basis. Using this Chick, you will be able to receive funds for your wallet for free.

    How does the FREE Chick (girl) work and what are the conditions for withdrawing funds from the hiring a free chick?

    A FREE Chick (girl) can bring a user 10,000 Satoshi per day. It's absolutely free. Every 20 min you need to feed(activate) your free chick (girl) to make her continue bringing profit for you. If you don't feed your free girl - she stops working and she will wait until you feed(activate) her. You can get money form your free chick (girl) to your balance any time you want.

    How to hire a girl to make money?

    Go to your personal account, "Hire Girl" section, choose and hire the girl you want and start earning passively.

    About Super Game

    In the Super Game you can double your bets if you guess in which chest the admin hides his bitcoins. Play by the rules and you'll get lucky !


    How long will the girl I hired bring a profit and what is the amount of this profit?

    The term of validity of hiring any girl, as well as the final income depends on the hiring cost. The more expensive hiring a girl is the faster and more profit she brings you. Below you can see the types of Chicks that are available for hiring at the moment:

    Level 0: FREE Girls! 0.0001 BTC per day ! You can hire only ONE free girl !

    Also you need to feed(activate) free girl every 20 min.

    Level 1: Dressed Girls! Cost: 0.0009 BTC and give you 150% in 30 days.

    Level 2: Big Girls! Cost: 0.0015 BTC and give you 160% in 29 days.

    Level 3: Asia Girls! Cost: 0.0025 BTC and give you 170% in 28 days.

    Level 4: Fitness Girls! Cost: 0.007 BTC and give you 180% in 27 days.

    Level 5: Tatu Girls! Cost: 0.015 BTC and give you 190% in 26 days.

    Level 6: Models Girls! Cost: 0.03 BTC and give you 200% in 25 days.

    Level 7: Duet Girls! Cost: 0.07 BTC and give you 205% in 25 days.

    Level 8: Trio Girls! Cost: 0.02 BTC and give you 220% in 24 days.

    Level 9: Quartet Girls! Cost: 0.5 BTC and give you 250% in 22 days.

    Level 10: Quintet Girls! Cost: 1 BTC and give you 300% in 20 days.

    Minimum deposit ? 0.0003 btc

    Minimum withdrawal ? 0.001 btc

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