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Btcinvestment...the Cheapest Way To Make 16 Btc!!

Discussion in 'Main Forum' started by Sabiboi, Jan 6, 2017.

  1. Sabiboi

    Sabiboi Jackobian


    Turn 0.002BTC (1,200 NAIRA) into 16BTC (7.2 MILLION NAIRA) in 30days using our unique 2*2 matrix and with down lines provided free of charge!

    How does it work?

    Register first and immediately pay your 0.002btc (#1200) to your assigned sponsor.

    Level 1 - Upgrade with 0.002 (#1200)Btc.
    2 people are paired to you, you receive 0.004btc. (#2000)

    Level 2 - Upgrade with 0.003 (#1500) Btc.
    4 people are paired to you, you receive 0.012 Btc (#6000).

    Level 3 - Upgrade with 0.01btc (#4800).
    8 people are paired to you, you receive 0.08btc (#38400).

    Level 4 - Upgrade with 0.05btc (#24000).
    16 people are paired to you, you receive 0.8btc (#384000).

    Finally level 5 - Upgrade with 0.5btc. (#240000)
    32 people are paired to you, you receive 16btc. (7.2 Million).

    And there it ends...
    And you cash out a whooping sum of 16BTC (7.2million naira)
    *Just in a month! *

    Indicate your interest now and join the train!

    Join the whatsapp team!!!

    BTC Investment Nigeria+

    Contact Freddy (07036628737) for more enquiries!

    Success awaits you!!!

    Join the largest team in the world through this link. Downlines are waiting for you

    BTC investments one coin at a time

    Thank you
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  3. Precious4401

    Precious4401 Jackobian

  4. Kingsley 23

    Kingsley 23 Upcoming

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    [11:36AM, 1/1/2017] freeguy: investcashout 50% +20%
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    u can register using this link
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