Buzz Bringing Back Ways To Earn Bitcoins Using Scripts By Phyzyprogrammer

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    Hello Guys am back to #JACKOBIAN not just back but bam back with ways to earn bitcoins using scripts!C! ::
    Hello guys, we are back and with something MAGICAL,
    we found a script bot that can be used on Bitsler, but we dont know who created it yet!
    But in the main time lets all have some fun with it, and the script bot is free!!
    we where able to get a strategy for it that works well with a 500satoshi balance, get it below!

    {filename}-Bringing Back Ways To Earn Bitcoins Using Scripts By Phyzyprogrammer
    <1> Register and login to your Bitsler account on any browser of your choice on PC
    <2> Then Download the script below or here

    <3>Now right click on ur browser and click on inspect element
    <4> Then a tab will open then click on the CONSOLE option and past the script there!
    <5> Then the bot will pop up then set the bot exactly like the way you see the pix below!

    {filename}-Bringing Back Ways To Earn Bitcoins Using Scripts By Phyzyprogrammer
    <6> and see the magic,
    <7> dont forget to contact @AUseAdminBot on telegram for any help plus join our telegram channel @Useofficial

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    Can you teach us how to write scripts?
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    U can msg me on +2348126477708
    To learn