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Review Bowhead Health:a Medical Instruments Build On Blockchain Technology

Discussion in 'Crypto Learning Center (Library)' started by gbolahan, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. gbolahan

    gbolahan GBOLAHAN Crypto Guardian

    As we all know health is something that is very important,there is a saying that "HEALTH IS WEALTH " without health you can't leave a comfortable life.

    Every sectors are seeing the importance of blockchain and they are employing these features of blockchain to make life easier.Here is bowhead health that aim at digitalizing the health sector.

    Bowhead team has started their ICO and the product propose is a device that can monitor the health of individual by connecting it to the internet.Apart for that,this device allow you to receive medical advice from healthcare professionals.It can also dispense personalized selection and dosages of nutritional supplements and medicine based on individual's unique needs.

    Feautures can track your test result and receive medical advice from expert.

    2.You decide whether you want to lease your anonymous health data to research, secured by smart contracts.

    3.You have full control of your health data receives data from at-home test kits, remote test kits and qualitative data via easy to use surveys. unlock a community of medical/naturopathic doctors and wellness coaches. help to stay on top of your vitamin and supplement schedule with timely notifications.

    The bowhead platform
    Bowhead has developed a working prototype and below is the image of this prototypes that has been developed and underdeveloped. IMG_20170717_163258_543.jpg-Bowhead Health:a Medical Instruments Build On Blockchain Technology
    The test reader & dispensing device in the image above is connected to the internet and can monitor the health of individual at home.By the information gather it enabled the health professionals to give timely advice concerning your health.

    Here is how it works
    1.saliva sample is collected by test reader
    2.follow instruction on how to insert the test reader in the dispensing device.
    3.with the aid of special algorithm, the device is able to analyze the test sample and interpret it.
    4.According to the result of the test sample provided, it enable a license health professionals to give a recommendation and dispensing that occur.
    5.Finally all your signals are sent to blockchain technology in which it is monitor securely and stored.

    Here is the deals of ICO
    Total token issue:100 000 000 000tokens
    Start:july 17,2017
    End: august 31,2017
    Price: $0.65 per token

    Facebook: Bowhead Health
    Website: Bowhead Health - The world's first medical instrument powered by blockchain
    White paper: Saved Research - Google Drive

    bitcointalk username: gbolly1151
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