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ICO The Automated Bounty Hunters Platform )

Discussion in 'Altcoins' started by zedzed, Aug 15, 2018.

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    At this brief time period, there is a heavy growth in consumption of digital content and a momentous increase in the relative amount of advertising financial plans or budgets allocated to digital marketing and channels of communication wi
    th the target audience. as described from the website, is an automated influencer marketing platform and bounty programs managing service. It’s built on the“action=reward” model, and it’s based on blockchain technology.

    BountyHunters is all in one platform with manageable interface that consist of all existing social media networks and communication.

    Bountyhunters Platform goals are to help start-ups, ICO projects, and other existing companies to increase knowledge and awareness of its own brand in the market.Its aim is also to increase the amount of significant mentions in social media or social networks and specialized marketing, PR channels, and blogs.


    One of the most important objectives of the project is to improve a project’s efficiency by reducing the time investment and financial cost.

    Additionally, it is to assist the progress of interaction between companies and well active participants in the social networks which are the hunter, influencer and opinion leader by automating all business processes combine with the creation of marketing campaigns, its management, analysis likewise as selection, involvement and targeting of active influencers, along with organizing and establishing the distribution of payments (in fiat currency, tokens, cryptocurrencies or steaks) in agreement with the performed actions.

    Furthermore, it is to create a secure and transparent environment in the influencer marketing arena in order for the company and the owners of social media accounts to benefit and receiving the opportunity to monetize their own subscription base and thousands to millions of readers, acquiring more interesting and relevant content.


    It is designed to increase the awareness of the new brand - a liberty to increase the number of individuals visiting the company’s website and uploading documents, leaving personal contacts, getting knowledge by reading any content about the company.

    It is design to increase amount of valuable content which create an active action form the target audience representatives active involvement of the audience to affiliate and referral tools.

    Ability to increase traffic,audience
    engagement and convert it into quality leads.

    It is designed with built-in analytical tools for gathering and analyzing data of each infl uencer activity which allow to customize the campaign and target it at influencers there by providing the highest quality of leads or clients.


    The Benefits Are:-

    To enhance marketing campaigns. It gives an opportunity to make campaigns more transparent from the standpoint of ROI, CPA.

    It will reduce financial and time costs in combination with product launch and future management.

    It will increase inclusion and coverage of a target audience. It will attract a new audience and present a brand new to a wide but targeted community.

    It will increase ROI and conversion rates within the sales funnel.

    It will save time and money or resources because of the full automation of the processes and automated tracking of activities and payments.

    The system will automatically tracked more
    than thousands and millions activities, and the profits made.

    The project already completed its own development and workflow maintenance costs. The platform has conducted its own rebranding, updated user interface design, increased influencers database, and signed several long-term contracts for the maintenance of the campaigns.

    The team plan to increase it's own influencers base to tens of times, attract to the system a minimum of 20% of planned for 2018 major ICO projects with a minimum fundings of 10 million dollars.


    Website: Bounty Hunters

    White paper:



    Twitter: (@iBountyhunters) | Twitter

    Bitcointalk: Blockchain Solution for Influencer Marketing

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    it's interesting. bounty can now be automated???
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