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ICO Bizshake: The P2p Shearing Ecosystem Based On Neo Blockchain Tech

Discussion in 'Altcoins' started by zedzed, Sep 16, 2018.

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    BizShake is creating an absolute ecosystem of DApps with the objective of enabling and motivating user's to shear owned properties, maximizing the value initiated by their use and optimizing the assets allocation throughout the community itself.The aim of the project is to assist in minimizing the cost of our valuable products for overall society.

    Bizshake is building a multiplatform app that will enable users to interchange the temporary usage right of a specific asset with economic benefits for each party and the app with different languages will be available on both web and mobile devices.

    Business owners and or Retailers will will have the ability to use Bizshake protocols to develope own application according to their marketing choice and needs involved particular languages, assets, geographic boundaries and user groups.The app and partner's app generated on Bizshake ecosystem based on NEO smart contract will be characterized with user and transaction authentication and other useful functions in order to adjust the commmunication between retailers and users in a secure manner.

    The vision of the project team is to create an accessible ecosystem for individuals to shear asset rights within one another in order to improve and assist in attaining standard living and also achieving different benefits in different ways.

    Bizshake is a decentralized Peer to Peer shearing ecosystem that hope to pilot a superior or better life through a modern technology in order to administered Shearing Economy without intermediary costs for trust provision by breaking down transaction fees for users.


    IMG_20180916_135237_422.JPG-Bizshake: The P2p Shearing Ecosystem Based On Neo Blockchain Tech

    1. Blockchain

    Blockchain technology will be of benefit to the project in the following ways:

    Enable the team to cut all intermediaries in the renting or pawning process as well as in the payment process.

    Introduction of transparency and trust needed to relay the security of the renting or pawning process, thereby reducing frauds.

    2. NEO Blockchain

    BizShake aims to develop its ecosystem on NEO Blockchain. NEO Blockchain is been selected because it is the only one that provides advantages among the scanty completed Smart Contract platforms that are presently available.

    • Scalability: The platform is already able of carrying out more than 1,000 TPS transactions per second ands 15 TPS on Ethereum Blockchain. Then with the assistance of NEO, the project is also be able to handle 100,000 TPS by 2020.

    • The cryptography algorithm acquired by the NEO Blockchain is already Quantum Proof, which also means that update or introduction of a new algorithm in the future won't be necessary.

    IMG_20180916_135158_538.JPG-Bizshake: The P2p Shearing Ecosystem Based On Neo Blockchain Tech

    3. User Identification and Credibility Level:

    BizShake dream is to accomplish a certain AI algorithm that will calculate user’s level of credibility based on foregone transactions so that the user will engaged in the dAPPs of BizShake ecosystem, as well as external IDV(Identification Verification) a services that can be seen on NEO Blockchain, including but not limited to Government data, insurance and financial companies, social networks and so on.

    4. Profiling for User Experience Improvement:

    BizShake will be useing all the informations accumulated from any available source after cleaning and approval, to enhance the calculation of the Credibility and also to improve the User Experience assisting user on the platform to find new opportunities that can be of their interest.


    IMG_20180916_135143_331.JPG-Bizshake: The P2p Shearing Ecosystem Based On Neo Blockchain Tech

    IMG_20180916_135125_637.JPG-Bizshake: The P2p Shearing Ecosystem Based On Neo Blockchain Tech

    IMG_20180916_135057_181.JPG-Bizshake: The P2p Shearing Ecosystem Based On Neo Blockchain Tech

    IMG_20180916_135024_941.JPG-Bizshake: The P2p Shearing Ecosystem Based On Neo Blockchain Tech


    Website: BizShake

    White paper:

    Twitter: BizShake (@BizShake_ico) on Twitter

    Medium: BizShake – Medium

    Telegram: BizShake Official

    Facebook: BizShake


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