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    IMG_20180512_221119_367.JPG-Bitxoxo Delevering Bitcoin At Your Doorstep

    Bitxoxo is the fastest growing Bitcoin exchange. We are the first Bitcoin exchange to launch physical Bitcoin Pre-Paid gift card. Here in Bitxoxo we always make sure to give the finest services of buy, sell, hold and use bitcoin for all bitcoin users worldwide.


    At Bitxoxo exchange, we offer the widest spectrum of services for the people in India. You can easily buy or sell and even gift Bitcoins to your friends and family within minutes. Bitxoxo is the World’s first company to launch Bitcoin Physical Gift Card. Also, we will be incorporating more services on Bitxoxo; like PoS System for Merchants, Bitcoin Payment Gateway for e-commerce websites, travel portals, recharges, and shopping, etc. Very soon our users will be able to spend their bitcoins as well on bitxoxo.com.

    We believe there are many companies offering the same services as we do. However, they are only competitors if we deliver the same level of services they do. Our greatest competitive advantage at Bitxoxo is that we catapult above all others in the industry by delighting every customer by doing far more than our customers would dream we'd do. Bitxoxo delivers wow by exceeding every of our customer's expectations by providing our customer's unique Bitcoin trading platform with 100% satisfaction.

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    Experienced Founding Team

    The founding team has a collective experience of more than 15 years in the cryptocurrency trading.

    Fast Execution

    Our system is designed with high concurrency to process thousands of trades per second.

    Real time Trade

    Using our automated system, all our Buying/Selling trades are processed instantly.

    Flexible Interface

    Our intuitive interface allows our users with a great trading experience.

    Mobile Optimised

    Allows users, referrers and authorisers to work from any mobile device.

    Blockchain Technology

    Financial system technology which uses an Internet network that does not depend on a single server.

    Incredible Support

    Bitxoxo offers 24x7 Customer Support to its users.

    Successful Track Record

    Bitxoxo is successfully running since 2016 and growing rapidly to become a leading exchange.


    Security of funds and user information is our top priority. Our security team is continually improving our end-to-end security measures, improving auditing processes, and reducing the 'attack surface' of our infrastructure.


    Recently, Bitxoxo launched its trading app. The app available for free for both the Android and iOS users. The app has been tried and tested through an expert team of company’s developers and has a very easy interface which will make users trading experience hassle-free from several steps and will be updated with cryptocurrency price every time for buying and selling.

    Bitxoxo is committed to provide The Best trading experience to all its users through its app on both iOS & Android Platform. Now Bitxoxo users can buy or sell cryptocurrency on the go..

    {filename}-Bitxoxo Delevering Bitcoin At Your Doorstep


    Some important information about our XOXO Token. ECONOMIC MODEL

    Symbol XOXO
    Token Supply 20,000,000 XOXO
    Token Type ERC20
    Pre-ICO Sale Tokens 5,000,000 XOXO
    ICO Sale Tokens 10,000,000 XOXO
    Founders, Advisors and Team 5,000,000 XOXO
    Token Price during Pre-ICO Sale $1.5/XOXO (25% Discount)
    Token Price during ICO-Sale $2/XOXO
    Soft Cap $5,000,000
    Hard Cap $27,500,000
    Unsold Tokens : Will be kept by company with a vesting period of 1 year and will be used for future developments.

    Bitxoxo launched country’s first ICO Launchpad service for it users and ICO/Pre-ICO blockchain projects. Through Bitxoxo’s ICO Launchpad, our users can invest into ICO’s listed on our ICO Launchpad. These ICO are selected and shortlisted by our team of Blockchain and cryptocurrency experts. We only select those projects which may have high future potentials and having team fully dedicated towards their project. Also we scrutinize the technology and available codebase, as well as project maturity and progress. Furthermore, we utilize industry leading advisers and aggregate data sources to further evaluate the core components of what makes a successful project before, during, and after the token sale.

    Currently, only Indian users who have KYC verified account on Bitxoxo.com can invest in the listed ICOs on our Launchpad using their Bitxoxo’s Balance. But very soon users around the globe can invest into ICOs on our ICO Launchpad. We are currently developing a system to integrate international KYC and Anti-Money Laundering safeguards so that international users can also use our platform to contribute in live ICOs.

    Not only users but our ICO Launchpad made fundraising simpler for blockchain projects. As all the contributors on Bitxoxo already holds KYC verified accounts, so it skips the whitelisting process which is very difficult to manage in most of the ICOs. Bitxoxo also markets the ICOs listed on its launchpad to more than 100,000+ Bitxoxo.com subscribers as well as advertise it on all its partner websites having more than 10 million impressions per day.

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