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Bitozz: The World's Leading Futures And Options Trading Platform

Discussion in 'ICOs & Bounties (free bitcoins!)' started by Lekato, Nov 8, 2018.

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    BITOZZ: The World's Leading Futures And Options Trading Platform

    The adoption and introduction of blockchain technology has been tipped to be the best investment of the time. Despite the progress recorded through the use of blockchain technology the world still suffer in the area of good trading system for crypto-currency. This has been a major problem in crypto-space and quick solutions need to be provided if crypto-currency is to be accepted globally. This is the reason why a group of people with well trading and exchange experience launching BITOZZ platform so as to provide a possible solutions to the issue of crypto-currency trade. This BITOZZ trading platform will be a revolutionary help through its outstanding mission and vision to ensure differences and improvement in the trading techniques among crypto-traders globally. The fact that BITOZZ platform is made up of an intellect and great team with a direct and clear solutions facing crypto-currency trade has been a relieved to elites simply because they all believed the BITOZZ projects is in good hands.

    {filename}-Bitozz: The World's Leading Futures And Options Trading Platform

    Before I go further about the importance of BITOZZ project, I would like to quickly explain some of the problem facing the previous crypto-currency exchange which has led BITOZZ to launch a new crypto- trading platform. Some of the problems include LACK OF LEVERAGE trading options, INSECURITY, LACK OF TRANSPARENCY, HIGH TRANSACTION FEES/HIGH CARRYING COST, TRADITIONAL ORDER TYPES SUCH AS LIMIT AND MARKET ORDER. All these mentioned above has been the problem facing the trading platform
    LACK OF TRANSPARENCY in the previous exchange and trading has been something bothering traders mind. Often times traders are been kept in the loop as a result of lack of transparency. Users and traders would be happy if they can have idea or knowledge of how most of the trading platforms are been run. But most of the known trading platforms we have seen today lack this features of transparency in which this is not good enough for a good trading platform.

    {filename}-Bitozz: The World's Leading Futures And Options Trading Platform

    Introduction of BITOZZ trading platform will bring an end to user’s problem and concern on the transparency level of the platform. The use of blockchain technology by BITOZZ trading platform will help improve and increase the transparency of the platform.
    INSECURITY is another problem I would like to discuss here today. Insecurity has been trader’s nightmare over the time as a result of hacks going round the whole trading platform. There has been reports of hacks and attacks in trading platforms in which users and traders always worried about the security and safety of their whenever this issue occurred. BITOZZ project is a unique project because the security of the trading platform has been the TEAM’s priority and they will always try and intensify the security of BITOZZ platform in to prevent any form of hacks and attacks.

    {filename}-Bitozz: The World's Leading Futures And Options Trading Platform

    Another problem facing the trading platform is the issue of high transaction and carrying cost. One of the objectives of BITOZZ trading platform is the elimination of high cost of transaction through the introduction of one time fees.
    BITOZZ TRADING PLATFORM is the first future and options trading platform for crypto-assets through the provision of good investment and trading solutions. BITOZZ trading platform has adopted the use of advanced algorithmic trading techniques which makes it unique and the first platform to have adopted this techniques. Another good feature is the leveraging of up to 25% without any carrying cost. How lovely would this be for traders if BITOZZ platform have been in existence before now. Some other features of BITOZZ platform which makes it unique and better than the other existing one include; Diversification of portfolio through BITOZZ product offering, Good trading interface which helps in which execution of orders, Adoption of semi-automated trading system, risk reduction through learning of trade. With all these features mentioned above, I believed trader won’t have any problem having a successful trade on BITOZZ trading platform.


    {filename}-Bitozz: The World's Leading Futures And Options Trading Platform

    Token Type = ERC20
    Total supply = 512,045,455
    Hard-cap = $6.34 million
    Soft-cap = $4 million
    Token price = $0.03
    Accepted currencies = ETH

    27% Allocated to public sale
    20% Allocated to team
    18% Allocated to partnership
    14% Allocated to private sale
    5% Allocated to advisors
    14% Allocated to public pre sale
    2% Allocated to bounty

    {filename}-Bitozz: The World's Leading Futures And Options Trading Platform

    20% Allocated to reserve
    40% Allocated to marketing
    40% Allocated to platform development

    {filename}-Bitozz: The World's Leading Futures And Options Trading Platform

    {filename}-Bitozz: The World's Leading Futures And Options Trading Platform

    To know more about BITOZZ project check the links below

    Website =>

    Whitepaper =>

    Telegram => BITOZZ Exchange

    Facebook =>BITOZZ-The Exchange

    Instagram => Bitozz (@bitozzexchange) • Instagram photos and videos

    Linkedln =>

    Twitter => Bitozz (@BitozzExchange) | Twitter

    Reddit => bitozz (u/bitozz) - Reddit

    Medium => Bitozz Exchange – Medium

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